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Luminol, Bluestar: Training Version

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This training version of Bluestar luminol is excellent for schools, demonstrations, and hunters. It works exactly like our most expensive luminol with one exception. Training Bluestar destroys DNA, unlike regular Bluestar luminol.

Each set of tablets makes 4 oz of luminol reagent. BLUESTAR® glows bright (the glow does not require total darkness to be visible) and lasts hours after mixing.
  • The 4 pack contains four pairs of tablets. Enough to make 16 ounces of luminol
  • The 24 pack contains twenty-four pairs of tablets 

Bluestar Training is a new reagent whose purpose is to reveal blood stains that have been washed out, wiped off or which are invisible to the naked eye. This product is intended for crime investigators. Based upon chemiluminescence, its unique formula qualifies it as the most effective blood revealer available on the market, for crime scene as well as forensic lab use.

Bluestar Training is non toxic, contrarily to the classic luminol formula.

  • The extreme sensitivity of Bluestar Training allows the naked eye to detect bloodstains down to 1/1000 dilutions, like minute traces or droplets that have been washed off, with or without detergent.
  • Bluestar Training has a stronger and longer-lasting luminescence that does not require total darkness to be visible. Good quality pictures can be obtained with an ordinary camera and film.
  • With a little practice, Bluestar Training makes it impossible to get confused between blood and false positives since the luminescence differs in color, intensity and duration.
  • Bluestar Training works as well on fresh blood as on very old or altered bloodstains, pure or diluted
  • Bluestar Training is easier and safer to prepare. Neither powders nor liquids to be mixed, but only fast-dissolving tablets.
  • Bluestar Training can be sprayed over and over again on the same bloodstains for the same resulting luminescence each time.
  • Before use, Bluestar Training has a very long shelf-life and does not necessitate any special storage condition.
  • Once mixed, Bluestar Training is stable and will work for hours, or even several days.
  • Bluestar Training is not toxic, thanks to the abscence of Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate. Easily recycled. No residues left after drying.

Directions: To prepare the working solution, you will need to dissolve a pair of tablets (white + beige) in 125 ml (4 oz) of sterile water in a bottle equipped with a fine mist atomizer. Caustic when mixed. It should be handled by adults using respiratory and eye protective gear. Protective gear not included.

Would you like blood with that? Use the checkbox to add a 1 ounce of synthetic blood for $10. Only one vial of blood is added. If you need more blood go here. 


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 May, 2005.

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