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Interview Summaries: Cupid's Couples Clients
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 001524-03D-2000
Case Description: Trudi Rose Death Investigation

The following Cupid's Couples clients, whose names appeared in Trudi Rose's appointment book, were interviewed by Detectives Murphy and Armstrong. Most interviews were conducted by telephone and the conversations are summarized below. Additional interviews are being conducted and will be documented in a similar fashion.

  • Name: Henry Alford
    Appt. Date / Time: originally 3/29/00 @ 4:00 PM, rescheduled for 3/31/00 @ 4:00 PM
    Comments: Mr. Alford stated he met with Trudi Rose on 3/31/00 to sign up with Cupid's Couples. During their meeting, he filled out the relevant paperwork and talked with Mrs. Rose about his preferences for a potential match. Mr. Alford said Mrs. Rose canceled his original appointment, scheduled for 3/29/00. She called him to say she wasn't feeling well and to see whether he was able to reschedule. They agreed to meet later that week. Mr. Rose added that Mrs. Rose indicated she was planning to go home early on 3/29/00.


  • Name: Willard Clement
    Appt. Date / Time: originally 3/30/00 @ 10:30 AM, rescheduled for 3/31/00 @ 10:00 AM
    Comments: Mr. Clement stated he met with Trudi Rose on 3/31/00 for a follow-up session. Mrs. Rose presented him with some candidates she'd picked out for him. He said he selected two possibilities, but declined to give their names. Mr. Clement stated that someone from the Cupid's Couples office contacted him a little after 9:00 AM on 3/30/00 to cancel his original appointment because Mrs. Rose was out sick. He said Mrs. Rose telephoned him later that afternoon to reschedule for the morning of 3/31/00.


  • Name: Norman Fox
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/30/00 @ 3:00 PM
    Comments: Mr. Fox stated he met with Trudi Rose to review additional possible matches for him. He said he had been out on four dates set up by Cupid's Couples and had met some very nice women, but had not yet made a "love connection." Mrs. Rose was going to contact one woman from the most recent batch to arrange a date, but Mr. Fox had not heard back from her before her death. He indicated he had been very pleased with Cupid's Couples' service, despite the fact he hadn't found a perfect match yet.


  • Name: Diane Haley
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/31/00 @ 2:30 PM
    Comments: Ms. Haley stated she met with Trudi Rose to discuss a couple of Cupid's Couples clients who had expressed interest in her. She agreed to go out with one of the men. Mrs. Rose was supposed to arrange a date for the following weekend, but because she had not heard from her, Ms. Haley assumes Mrs. Rose did not have an opportunity to do so before her death.


  • Name: Preston Howard
    Appt. Date / Time: 4/3/00 @ 4:00 PM
    Comments: Mr. Howard stated he had not been actively using Cupid's Couples' services for several months, but Mrs. Rose contacted him to say she had a couple of women she thought he'd like. He agreed to meet with her, but said he opted not to make dates with either woman Mrs. Rose presented.


  • Name: Victor Minter
    Appt. Date / Time: originally 4/3/00 @ 2:30 PM, rescheduled for 4/6/00 @ 2:30 PM
    Comments: Mr. Minter stated Trudi Rose telephoned him the morning of 4/3/00 and said she was unexpectedly going to be alone in the office most of the day and felt she would be unable to give him her full attention. She asked to reschedule the appointment, which they did. Mr. Minter said the purpose of their meeting was so he could review the first batch of candidates Mrs. Rose had selected for him. He indicated he was disappointed when she had to cancel and was very sorry when he learned of her death.


  • Name: Gabe Peters
    Appt. Date / Time: originally 4/3/00 @ 10:30 AM, rescheduled for 4/4/00 @10:30 AM
    Comments: Mr. Peters stated he was scheduled to meet with Trudi Rose to sign up with Cupid's Couples. He said Mrs. Rose telephoned him sometime between 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM on 4/3/00 to say she unexpectedly had to man the office alone and asked to reschedule their appointment. Mr. Peters said he had been looking forward to using Cupid's Couples' services, and was saddened when he heard about Mrs. Rose's death.


  • Name: Rick Puckett
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/31/00 @ 11:15 AM
    Comments: Mr. Puckett stated Trudi Rose had contacted him and requested a meeting. He said that, at the meeting, Mrs. Rose indicated she was just curious about his current dating status and whether he might be interested in seeing any additional candidates. Mr. Puckett told her he was still dating the last woman she'd introduced him to and he was not interested in seeing anyone else. Mr. Puckett stated he felt Mrs. Rose was "fishing" for some other information, but he wasn't sure what she wanted to know and she didn't say.


  • Name: Rebecca Singleton
    Appt. Date / Time: originally 3/29/00 @ 5:15 PM, rescheduled for 3/30/00 @ 12:30
    Comments: Ms. Singleton stated that her meeting with Trudi Rose was to follow up on some selections she'd made from the candidates Mrs. Rose had presented. She said Mrs. Rose contacted her on 3/29/00 to cancel their meeting late that afternoon. Mrs. Rose told her she wasn't feeling well and needed to go home early. Ms. Singleton said they agreed to reschedule the meeting for her lunch hour the next day, at which time she learned two of the men she'd selected were also interested in meeting her. Mrs. Rose had arranged a date with one of the men for the following Saturday, 4/1/00, and with the other man for Monday evening, 4/3/00. Ms. Singleton said she had kept both dates and would be seeing one of the men again.


  • Name: Davis Starke
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/30/00 @ 4:15 PM
    Comments: Mr. Starke stated that Trudi Rose had requested a meeting with him to discuss a personal matter. He declined to elaborate on the subject or subjects they talked about.

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