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Forensic Analysis: Evidence Items from Stillwater Search and Follow-up Results
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 002821-15G-2000
Case Description: Wendy Pane Holloway (AKA Jane Doe #00-112) Homicide

Analysis of Items Taken into Evidence during the Stillwater search


The following items were tested for human blood.

  • 002821-202 through 002821-204: Three (3) pairs men's slacks, khaki, size 32/32
  • 002821-205 through 002821-210: Six (6) button-down shirts, short-sleeved, assorted colors, size 15
  • 002821-211: One (1) pair leather loafers, brown, size 9
  • 002821-212: One (1) pair canvas sneakers, red, size 9
  • 002821-214: One (1) baseball bat
  • 002821-215 through 002821-218: Four (4) croquet mallets
  • 002821-219: One (1) 2 X 4 board, approx. 3 feet long

All above samples were determined to be negative for human blood.

  • 002821-201: One (1) karate-type outfit, white with small reddish-brown stains

The above sample was determined to be positive for human blood. The human blood found is not consistent with the victim's blood type or DNA D4S139 profile.

Computer Analysis:

The following items were analyzed for content and, where possible, ownership.

  • 002821-191: One (1) IBM ThinkPad 390X and peripherals

Thorough analysis of the 12GB hard drive in this notebook computer found no software owned or developed by the victim present. Data found indicates the computer is owned by Blake A. Stillwater. Hardware and software registrations were tracked and were found to be registered to Blake A. Stillwater.

  • 002821-192 through 002821-198: Seven (7) CD-ROM jewel cases and contents, labeled as follows
    • 002821-192: Jasc® Paint Shop Pro 6
    • 002821-193: Microsoft® Office 2000
    • 002821-194: Microsoft® FrontPage 2000
    • 002821-195: Microsoft® Golf 99
    • 002821-196: Norton® SystemWorks 2000
    • 002821-197: unlabeled
    • 002821-198: unlabeled

Contents of items 002821-192 through 002821-196 were as labeled. Item 002821-197 contained assorted clip art images and photographic images. Item 002821-198 contained miscellaneous computer utilities.

Handwriting Analysis:

  • 002821-186: One (1) handwritten letter signed "Wendy"

Handwriting analysis found the writing in the letter is consistent with the victim's handwriting.


Follow-up on Items Previously Submitted for Analysis


  • 002821-130: One (1) cigarette butt has been prepared for DNA analysis of any saliva on the filter.

Results of the comparison of DNA found in the saliva on the above item and the victim's DNA D4S139 profile were inconclusive.

Foot/Tire prints:

  • Footprint found near victim's water hose, photographed; to be analyzed for size and brand of shoe.
  • 002821-005: One (1) blue cotton throw rug with apparent footprint of red-brown color, identified as tomato ketchup; consistent with size and shape of print near water hose.

The above footprints were determined to be consistent with a men's size 10 1/2 Converse sneaker, right foot.

  • Possible bicycle tire print, photographed; to be analyzed for size and brand of tire.

The above tire print was determined to be consistent with the Continental Tire brand, size 23C bike tire.

Handwriting Analysis:

  • 002821-131: One (1) Proud Larry's beverage napkin with "call milton" written on it

Handwriting analysis found the writing on the napkin is consistent with the victim's handwriting.

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