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Fire Debris Analysis

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When investigators discovered three deceased victims at a burned vehicle crash site over the side of Backbone Mountain, they questioned whether the burned vehicle was merely the result of the crash, or could have potentially been the result of foul play.

In this lab students will examine fire debris from the interior of a burned vehicle at the site of an automobile crash. They will learn how forensic scientists analyze fire debris for the presence of ignitable liquid residue in suspected arson cases. In addition, students will learn to presumptively test fire debris for the presence of specific ignitable liquids by first analyzing known reference samples. Students will then apply what they have learned in the analysis of fire debris collected from the crime scene in attempt to determine if the fire was started under suspicious circumstances.

As in all Lyle and Louise modules, this kit is geared to high school and undergraduate courses, and is matched to National Science Education Standards.


  • Diesel Fuel Spiked Carpet: Reference Sample (3)
  • Gasoline Spiked Carpet: Reference Sample (3)
  • Fire Debris Evidence Sample (6)
  • Set of Diesel Fuel Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes (1 box of 6)
  • Set of Gasoline Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes (1 box of 6)
  • Analysis Sample Containers with Lids (12)
  • Colorimetric Tube Seal (1 pack of 6 blocks)

Required Equipment (not included)

  • Laboratory Gloves
  • Safety Glasses/Goggles
  • Heat Source (Hot Plate, or Bunsen Burner and Ring Stand) (6)

Storage Conditions

This item can be shipped and stored at room temperature. This kit will arrive with at least 6 months shelf-life remaining.

  • Model: VXH-LL-FDA

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