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At the request of the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department,
Coroner's Inspector Luwinda Johnson has prepared a layman's summary of the Coroner's preliminary autopsy findings.


Coroner's Preliminary Assessment

Upon initial examination, the victim's death appears to be the result of multiple blows to the head inflicted with extreme force using a blunt instrument. Exact count of the number of blows is undetermined at this time. No other external injuries were observed.

At the time of discovery, the body was in nearly full rigor mortis. This observation, in conjunction with assessment of the body temperature, ambient temperature and other factors affecting body temperature dissipation, supports a preliminary time of death estimate of approximately 12-13 hours prior to initial examination of the body. At the time of this report's filling, the estimated probable time frame for time of death is between approximately 11:30 p.m. July 14, 2000 and approximately 12:30 a.m. January 15, 2000. Additional information regarding time of death may be discovered during analysis of autopsy results.

Wendy Holloway #00-112 was officially pronounced dead at the scene, based on the Coroner's Inspector's examination of the body in situ. The body was removed from the scene at approximately 2:45 p.m. July 15, 2000 and transported to the Coroner's Office for autopsy. Official pronouncement on time and cause of death is pending completion of analysis of autopsy results.

The victim was positively identified as Wendy Pane Holloway based on dental records received from Wayne Holcomb, DDS in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and on a positive fingerprint match obtained through NCIC 2000.

Preliminary tests of the victim's blood were positive for cocaine and alcohol. Exact levels are pending receipt of analysis results.

A marking in the shape of an "X" was observed on the inside of the victim's right wrist. It is red in color and appears to have been made using an unidentified marking pen. Further analysis is pending.

Evidence was found that the victim had sexual intercourse within 12 hours prior to death. There were no indications of forcible sexual contact. Further analysis is pending.

A single matchbook imprinted with the words "Proud Larry's" was found in the right rear pocket of the victim's blue jeans.

Preliminary analysis of the stains observed on the clothing found in Incident # 002837-16G-2000 indicates the stains were blood. Preliminary comparisons of those stains with the victim's blood indicate they are consistent. Further analysis is pending.

Results on outstanding analyses cited in this assessment are expected within seven days of this submission.

SUBMITTED07/23/00, 5:15 p.m

//Luwinda Johnson, Coroner's Inspector

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