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Witness Interview: Riddick Morton

Morton, R.Tuesday, April 4, 2000 - 10:00 a.m.

This interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha County Detention Center. Mr. Clinton was in custody on a public drunkenness charge but stated he did not wish to have an attorney present during questioning.

SM = Det. S. Murphy
TA = Det. T. Armstrong
RM = Riddick Morton

TA: Riddick, how are you doing this morning?

RM: How do you think I'm doing? I feel like hell. Why did y'all have to drag me in here? I wasn't bothering nobody.

SM: Sure. You were drunk on the Square. Again. Now let's get on with this. State your name and address for the record.

RM: Riddick Morton. I live at 412 N 15th.

TA: Riddick, you understand your rights, don't you? You know you don't have to talk to us and that you can have a lawyer here if you want to, right?

RM: Yeah, I know. I've heard it often enough.

SM: That's for sure.

TA: So Riddick, what can you tell us about what you saw yesterday?

RM: I saw a lot of cops hasslin' me.

TA: Before that, when you were relaxing on the Square.

RM: Saw what I always see. People coming and going. Cars back and forth. Life.

TA: Did you see anyone coming and going at the Ford office building?

RM: Folks always in and out of there. So what?

TA: Do you remember seeing anyone specifically?

RM: Like who? You tell me who it was and I'll tell you if I saw 'em.

TA: You know it doesn't work like that, Riddick. Now just think a minute. Who did you see?

RM: Man, I don't remember. What are you fishing for? Give me a hint.

TA: Let's start with something easier. What time did you get to the Square yesterday?

RM: I don't know. You know I don't sleep too good. It was early, but it was light out.

SM: Maybe if you drank a little less, you'd sleep a little better.

TA: C'mon Murph, you know Riddick does the best he can with his illness.

SM: Uh-huh.

TA: So Riddick, you think it was about nine o'clock when you got there?

RM: Maybe.

TA: Earlier? Later?

RM: Maybe a little earlier. Around then.

TA: You know Trudi Rose?

RM: Yeah. She works in that office building. Nice lady. Sometimes she gives me a buck to get some... coffee. Sometimes she gives me a brownie or somethin' sweet to eat. Nice woman.

TA: Did you see her yesterday morning?

RM: Saw her. Didn't talk to her. Too bad too 'cause it looked like she was bringing in some goodies. That's what she calls 'em, the brownies.

SM: You saw her carrying baked goods of some kind?

RM: That's what I just said.

SM: Did she bring them from home or buy them somewhere?

RM: How would I know that?

TA: What kind of container or package were they in?

RM: Some kind of plastic thing. Tupperware, somethin' like that.

TA: But you say she didn't speak to you?

RM: Nah. She usually does, but didn't yesterday. Maybe she didn't see me.

SM: I'm sure that was it. Did you see anyone else entering or leaving the Ford office building?

RM: Already told you. People in and out of there all the time.

TA: Do you remember anyone in particular?

RM: Saw that gal who works with Trudi.

TA: Which one?

RM: Don't know her name. She don't like me much.

SM: How old is she?

RM: Don't know. She never showed me her driver's license.

TA: Come on, man. Give us a break, would you? How old do you think she is?

RM: Young. Twenty-five maybe?

SM: Dana Pomeroy?

RM: Told you I don't know her name.

SM: What time did you see her?

RM: Don't know. Didn't check my watch.

TA: Riddick...

RM: Not too long before you people started showing up.

TA: What was she doing?

RM: Going in the building.

TA: Was she doing anything unusual?

RM: Not for her.

SM: What does that mean?

RM: She was yakking on that phone she carries around with her. She's always doin' that. I wish they'd bring back that other gal. She was much nicer.

TA: Who was that?

RM: Name was Corinne or something like that. Nice gal. Used to sit and talk to me sometimes on her lunch break. Haven't seen her in a while. Y'all know what happened to her?

TA: Don't know. Did you see anything or anyone else yesterday that you remember?

RM: Nah.

SM: You're sure?

RM: Just said so, didn't I?

TA: Thanks for your help, Riddick. We appreciate it. You try to stay out of trouble now, okay?

RM: I'll try, but trouble likes me. Can't ever seem to get away from it for too long.

TA: Just do your best.

SM: And don't leave town or anything. We might need to talk to you again.

RM: I can hardly wait. You know where to find me.

SM: Yes, we do.

End interview: 10:20 a.m.

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