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Blood Spatter Kit

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The Blood Spatter Kit consists of 6 different experiments to work through with students/children. This kit helps children learn how physics plays a role in a criminal investigation such as blood spatter. Students will complete the experiments and learn things like how gravity affects a stain pattern.

The Blood Spatter Kit is for use under the supervision of a parent or teacher by grades 8-14

The materials in this kit are sufficient for 24 students working in groups of 2 or 4.

Use the pull-down menu to select a full kit or a refill kit.

Instructors Manual
Assessment Manual
Student Data Sheet Exp. #1 Procedure1
Student Data Sheet Exp.#1 Procedure 2
Micro tip pipet
Simulated blood
Magnifying Glasses
Ruler in Metric 15cm
Metric Ruler 10 to 12 ft.
Student Data Sheet Exp. #2 Procedure 1
Student Data Sheet Exp. #2 Procedure 2
Simulated Blood hemoglobin clear

Luminol with sprayer bottle
Filter paper
Student Data Sheet Exp. #4
Blood Spatter Chamber
Dowel Rods
Blood Spatter Chamber Pedestal
Blood Spatter Paper (Copy Paper)
Rubber Bands
Student Data Sheet, Blood Spatter Interpretation(Sixteen General Rules)
Student Data Sheet, Exp.#5 Handout (Investigation Terminology)
Student Data Test Exp. #6

Materials Needed but not included:
Old Newspaper
Clean up towels
Black Light
Masking tape

Blood Spatter Kit Refill Contents

Material Safety Data Sheet
Student Data Sheets for 5 experiments

1. Distance Effect on Blood Spatter
2. Distance Effect on Blood Spatter Graph
3. Identifying Distance of Travel
4. Experimenting with Blood Spatter Angles
5. Measuring Blood Spatter
Micro Tip Pipette
Filter Paper
Simulated Blood Solution
Simulated Hemoglobin Solution
Luminol Powder
Sodium Perborate
Sodium Carbonate

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