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Investigation Status Report

ATM Video
The victim appears on an ATM video security camera several hours before her murder.


Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.: 002821-15G-2000
Incident: Wendy Pane Holloway Homicide


R/Is conducted a search of the victim's residence and grounds on 7/24/00 and took several items into evidence for further investigation. R/Is noted that, while various computer peripherals and books were found, the victim's computer could not be located. A considerable amount of broken glass was observed inside the residence and pieces of significant size were taken into evidence for analysis. Items found in the shed and in the yard outside the shed seem to indicate the victim may have been attacked in that area. Forensic analysis will provide additional information.

The Coroner's Office notified R/Is on 7/24/00 that the victim's body had been released to the family and was being transported to Pittsburgh, PA for burial. R/I Armstrong traveled to Pittsburgh to attend the memorial services and interview possible witnesses. R/I Armstrong departed for Pittsburgh on 7/25/00 and returned to Oxford on 7/27/00.

While in Pittsburgh, R/I Armstrong interviewed Elizabeth Pane, the victim's mother, 7/25/00 at White Memorial Chapel. R/I Armstrong also attempted to interview Peter Pane, the victim's brother, but the witness was too emotional to provide useful information. P. Pane stated he would come to Oxford for an interview later in the week.

R/I Armstrong attended the victim's funeral on 7/26/00 and made contact with several witnesses. R/I Armstrong attempted to make contact with the victim's former roommate, Jenny Sadlier, without success. Further attempts will be made.

R/I Murphy investigated the victim's movements the night of 7/14/00. A charge in the amount of $21.98 was made on the victim's Visa card at Old Venice Pizza Company (1112-1/2 Van Buren Ave.) at 9:24 p.m. on 7/14/00. An ATM security camera recorded the victim making a withdrawal at the Union Planters Bank ATM near Square Books at 9:50 p.m. Bank records indicate the withdrawal amount was $50.00. Based on interviews conducted at Proud Larry's on 7/28/00, it appears the victim proceeded to that location after making the withdrawal.

R/I Murphy interviewed Peter Pane, the victim's brother, on 7/28/00. P. Pane made an appointment for the interview the previous day, pursuant to his conversation with R/I Armstrong in Pittsburgh on 7/25/00. P. Pane stated his relationship with the victim had been strained in the past, but that the two had reconciled in recent months. P.Pane indicated he believed the victim was involved with Blake Stillwater, which may be corroborated by witness Al Knight's statement in a 7/18/00 interview that Stillwater was seen with the victim at Henry's Café around noon on 7/14/00. P. Pane also indicated the victim admitted her cocaine use to him. P. Pane further stated the victim had been romantically approached by an Oxford real estate developer, possibly named "Mike." Follow up investigation will be done to determine whether this person was Michael Robbins, witness present at the scene of the body's discovery.

R/I Armstrong interviewed Willie King, who was seen with the victim on the night of 7/14/00, on 7/28/00 following the witness' return from New Orleans. King stated he had seen the victim at Proud Larry's that night, but that he did not see her after leaving that establishment. King indicated he and the victim shared a taste for recreational drug use and implied he had given her drugs on the night of 7/14/00. King stated his relationship with the victim was platonic, but balked when asked to provide a blood sample for DNA comparison. King was asked to contact R/Is after speaking with his attorney regarding the blood sample.

R/I Murphy and Deputy Watson interviewed Proud Larry's employees on 7/28/00. Several witnesses recalled seeing the victim there that night. Some observed a confrontation between the victim and another woman, believed to be Carmen Rodriguez. Other witnesses observed the victim in a confrontation with a young man, possibly named Phil or Philip. Further investigation will be conducted to verify the identities of these two parties.

R/Is received a report on various evidence analyses on 7/27/00. Time of death estimate was confirmed as between 11:30 p.m. on 7/14/00 and 12:30 a.m. on 7/15/00. Gastric analysis results are consistent with the type of food served at Old Venice Pizza Company and the time a charge was made on the victim's Visa card at that establishment. The partial fingerprint found on the victim's body is being processed for identification.

Possible related incident #s:

002837-16G-2000 - Discovery of Bag of Stained Clothes
002879-20G-2000 - Vandalism/Well-Being Check

REPORT FILED 7/29/00, 5:20 P.M.

//Sam Murphy, Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Detective


//Ted Armstrong, Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Detective

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