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Forensic Fabric & Fiber

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Your Class becomes the crime scene investigators while comparing fabric/fiber and learning how they play a role in the investigation of a crime. This activity is suitable for students grades 9-12. The materials in this kit are sufficient for 24 students working in groups of 6.

Materials Included:

Instructor's Manual
Student Manual
Methods of Assessment Manual
Fabric and Fiber samples:
-white cotton
-white wool
-white carpet fiber
-spun glass
-unknown 1
-unknown 2
-unknown carpet fiber
Wax pencils
Metal forceps
Plastic forceps
Cover slips
Wooden toothpicks
1/2 oz empty dropping bottles
Red litmus paper
Lead acetate paper
HC1, 3M
NaOH, 3M
Chlorine bleach
Dry-Cleaning solvent
Mounting solution

Materials Needed but not included:
Paper towels
14 test tubes (10mm x 100mm)
One hole stopper for test tube
7 solid stoppers for test tubes
Glass stirring rod
Test tube holder
Alcohol burner
Distilled water
Microscope (10x 40x objective)

  • Model: 10-534

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