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UV Light

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  • Model: 7301UV385-2

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Use these UV (Ultraviolet) lights for close examination of the crime scene to reveal evidence not visible under normal lighting to the naked eye. Evidence can't hide from UV light. UV lights reveal hidden blood, fingerprints, fibers, and subcutaneous bruises on living and dead bodies.

Orange viewing goggles are sometimes used with UV lights to enhance the contrast of fluorescent fingerprint powder and to visualize fibers and body fluids. You can add orange goggles by selecting them from the pulldown menu beneath the product photo on this page.

This light is available in three wavelengths:
  • Blue 400nm (21 LED)
  • Standard 385nm (9 LED)
  • Invisible 365nm (5 Nichia LED)

Choose the wavelength using the pull-down menu. Most people will want the standard 385nm. The difference between the lights is the 365nm light has less visble light and more UV light than the 385nm light. The 400nm light has the least UV and most visible light. The 400nm light is useful for hunting scorpions and demonstrations of UV.

New product: We now have a forensic light which emits a blue beam that works very well with our orange goggles. If you watch TV you've seen this personal alternate light in use. This forensic blue LED provides hands-free lighting for locating body fluids and in crime scene fingerprint processing when using fluorescent powders.  Details Here


by Jack Boone
Date Added: 10/28/2009
I am a retired Police Officer now working as a casino security officer in the Vegas area. I use the UV light to detect the UV hidden signatures that are on most newer driver's license to detect fraudent ones. It's small enought to be carried in your back pocket. I am very pleased.

by Rick Moore
Date Added: 11/13/2007
Up until now I have owned a couple of battery powered tube-style UV light sources. I am completely amazed at the output of this palm-sized unit! It does a really nice job and it is so compact! No one should be disappointed with this excellent item.

by Crime Scene
Date Added: 10/17/2005
I just wanted to say thanks very much for taking care of the problem with the UV Lamp so quickly. My order was a present for my wife and she is absolutely delighted with her equipment. The whole family has been "printed", swabbed, photographed and we can't do anything anymore without being found out. 80) Your website is superb, easy to navigate and easy to order from, your range of products is excellent and your customer service first rate. It really is a pleasure to buy from you. Thanks again Posted for Jim Adam

by Stephen Chubb
Date Added: 01/21/2005
I got this today in the mail. Its amazing. Its really interesting when used with Fluorescent Fingerprint powder, its so cool! Also, amazing when examining Passports, Paintings and money!! A must have for anyone interested in Forensics.

by stuart ziane
Date Added: 09/09/2004
I wonder who saw semen stains WITHOUT using a filter with this baby?? Physiological fluids reflect light at a different wavelength and that's why the filter is needed. You would probably see the stains anyway.

by Danny Del Ray
Date Added: 10/16/2003
I bought a UV light to find sperm stains on hotel bed spreads. These work, but you probably don't want to know about the sperm in hotels. Its everywhere.

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