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Semen Detection Test

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See the test on video: See for yourself how easy this test is to perform. Click the video to view.

Do you have a clothing item or stain you need to test for the presence of semen? The Semen Detection Test Strip gives instant results. A positive result turns the test strip bright purple.

Buy a pack of 5 test strips for $35 or a pack of 10 test strips for $45. Make your selection by using the pulldown menu. 

The kit is discreetly shipped with no mention of the contents or the Crime Scene name on the box. Click here to see the shipping boxes we use.

The semen detection test is a real evidence test, not a consumer toy. Forensic scientists use these tests in the field and in laboratories. Your order includes semen test strips, cotton swabs, nitrile gloves and directions. Unlike consumer tests sold online, there are no liquid chemicals to mix, allowing for failsafe results. 

For Professional Use: For even more accurate results, try our Professional Semen Detection Kit.

Special Offer: Add a UV light to this order for only $20. UV (Ultraviolet) lights reveal semen stains and body fluids not visible under normal lighting. Click the check box to add the light. If ordering more than one kit with the Add a UV light selected as Yes then the same amount of UV lights will be applied to the order. To add a UV light ONE time, please add the 5 or 10 pack with UV light into your shopping cart and if you wanted to order additional 5 or 10 packs you can do so without the add a UV light selected.

Semen Test
Sperm Test
Semen Detection
Sperm Detection
Moisten Stain
Activate stain with water.

Collect Stain
Rub stain with provided cotton swab.

Apply Test Strip
Test stain by rubbing moistened swab onto test strip.

Semen is present if it turns purple immediately.

Shipping and Billing: Your purchase arrives in a discreet unmarked box. The charge on your card will come from Crime Scene. It will have no mention of the item purchased.
Questions: Please feel free to contact Crime Scene via phone at (623) 565-8573 or email
Approximate shipping weight 5 ounces.

We invite you to compare our test strips to other "infidelity tests" available online that cost twice as much. Professional investigators use our semen test strips. Like similar tests, our test strips look for acid phosphatase found in semen.

Sperm Detection




by Brad Home
Date Added: 06/03/2010
This is the best test and its 1/2 the price of others I bought

by umesh bharakhada
Date Added: 12/04/2006
Excellent product. Easy to carry and gives quick results. The price is good and received this in the UK within few days so I am another satified and returning customer.

by R. Randall
Date Added: 10/05/2006
The kit was great and came in record time. I will pass your site on to many people. Thanks very much

by Frank Manning
Date Added: 09/01/2006
Your test works great and the $25 price is a bargain compared to the $50 tests sold elsewhere. The coupon inside the kit was a nice bonus. Thanks

by Ross Quint
Date Added: 04/02/2006
This is the best deal online. Thanks for the fast shipping and great phone service. We ordered late in the afternoon and were really surprised to see our order arrive on our doorstep a thousand miles away, early the next morning.

by Dennis Aster
Date Added: 08/16/2005
This wasn't messy and the test strip was easy to use. Thanks for your help. Please change my name on this review. :) (name changed--Webmaster)

by jerome Wuest
Date Added: 04/18/2005
This is an amazing deal. It arrived 2 days after ordering via priority mail which was a good deal for 4 bucks. I think these tests work the same way as the others online but doesn't cost $49.95 or more like you see all over online.

by stuart ziane
Date Added: 09/09/2004
I suppose you could use this test to test the integrity of condoms couldn't you??? ;-) Every adulterer of a partners worst nightmare!!

by Mel Moser
Date Added: 03/23/2004
I was surprised at how easy it was to perform the test.

by Bea Pryce
Date Added: 01/12/2004
We used this test in regards to our daughter and wanted to be sure we bought the right one. We looked at a similar product at another site and they not only charge twice as much for the same thing, but they have nothing but negative things to say about the competition. That steered us to this product and we were pleased in every way...except for the positive test result. :(

by Jess Randle
Date Added: 06/16/2003
This test works and thats the best thing about it. I contacted Tom at the store to see if this would work for the stains I wanted to test. He was really helpful and pretty discreet. One other thing, its also cheaper than the other tests I saw.

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