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Robbery @ Anytown Mall

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There has been a robbery at Anytown Mall! It is your students job to solve the crime. This exercise is designed to relate forensic science though the scientific method. The students will solve the crime through observation, experimentation, and interpretation. Students will analyze hair, fabric, fiber, blood, fingerprints, and handwriting as well as define the importance of the personal profile. This kit is designed for students grade 9-11 and will take roughly 4 class periods. There is enough materials in this kit for 24 students in groups of 4.

Materials included:

Teacher manual
Student manual
Special needs
Suspect evidence envelopes per group
Police evidence envelope
Litmus paper
Hand lens
Wooden sticks
Slides and cover slips
Mounting media
Fabric samples
Hair samples
Data charts
Simulated blood samples
Simulated anti-serum
Blood test plates

Materials needed but not included:

Water bath set up
Distilled water
Glass test tubes with stoppers/caps

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