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Luminol, powdered

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You've seen Luminol on TV. Luminol is often used in the visualization of blood. It is highly sensitive and can usually locate faint blood that is invisible to the eye. One vial contains about 15 grams of powdered luminol that, when mixed with water, makes 8 ounces of luminol. 

Most people should not use this variety of luminol.  We have several varieties, each is suited for either detectives, students or novices. Details below.

How to Use: Inside a small spray bottle add a vial of Luminol to eight ounces of water and mix. When sprayed on surfaces where blood is evident, the luminol will make the blood patterns appear a bright green.

User Note: This is a difficult to use variety of luminol. This powdered luminol is used by old school detectives.  New varieties of luminol glow brighter and longer. We offer three types of luminol. 

  • Novices should use our Bluestar Training luminol tablets available here. Bluestar glows brighter and lasts longer. 
  • Students will find our inexpensive luminol experiment pack useful. It contains directions and an experiment. Available here.
  • Investigators should try our Professional Bluestar Forensic.

Bluestar glows brighter and longer than traditional luminol. Bluestar is very effective for demonstrations and teachers. We have a professional version which does not destroy DNA and a training version which is cheaper but destroys DNA. Get 16 ounces of Training Bluestar for $25 or 32 ounces of Professional Bluestar Forensic for $98

Luminol is caustic and should be handled by adults using respiratory and eye protective gear. Protective gear not included.

Would you like blood with that? Use the checkbox to add a 1 ounce vial of synthetic blood . Only one vial of blood is added. If you need more blood go here.


  • Model: K-1401-LUMINOL

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