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Witness Interview: Earl Sullivan, Kelly Green Site Supervisor

Earl SullivanSaturday, July 15, 2000 - 12:55 p.m.

This witness, identified as the supervisor of the construction site and the originator of the 911 Emergency call, was interviewed at the crime scene by Deputy P.J. Watson. The interview was tape recorded on a portable cassette recorder with the witnesses knowledge and consent.

PW = Deputy P.J. Watson
ES = Earl Sullivan

PW: Could you please state your name and address.

ES: My name is Earl Roy Sullivan. I live at 3406 South Lamar, Oxford, MS.

PW: You're the supervisor of this site, for the Mitchell Company?

ES: Yes, sir.

PW: And you are the originator of the call to 911?

ES: Yes, sir. I made the call. Me and Miles. Leastways, Miles was there. He's the young fella who found her.

PW: Can you tell me what happened?

ES: I don't know exactly. Miles come in to work some O/T. We only work half-days on Saturday cuz all the overtime gets real expensive and the boss man is tryin' to keep costs down. I had things to do in the shack, so I left him be. Round about noon, I stepped out the shack to go check on some of the men and then I made a pit stop to the latrine. I was no sooner in there that I heard Miles, yelling and causing a ruckus.

PW: Did you leave the latrine and go in search of Mr. Jackson at that time?

ES: Yes, sir. Well, soon as I was finished, that is. But I couldn't figure where he was was calling from at first, so I had to kind of follow the voice, y'know?

PW: Sure. So, you found him where?

ES: Out there by the kudzu. I reckon I scared the heck outta him cuz I came out from the trees. Maybe we scared each other because I didn't realize he was so close. Anyways, he was pretty shook up and having a hard time calming down. He told me there was a girl out there by the kudzu. So I went to have a look see and...

PW: You went over to the body?

ES: Well, he pointed and I went that way. Then I saw her, still as a china doll. I'll tell you, my heart stopped for a second. Poor child. I have three girls of my own and it just was so sad what happened to her. So young, y'know?

PW: Yes, it is a shame. Did you touch the body? Try to see if she was still alive?

ES: No sir, I didn't. I reckon I shoulda, but I just had that feeling you get when you just know? I figured we couldn't help her. And to tell you the truth, it worked me up quite a bit. I pretty much high-tailed it outta there, just like Miles did.

PW: Then what did you do?

ES: I took Miles up to the shack and we called the boss man. It's company policy. Anything out of the usual happens you always call. So I did. Mr. Robbins told us to call y'all and he'd be right over. I reckon I shoulda thought to call y'all first, but I just wasn't thinkin' straight. Then after I got off the phone with y'all, I gave Miles some water and had him set a spell. He was pretty shaken up, y'know?

PW: Did you see anything unusual? Or anyone in or around the area where you saw the deceased?

ES: No. I didn't see nothing but that poor girl.

PW: Do you know the identity of the deceased?

ES: No sir.

PW: Have you ever seen her before?

ES: No sir, I don't believe I have.

PW: Is there anything else you want to add to your statement?

ES: No sir. That's all I know.

PW: Okay, thank you, Mr. Sullivan. If we have further questions, we'll contact you.


End interview 1:13 p.m.

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