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Crime Scene Sandwich Bags

Popular Gift Ideas

Crime Scene Sandwich bags will solve many problems. Pack your lunch with a Crime Scene bag and that lunch room thief will think twice before trying...



Precut Latent Print Lifting Tape Pad

Printing with Powder

This Precut Transparent Lifting Tape is provided in an easy-to-use peel-off pad. Using the white leader, simply peel off a strip of tape, lift the...



Desktop Fingerprinting Station

Printing with Ink

The Porelon® Desktop Fingerprinting Station is permanently mounted on a black laminated base. It  includes one inking pad and either one or two...



Press & Fume Cyanoacrylate Latent Print Developer

Printing with Powder

This low-cost, disposable cyanoacrylate fuming device is specifically designed for developing latent prints within five minutes, either in the...


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Spray Bottle

Detective Supplies

Our spray bottles hold 8 ounces . They come in assorted colors. Color selection is not available.



Ninhydrin Spray

Printing with Powder

Our quick drying Ninhydrin Spray is supplied in an easy-to-use pump misting bottle and is an extremely sensitive method for developing old latent...


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A-Frame Evidence Marking Tents, 1-20
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A-Frame Evidence Marking Tents, 1-20

Evidence Marking

Our A-frame tents are yellow, numbered 1-20. These 3 inch tents are ideal for use at crime scenes and accident scenes. The plastic, one-piece,...

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A-Frame Evidence Marking Tents, White 16-50

Clearance Items

We have a limnited number of white A-Frame Tent Markers  numbered 16-50.  These 3" tents are ideal for use at crime scenes and...



Continuous Photo Evidence Scale, 30 ft


This adhesive photo evidence scale measures millimeters on one edge and inches on the other. Each 1-inch by 30-foot roll features a repeating pattern...



Bloodstain Template 15 Count


You don't have to be a trained bloodstain analyst to use Bloodstain Template. Its purpose is to highlight the importance of bloodstains and to...



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