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Fingerprint Analysis

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As detectives examine the offices of the Tumbling Water Land Development Company, they notice that the office safe is empty and hanging open. They dust the safe and find one clear fingerprint on the door of the safe. The print is lifted and sent back to the lab for analysis.

This kit introduces students to the fingerprinting techniques used by the FBI and other police professionals. After learning about and performing both rolling and lifting prints, students will analyze the fingerprint found at the business offices of Lyle Mondelo. Students will compare it to several suspect fingerprints to determine if there was suspicious activity at the workplace of a victim.

As in all Lyle and Louise modules, this kit is geared to high school and undergraduate courses, and is matched to National Science Education Standards.


  • 30 hinge lifters
  • 6 brushes
  • Professional dusting powder (1 large container)
  • Professional Fingerprinting Ink pads (2)
  • 6 evidence fingerprint cards
  • 6 fingerprint cards from each suspect
  • Fully illustrated teacher’s manual with technique background

Required Equipment ( not included) 

  • Lab gloves
  • Overhead transparencies or clear glass surface (such as an available window or glass from a picture frame)
  • Weigh boat, petri dish, or paper bowl for powder
  • Magnifying glass (optional)

Storage Conditions

This item can be shipped and stored at room temperature.

  • Model: VXH-LL-FGP

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