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Evidence Bag, Zippered

Popular Gift Ideas

This evidence bag is perfect for use as a prop or gift. It looks fantastic and makes a dramatic storage bag. Made from 95% recycled post-consumer...



Latent Print Feather Duster

Printing with Powder

Use  Marabou feather duster print brushes for large areas and Fluorescent Powders.  Soft feather tips pick up large amounts of powder...


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Orange Evidence Cones, 18 inch

Evidence Marking

Our Evidence Cones are heavy-duty traffic markers with a 3 pound weighted-base which will hold up under windy conditions. Cones are 18 inches tall,...



Horizontal/Vertical Scale 30cm


One side has the numbers printed horizontally, from left to right. The other side has the numbers printed vertically, from top to bottom. The hole in...



Castone Dental Stone, 50 LB, Cream

Casting Kits

Castone Dental Stone is a high-quality, high-strength dental stone used for forensic casting. The compression strength is 8,000 psi dry. Castone has...



Caution Tape 100 ft

Clearance Items

Bright yellow official barrier tape is useful for blocking off danger areas. Restrict access to crime scenes with this highly visible yellow...


Spy Camera, Eye Glasses
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Spy Camera, Eye Glasses

Spy Supply

Camera glasses record whatever you can see with your own eyes. They look like regular glasses. Comes complete with a USB cable to connect to your...

$110.00  $90.00
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Semen Detection Test, Single Pack

Infidelity Tests

We packaged a single test strip for people who don't need a full kit. Forensic scientists use these tests in the field and in laboratories. It is...


Eco-Friendly Body Bags
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Eco-Friendly Body Bags

Body Bags

The Eco-Friendly Body Bag utilizes the latest innovations in material technology. The scrim reinforced construction provides superior puncture...

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Plastic Petri Dishes

Detective Supplies

Plastic petri dishes provide the perfect home for growing a science experiment. This 10 pack of petri dishes is sterile. Each dish...



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