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Synthetic Blood

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If you intend to carry out an experiment with luminol, heme-stix or a blood-related project, our synthetic blood will allow you to work safely. There are no biological ingredients to this solution. Available in 1 or 8 ounce bottles. Note: Synthetic blood does not show up under UV light. Not for human consumption.

In addition to chemical synthetic blood we also carry theatrical stage blood products. All blood products are listed below. Select the item you want using the pulldown menu.

Stage Blood: authentically simulates the color and viscosity of real blood for any professional application including theater, film or disaster training. Available in 2 oz containers and safe for use in the mouth, Stage Blood is excellent for use in blood capsules and has a zesty mint flavor.

Fresh Scab: is a gel-like dark blood creates 3-dimensional wounds and scabs. The outer layer "scabs"over. Apply with Thick Blood for greater realism. Available in a 1oz container and safe in mouth but do not ingest.

Gelatin Blood Capsules: 1/2 oz blood with 12 capsules in a convenient case. Open capsule, and fill one half nearly full with blood. Capsules hold their shape even if not used for several days. Minty flavored and safe to use in mouth. Place in mouth and bite down to release blood.

Synthetic blood is a chemical product. It does not mimic the appearance of blood and is not useful for creating fake crime scenes. 

Choose from Synthetic Blood, Stage Blood, Fresh Scab, or Gelatin Blood Capsules using the pull-down menu.
by Davis Burns
Date Added: 07/27/2009
Planning your next crime scene? This is a lot better to use rather then getting a quart low yourself.


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