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Bellehomme Academy is the scene of large scale drug dealings. Authorities have seized large quantities of a controlled substance. The police and Board of Education are cautious in accusing suspects due to recent law suits  

It is the student’s job to solve the case.  

Students perform simulated drug tests, urine, fingerprint, and handwriting analysis in order to identify the distributor of the drugs in the school. Students investigate a suspicious white powder found on the campus of Bellhomme Academy. They perform chemical and forensic tests to identify the unknown solid and find the drug pusher who is distributing the drugs.  

This Kit contains:  

  • Samples of powders from the suspect to be tested for Tylorine (7 samples of white powder)  
  • Newspaper report of the recent seizure of evidence from Bellehomme  
  • Manual  
  • Rap sheets of the suspect linked to questionable material  
  • Isopropyl alcohol for chromatography  
  • Samples of urine from the suspects (6 suspect samples)  
  • Samples of paper money from the suspects  
  • Fingerprint samples from suspect and one on plastic bag in printed manual  
  • Sample of writing from labels on the bags containing powders  
  • Pages of writing from student notebooks, principal’s pad etc

  • Model: 10-DRUGBUST

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