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Dustless Fingerprints Lab Activity

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Students will gather data using fingerprint evidence as they observe, compare, contrast, and hypothesize their way through four different experimental procedures. They will learn how to make impressions in clay and pour a mold, lift fingerprints from a metal soda can using super glue fuming, and use both iodine and ninhydrin fuming to lift fingerprints from paper. The materials in this kit are sufficient for 24 students working in 6 groups of 4.

Materials Included:

Instructors Manual
Assessment Manual
Small Plastic Jars
Scotch Tape
Super Glue
Small Aluminum Caps
Plaster of Paris
Tongue Depressors
Small Paint Brushes
Plastic Spoons
Fingerprint Identification Sheets
Special Needs Materials
Plastic Gloves
Lugol's Iodine
White Paper
Magnifying Glasses
Aluminum Foil
Modeling Clay
Paper Cups
Jar Lids
Petri Dishes

Materials Needed but not included:

Small Boxes
Aluminum Soda Cans

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