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Forensic Impressions Lab Activity

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Introduce your budding forensic scientists to the many types of impressions taken at a crime scene and how they can lead to solving a crime. Investigators at a crime scene must be extremely careful not to destroy any trace evidence that may lead to a suspect, and in this activity, students will learn how to observe, classify, and analyze impression evidence. They will look at footprints, fingerprints, writing, rope and binding, and key impressions, as well as tire tracks. They will also be able to make casts of the various impressions to help solve the included crime scenario. This activity is suitable for children grades 8-12 and has enough materials sufficient for 24 students working in groups of 6 or 4.

Materials Included:

Instructor's Manual
Students manual
Assessment manual
Vials of carbon powder
Small paint brushes
Plain paper stock
Modeling clay
Plaster of Paris
5 different ropes
Magnifying glass
Tongue depressors
Tire Impressions Pictures
Small ink roller
Paper cups
Sifting screen
Tooth brushes
Petri Dishes

Materials needed but not included:

Spray bottle
Mixing containers (Approx 3 Quarts)
Old Tire
Old Gym Shoe

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