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 EcoSpray is a small, fully self contained sprayer that produces a fine and even spread coating, ideal for forensic applications, and in particular with the use of BlueStar®. The EcoSpray can spray up to 440 ml of liquid with one pressure reservoir. The use of a metal jet nozzle provides for a perfect quality spray. Simply attach the disposable pressure reservoir to the EcoSpray body, fill and attach the liquid container with the chemical of your choice and press the button. This releases the non-explosive, non-toxic and odourless gas in vapour phase with a pressure of 4.5kg/cm2 or 64 psi from the small disposable aluminium reservoir. Simply clean the liquid container or seal it with the screw cap. The EcoSpray can be used as a blow gun for quickly drying coloring agents or to blow away fluids from a surface. Notice the difference in size and distribution between a fluid sprayed by an ordinary hand pump sprayer (on right) and the EcoSpray (left). In both cases the same type of fluid was used, on the same kind of surface and sprayed from the same distance. EcoSpray Kit, contains spray head with 0.70mm jet nozzle, 1 pressure refill and 1 bottle with cap; EcoSpray set of 3 jet nozzles, 0.50mm, 0.70mm and 0.90mm.

We also offer refills for the Eco Spray. Choose from LA-521 the pressure reservoir or LA-523, a set of 3 nozzles, 0.50mm, 0.70mm and 0.90mm

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