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Press & Fume Cyanoacrylate Latent Print Developer

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This low-cost, disposable cyanoacrylate fuming device is specifically designed for developing latent prints within five minutes, either in the laboratory or at a crime scene.

The innovative design of the Press & Fume™ allows first responders to process evidence for latent prints at a crime scene. Prints developed using cyanoacrylate (superglue) are considered strong and permanent; therefore, after photographs are taken, the evidence can be transported to the lab without damage to the developed prints.

Press & Fume™ consists of a 4" L x 1.5" W x .75" H cardboard box with two prefilled, hermetically sealed glass ampoules containing cyanoacrylate and a high density cotton pad saturated with a catalyst and accelerant solution, then thoroughly dried.

Using Press & Fume™ to develop prints is a simple, two step procedure:

Step 1 - After placing the Press & Fume™ box in the bottom of a fuming chamber or cardboard box, simply break the two ampoules with the ampoule breaker supplied in each case of kits.
Step 2 - Cyanoacrylate vapors will immediately start fuming from the .125" diameter vents on top of the Press & Fume™ box, and prints will fully develop within five minutes (in a 3 cubic ft. chamber).
Press & Fume™ can also be used for developing latent prints inside vehicles, using either two or four Press & Fume™ devices, depending on the size of the vehicle's interior.
Prints developed with cyanoacrylate fuming will be very light gray or off-white. To enhance the contrast of cyanoacrylate prints on white or light-colored backgrounds, prints can be dusted using standard fingerprint powder; i.e. prints developed on a white coffee cup should be lightly dusted using black fingerprint powder. Prints developed on multicolored surfaces can be dusted with fluorescent powder.

Developing prints with Press & Fume™ is easier and faster than other fuming techniques and virtually eliminates the possibility of damaging developed prints when evidence is transported back to the lab.


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