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Forgery Detection- The Paper Trail

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This exercise introduces the younger student to the document section of a crime lab. Through a variety of scientific techniques the students will examine the processes of document analysis and discover how common documents might be part of a crime scene.
Students will do physical and chemical analysis of paper and inks. They will use various techniques to analyze handwriting and produce and retrieve hidden messages. Each group will then prepare a document to be authenticated by other class-mates. This activity is for children grades 5-8 and will take 4-5 class periods to complete. There are enough materials in this kit for 24 students in groups of 4.

Materials Included:

Teachers Manual
Paper samples
Spray bottle
Hand lenses
Pencil samples
Chromatography tubes
Alignment tool sheets
Student packet
Tincture of iodine
Cotton swabs
Pen samples
Chromatography paper

Materials not included but needed:

Lemon Juice
White paper
Old newspaper
Desk lamps and/or hot plates
Spray starch

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