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3-Part Folding Scale

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Price: $24.95
  • Model: 6-3PARTSCALE

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 Designed for versatility, 3-Part Folding Scales feature L-shaped configurations on one face, measuring 30cm 12 inches in the X plane and 60cm 24 inches along the Y plane. The opposite face features a 90cm 36 inch vertical straight scale with alternating black and yellow bands for maximum contrast at a distance. The articulated scale folds neatly in 34cm 12 inch segments. The scale may be hung by a hole at the top of the scale. Made of rigid plastic, it can be cleaned with soap and water or decontaminated with a 10% bleach solution. An ideal scale for photography of shoe and tire impressions.
by Stan Camt
Date Added: 07/27/2009
This product is also great for just normal measurements around the house. It's also a very good product for those with limited space but still need a scale handy for those prints of evidence.


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