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Evidence: Summary Ballistics Report on Relevant Registered Handguns Matching the Description of the Murder Weapon


    Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. T. Armstrong
    Incident No.: 003933-15J-2000
    Case Description: Zoe Chase Homicide

The .25 caliber semi-automatic handguns listed below match the description of the weapon used in the Zoe Chase homicide and were previously determined to be registered to someone connected with Zoe Chase or with the investigation into her murder. Each of these handgun owners voluntarily surrendered surrendered his weapon to the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department for ballistics testing.

Each of these handguns was test-fired using Winchester .25 Automatic Full Metal Jacket rounds, the same type as the casings found at the crime scene (Evidence #s 003933-31 through 003933-32) and as the bullet recovered from the deceased's body during autopsy (Evidence # 54J-2000-JJ1). The resulting test-fired rounds were then compared with the bullet recovered during autopsy. The results are listed below.

Name Weapon Serial # Analysis Finding
Atwater, Steven Beretta 21 Bobcat EL 8175V1 inconsistent
Benton, Jeffrey Sundance BOA 53876 inconsistent
Bonner, Edward Browning Renaissance 8863KS inconsistent
Connor, Vincent Taurus PT-25 22431693 inconsistent
Daniels, Chad Jennings J-25 212147 inconsistent
Franklin, Lemuel Galesi I2171 inconsistent
Harris, Glenn Sundance Model A-25 46219 inconsistent
Hatcher, Suellen Browning .25 Automatic 428191 inconsistent
Jenkins, Alan Seecamp .25 Automatic 7Z24895 inconsistent
Kenney, John Walther TPH 998143 inconsistent
LeClaire, Peggy Beretta 21 Bobcat 69948V7 inconsistent
Maxwell, Terry Heritage H25S 51D678 inconsistent
McGee, Wilbur Colt Automatic 25 2473 inconsistent
Sobel, Linda Walther Model 8 717231 inconsistent
Templeton, Russell Beretta Jetfire 92325V8 inconclusive
Tidwell, Douglas Taurus PT-25 22380699 inconsistent
White, Stewart PAF Junior A 5318 inconsistent

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