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Phone Hack, Chat Detection Stick

Spy Supply

Paraben's Chat Stick is a thumb drive device that will search your entire computer, scan it for chat logs from Yahoo, MSN 6.1, 6.2, 7.0, & 7.5,...



Phone Hack, Data Recovery Stick

Spy Supply

Recover Data From Almost Any Type of Storage Almost anyone that uses a computer has accidentally deleted something they didn't want to. It's common...



BioVu Heavy Duty Body bag

Body Bags

This body bag features a see-thru panel. It's intended use is for incidences of chemical or biological exposure.  This see-thru feature also makes...


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Desktop Fingerprinting Station, Folding

Printing with Ink

These compact Folding Desktop Fingerprinting Stations fold in half for easy storage and mobility. Each station comes with one attached Porelon®...



Gunshot Residue Collection Kit

Detective Supplies

The GSR-AA is designed for agencies whose crime laboratories use Atomic Absorption as their method of GSR analysis. Like all of our kits, the GSR-AA...



Kraft Evidence Security Envelopes

Evidence Packaging

These envelopes are excellent for packaging and securing documents, computer disks, etc. Each envelope is printed with a write-on area with a chain...


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Lifting Fingerprints with Hinged Lifters

Free Videos

After developing the print, simply peel off the inside release liner to expose the adhesive, “lift” the print, then close the mylar against the...

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How to use a Fingerprint Brush

Free Videos

Our Fiberglass fingerprint brush is made from soft, high-quality fiberglass filament on a wooden handle. Fragile latent prints require the softest...

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How To: A Guide to using Spray Powder

Free Videos

Lightning Spray Aerosol Fingerprint Powder is the latest innovation in forensic latent fingerprinting technology from Lightning Powder. Until now,...

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Hinged Print Lifters

Printing with Powder

Hinged Lifters are available in black or white. After developing the print, simply peel off the inside release liner to expose the adhesive,...


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