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Forensic Science Kit

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The Crime Scene "Forensic Science Kit" is perfect for aspiring detectives on your shopping list. The kit includes real evidence and real forensic tests. Dust evidence for prints to match against suspect prints. Test fabric samples for the presence of blood. Your role, as Crime Scene Investigator, is to solve the murder of Missy Hammond. A case preview is available here. We have ample stock of this kit ready to ship today.

Contents: Complete Directions, Evidence CD-ROM, Fingerprint Brush, Fingerprint Powder, Fingerprint Lifting Tape, Heme-Stix Blood Test, Fingerprint Evidence, and Blood Evidence (sterilized, non-human).

Bonus Contents: We include enough fingerprinting supplies to leave you with a working fingerprint kit after you solve the case.

Attention teachers: Order kit refills to extend your Forensic Science Kit for classroom use. Details here

by Estelle Buchanan
Date Added: 11/06/2010
Ordered this kit and a top for my daughter's Christmas. It looks great but was disapointed to be charged customs duty on delivery. The man at the post office said I was just unlucky as they don't always make this charge, he also said that I might be able to claim it back but I haven't tried this yet. Other UK customers beware. Estelle (Scotland) Message From the Store: When you order any item to be imported to your country it is subject to the your country's sales taxes.

by Marlene Stenschke Jørgensen
Date Added: 06/20/2008
This product ROCKS! I've been a big fan of CSI for ages, and looked foreward to solving the case - there's a lot to read, which I enjoyed - it really makes you think it all through before you proceed to the forensic tests that are included. My personal highlight! If you are as much into forensic science as I am (or just into it in a normal and healthy way;)), do yourself a favor and try this kit out. You wont regret it!

by Candice Gabriels
Date Added: 07/04/2007
I purchased this kit to supplement my studies - practical vs theory! I learnt quite alot from this structured package. I would definately recommend this to students who may be doing on-line courses as the practical side of evidence collection is vital. I am now purchasing the larger version (without case study) and will create my own case studies with which to test my knowledge! Thank you!

by Assunta S McDonald
Date Added: 01/08/2007
is really fun.... enjoyed trying my hand at solving the case. can you get new cases? or does it come only in that one murder?

by Colin Woodward
Date Added: 09/03/2006
Received in the UK in four working days. Product was a birthday present for my 13 yr daughter who thinks its really great.

by daniel hale
Date Added: 02/11/2004
Great! fast delivery and everything! A MUST HAVE!

by Melanie Naylor
Date Added: 11/21/2003
I ordered the kit as a gift for my friend. She loved this unique present and is excited about getting started. I just wanted to say that the service from I received from Crime Scene was amazing!!!! There was an issue with the order (Not Crime Scene's fault) and Tom was so good about getting back to me and rectifying the problem even when it was out of his control. I just wanted to say "Thank You".

by Alex Kelly
Date Added: 07/26/2003
I live over in England and I expected it to take quite awhile to get here, but it only took 1 week exactly, just as Tom said. People were right about the packaging, you dont want to mess it up. I opened it up straight away as soon as i got it. The quality of the it was great. Thanks to everyone @ CS for this great product!!!

by Amy Simms
Date Added: 05/06/2003
I bought the single-use kit to use with my 30 student classroom. I just couldn't afford the classroom version. Luckily, it was easy to extend the single use kit to give all 30 students hands-on activity. For starters, we copied the CDs to use in the computer lab. Tom and crimescene give you permission to do that! We then copied the printed materials so everyone had a handbook. Instead of using the single item of fingerprint evidence that crimescene sent (a fingerprint on glass), I created 30 of my own items of print evidence and altered the handout ( I had to replace the comparision print with my own so they'd match.) We just shared the brush and powder. I could have ordered more hemestix for blood tests, but opted to just do one as a whole class demonstration. For $60 I got an awful lot of use out of this kit and will reuse again. A NOTE FROM CRIMSCENE: We condone copying the disks and handouts for classroom use. We are also constantly impressed by the resourcefulness

by Brenda Mays
Date Added: 04/10/2003
This detective kit should help with the forensic sceince unit I'm planning. It just arrived and so far I'm impressed. There are hours of data on CD. I was up till 2 AM last night reading! I tested fabric samples for blood with the heme Sticks today and it was fun, just like on TV. The test will provide some instant gratification for the students. I still don't know whodunit yet. I'll wait to open the solution envelope until I'm good and ready. :)

by tom arriola
Date Added: 04/06/2003
For years teachers have asked us to make something they could use with their stidents in the classroom. The Crime Scene game is the answer to those requests. It's easy to take this single boxed game and adapt to any size group. Let me know what you think. Tom Arriola Crime Scene

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