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Evidence: Forensic Analysis

Cause and Time of Death

The official cause of death is ruled as blunt force trauma to the back of the head. Three distinct wounds were characterized: two with consistent widths of 1.75in., one with width of 3.5in. The lengths of the wounds were variable. These dimensions are consistent with a 2X4 board, but the depressions of the wounds were not smooth as expected but had varying depths.

Time of death is estimated between 11:30 p.m, July 14, 2000 to 12:30 a.m, July 15, 2000.

Drug Analyses

GC-MS analysis of the victim's plasma revealed the presence of cocaine, measured as it's metabolite benzoylecognine, to be 102ng/ml. The postmortem blood alcohol level was 0.04g/dL, below the legal limit of 0.10 g/dL.


Figure 1, D4S139 Locus: "M" indicates the molecular ladder, "V"=blood of victim, and "C"= blood found on clothes.

Figure 2, DQalpha: "V"=blood of victim, and "C"= blood found on clothes, both 1.2, 3). As well, both the victim's blood and the blood on the clothes were A positive. The blood found on the clothes is consistent with that of the victim.

Evidence of sexual activity was present in the form of foreign pubic hairs and sperm in the vagina. Fractionating the sperm for DNA was successful and DNA testing is currently underway.

Partial Fingerprint

Chemical Analyses

The ink found on the victim's hand is consistent with that of a red Sharpie® made by Sandford. The paint chips in the cobweb/hair samples are currently being analyzed.


Superglue ® (cyanoacrylate) fuming was used was used to develop any latent prints on the victim. One partial print, when developed with Rhodamine 6G, was lifted from the victim's right upper arm. The fingerprint is eliminated as belonging to the victim.

Gastric Studies

Laboratory analysis of the gastric contents shows 6-9 grams of material identified as pasta and salad lettuce. Alcoholic fluids, identified as wine, were cojoined with the food substances. Items were consumed three hours before death.

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