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Semen Detection Test, P30 Antigen

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Prostate-specific antigen (PSA)  is produced in the prostate and secreted into the seminal fluid and other male body fluids such as urine and blood. This test will not react to any fluids from a female since they don't have prostates.

The PSA test works like a pregnancy test, one bar is negative and two bars is positive.

Directions: Place 15 mL of water in a coffee cup using the supplied dropper.  Then, manually extract the suspect area (i.e. crotch) of the garment by repeatedly allowing water to soak in, then pressing it out.  Finally, wring out the garment into the cup.  Place a PSA test strip into the cup and wait 10 minutes.  Then, take the test strip out and lay it on a clean dry surface.  Read the test strip after 10 minutes.  A POSITIVE test is indicated by two lines as shown below.  A strongly positive test will be clearly visible within two minutes, while a weakly positive test may take the entire 20 minutes to become evident.


by Christopher Coburn
Date Added: 06/29/2011
This is a reliable product which performs as intended and is easy to use. My client had suspicions and CS over nighted this to me and before noon the next day the results were in hand. Thank you CS for a great, reliable product which costs MUCH LESS THAN THE COMPETITION OUT THERE. Top notch. I'm sold on this product and you should be also, it's boosted my business immensely. Sincerely, CC


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