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Blood Clean up Kit
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Blood Clean up Kit

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Biohazard cleanup kits provide an assortment of cleaning tools and disposable personal protective equipment to safely clean up potentially infectious...

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Spray Chalk , Red


Spray Chalk is the ideal crime scene marking solution. When applied to a surface, it leaves a bright, easily visible and non-permanent fluorescent...


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French Barricade Tape

Crime Scene Tape

This Crime Scene tape says "Police Tape Do Not Cross" in  French. The tape is 3" x 200' 2 mil thick. This tape was custom...



Red Evidence Tape with Defect

Clearance Items

This Box Sealing Tape has a defect that makes it perfect for films, parties and events. The adhesiveness of the tape is not as sticky as necessary....



Latent Print Developing Kit

Printing with Ink

The Fume-A-Wand , auto-igniting fuming gun can be used in the lab or at a crime scene for developing prints by means of cyanoacrylate fuming. To use...



Invisible Thief Detection Spray

Theft Detection

Our Invisible Thief Detection Spray, a high quality emulsion of our Invisible Thief Detection Powder and a liquid agent, is specially formulated for...


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Synthetic Cannabinoids Test

Detective Supplies

The Synthetic Cannabinoids Test is a tube-style test which provides an adsorbent pad on the tube end which is used to collect   suspected...



Cyanoacrylate, "Super Glue"

Printing with Powder

Cyanoacrylate, "Super Glue," creates vapors that react with the oils in fingerprints. Fingerprints become visible, as white outlines, after...



Disposable Cut-Out ID Tents

Evidence Marking

These reversible white and yellow faces provide multiple options when marking and photographing evidence. Blank faces provide flexibility for...



Small Biohazard Identity

Evidence Packaging

These small biohazard labels can be used to quickly identify hazardous biological material. A line on each label allows you to easily specify the...



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