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Analysis of Minerals and Soils Lab Activity

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Students will take on the role of investigators and analyze samples of soil, glass, dust, and metal traces in order to place or eliminate a suspect’s presence at the crime scene. There are enough materials for 24 students working in 6 groups with 4 students per group.

Materials Included:

Instruction manual
Soil Samples
Microscope slides
Magnifying glasses
Glass beads
Universal Indicator w/chart
0.5M Potassium chromate
Small gummed labels
0.5M Hydrochloric acid Sieve Fine
Student Data sheets
Assessment Manual
Density gradient tubes (vials)
Polarizing film
Dropper pipettes
Plastic spoons
Aluminum pans
Sieve Medium

Materials needed but not included:

Test tube rack
Grease Pencil
Suction bulbs
Oven, lamp, or hot plate
25ml Erlenmeyer flasks/bottles w/stoppers
UV light
Test Tubes
10ml graduated cylinders
Dropper pipettes and suction bulb
Distilled water
Wax paper
White paper

  • Model: 10-500

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