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Mikrosil Casting Putty

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Mikrosil has been formulated to give excellent rendering of small details, highest contrast for microscopic observations, good releasing ability for the cast and short setting-time. These properties are important in cases of shallow marks and marks with small details requiring large magnification. Choose either brown, white or black Mikrosil using the menu below the product phto.

Brown Mikrosil is a dark-brown color which many toolmark examiners prefer. The dark color increases the visibility of detail in the casts made from toolmarks, firing pin marks, breech face marks and other marks on cartridge casings. Gray Mikrosil is preferred by other toolmark examiners who photograph the contrast between the light-colored surface and shadows produced from side-lighting. As described below, squeeze an equal length from each tube onto the mixing pad and stir them together with the wooden spatula. Press against the toolmark and wait for a few minutes. The hardened cast will easily release itself from the surface.

White or Black Mikrosil can be used to lift dusted latent fingerprints from rough or textured surfaces where regular lift tape will fail. Using the method shown on the following page, press the mixed putty onto the latent print. Wait a minute or two to allow the putty to harden, then pull the card with the putty attached away from the surface. Properly label the lifted latent print. Remember, the image of the latent print is reversed, left to right. Use White Mikrosil with black powders and use Black Mikrosil with silver or fluorescent powders.

Using Mikrosil to Lift Latent Prints
Use White Mikrosil to lift latent prints developed with black powder on an irregular surface. After dusting and developing latent prints, prepare the White Mikrosil. Apply it to the surface and allow it to dry. Gently peel it off. Remember that the latent prints will be reversed left to right (mirror image).

Use Black Mikrosil when dusting with silver or white powders, or when dusting with fluorescent powders. The black background does not fluoresce when examined with a Forensic Light Source or ultraviolet lamp so the latent print will be bright against a black background.

Toolmarks and Marks from Firearms
In addition to casting toolmarks, Brown Mikrosil can be used to cast firing pin, ejector/extractor marks and breech face marks.

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