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Incident Report



Reporting Officer: Deputy P. J. Watson
Incident No.: 002879-20G-2000
Date: 7/20/00, 2:20 p.m.
Incident Address: 728 Shady Oaks Cir
Incident: 911 Report - Vandalism/Well-Being Check
Complaining Witness: Sarah "Sally" Stoppard
Complaining Witness Address: 604 Woodlawn Hills
Suspects: None at this time
All detailed reports on file


At 2:13 p.m., Dispatch received a 911 call regarding vandalism and possible disappearance or injury of the tenant at a rental property on Shady Oaks Circle. The caller identified herself as Sally Stoppard, real estate agent. The caller indicated she had left the scene as she was concerned for her safety. The 911 operator instructed the caller to remain nearby the scene until a patrol unit arrived and then to make contact with the Responding Officer (R/O).

Unit #305 (Deputy P. J. Watson) was immediately dispatched to the scene, with Unit #221 (Officer Maria Richards) and Unit # 202 (Officer A. L. Quinlan) responding as back up.

R/O arrived at the scene at 2:29 p.m., with Officer Richards arriving at 2:31 p.m. and Officer Quinlan at 2:32 p.m. Environmental conditions at the scene upon arrival are as follows: Weather: clear/dry; Ambient temperature: approximately 98º F / 37º C; Relative Humidity: approximately 89 percent.


R/O observed an adult female drive into the location immediately after his arrival. The woman was later identified as the complaining witness, Sally Stoppard.

R/O conducted a preliminary interview with the complaining witness to determine the cause for her complaint. Interview transcript attached. Witness indicated she received no response to her knocks at the front entrance and proceeded to the rear of the residence. After receiving no response to knocks at the rear entrance and observing signs of disturbance inside the residence, the witness entered the residence through the unlocked rear entrance. The witness stated she was in fear for her safety after observing signs of apparent vandalism inside the residence and left the property before placing the 911 call.

After ascertaining the cause for the witness's complaint, R/O instructed the witness to remain with Officer Quinlan while R/O and Officer Richards conducted a well-being search of the residence. R/O's external observation at the rear of the residence found signs of forced entry. Upon entering the residence through the rear entrance, R/O observed signs of vandalism as described by the complaining witness. R/O proceeded with the well-being check towards the front of the residence while Officer Richards checked areas to the southeast side of the residence.

Further inspection revealed apparent vandalism throughout the residence. No persons, living or deceased, were found within the residence. During the well-being check, R/O observed several framed photographs in the residence which depicted a woman resembling the body discovered near the Kelly Green construction site on 07/15/00. After confirming with the complaining witness that the woman pictured was her tenant, R/O notified Dispatch of the possible connection to Incident # 002821-15G-2000. Detectives Murphy and Armstrong, the Reporting Investigators on that incident, were notified of possible link to the Wendy Holloway #00-112 case. A search warrant for the residence is pending at this time.


REPORT FILED 07/20/00, 4:15 P.M.
//P. J. Watson, Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Deputy

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