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Q. Mr. Arriola, is this site real?

A. What makes you think it's not real?

Q. First, the county where the murder takes place: Yoknapatawpha. I haven't found that on any maps.

A. You can find maps of Yoknapatawpha in many of William Faulkner's works. Right on the frontispiece.

Q. But Faulkner's novels are fiction.

A. Well...

Q. So you're fooling us.

A. William Faulkner won a Nobel prize for his writings about Yoknapatawpha County, so I'm not sure "fooling" is the right word.

Q. But the murder never took place, right?

A. To say the murder never occurred is like saying Romeo and Juliet never fell in love. Their relationship is true. The murder, in the same sense, is true. Thousands of people believe the victim is dead. There is more digital evidence to prove the victim is dead than there is evidence to prove she is alive.

Q. So you actually killed someone?

A. Let me describe what happened on the night of the murder. While visiting with two friends, I asked if I could "kill" one of them. Being actors, they agreed. Within hours, I staged the murder, then photographed and inventoried the scene. Two days later, the Crime Scene Evidence File was born.

Q. Let's look at how you put the site together.

A. Sure.

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