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  • Model: VSW00805

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  • Protects: Has a hard shell container that closes tightly and protects both the entire shaft and the cotton tip of the swab.
  • Air Dries: Air dries it using state of art built in Tyvek breathable filter that covers 8 large integrated air holes at the cotton tip level.
  • Optimises Drying: The design, size and the placement of the filter protected air holes optimises drying. The air holes at the cotton tip level are placed on all 4 sides so that the airflow is secured even when, as an example, an evidence envelope covers both sides.
  • Avoids Contamination:  No unprotected air holes such as those found in Integriswab, Cap-Shure swab or swab boxes. Unlike FAB-SWAB, they pose a risk of contamination/cross contamination of the crime scene/evidence/equipment/laboratory.  As an example, dry and/or flaked blood can spread and contaminate through open air holes. FAB-SWAB secures the integrity of evidence unlike any other available tools.
  • Provides chain of custody seals: Swabs come with separate chain of evidence sticker that is easy to write on and serves as a seal between the transport tube and the swab handle. Only 1 sticker is necessary for the chain of custody.
  • Avoids contact with the hands of examiner: Swab has a specially designed handle so that the swab can be handled without touching the shaft and the tip. The shaft handle is large allowing for precise collection.
  • Easy to Use: Swab can easily be removed from and put back in the transport container before the use of the evidence sticker. The shaft itself can also easily be removed from and put back in the shaft handle if necessary. No other equipment (such as a swab box) or training required, sampling with the FAB-SWAB is as simple as a regular swab use. 
  • Other:  Sterile. Individually sealed.

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