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Luminol, powdered

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I bought luminol just to see if it was the real deal. As soon as I saw the chemical information/safety info, I knew it was real, but what would it reveal?? I sprayed luminol over my kitchen floor and I saw quite a sizeable mark on the floor, which had been cleaned up (obviously). There were also smaller traces, which I assumed to be spatter of some kind. I managed to sort of decide which direction the spatter came from. I have always been told that a small child, a girl, was killed in my house years ago. I tend to believe the story now because I have seen evidence. I knew it was not bleach or anything other than blood because of the pattern and bleach cleaning the floor would have caused a more uniform 'revelation'. In other words, the whole floor would have glowed!!
Date Added: 09/09/2004 by stuart ziane
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