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Visble Thief Detection Paste

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Theft paste is applied to doorknobs, tools, boxes, etc. When the thief touches the item, the paste will be transferred to the hands or clothing. The paste is designed to react with moisture and heat. It will stain the thief’s hands, staining everything touched. Pastes are particularly useful when the object is exposed to weather. Visible thief detection pastes should be used primarily on nonporous objects and may permanently stain porous objects. The pastes are offered in one ounce tubes.

Choose from many color options. Pick a paste color to match the surface where it will be applied. pastes start as one color and once activated by human perspiration or moisture, they stain as another color. An example is copper colored paste that turns orange after being touched.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 16 October, 2012.

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