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Interview Summaries: Cupid's Couples Clients
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 001524-03D-2000
Case Description: Trudi Rose Death Investigation

The following Cupid's Couples clients, whose names appeared in Trudi Rose's appointment book, were interviewed by Detectives Murphy and Armstrong. Most interviews were conducted by telephone and the conversations are summarized below.

  • Name: Catherine Byers
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/28/00 @ 3:00 PM
    Comments: Ms. Byers stated she met with Trudi Rose for a follow-up session. Mrs. Rose presented her with some candidates she'd picked out for her. Ms. Byers selected one possibility and Mrs. Rose arranged a date for the two of them that weekend. Ms. Byers said she did not speak with Mrs. Rose again before her death, though she had been expecting a telephone call from her on Monday, 4/3/00, since Mrs. Rose usually followed up with her clients after a date to see how it went.


  • Name: Oscar Bulloch
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/27/00 @ 11:15 AM
    Comments: Mr. Bulloch stated he had scheduled the appointment with Trudi Rose to discuss a telephone call he'd received. He said he told Mrs. Rose that he'd been contacted by an unidentified woman who seemed to know some confidential information about him, some of which he knew was part of his Cupid's Couples file. He was trying to find out how the woman had discovered this information. He said Mrs. Rose was upset by what he told her, but did not appear surprised. She indicated to him that she took the matter very seriously and would look into it, but he did not hear back from her before her death. Mr. Bulloch declined to say what the caller wanted from him or to specify the nature of the confidential information. When told that a Cupid's Couples employee had been fired for allegedly stealing files, one of which was his, Mr. Bulloch became agitated and ended the conversation with us.


  • Name: Neil Evans
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/27/00 @ 4:00 PM
    Comments: Mr. Evans stated he met with Trudi Rose to discuss his last two Cupid's Couples-arranged dates and to review additional possibilities. He indicated he had been using Cupid's Couples' services for approximately one year. He said Mrs. Rose was aware he was only interested in casual dating and was not seeking a permanent relationship, and she had matched him up with several women with similar intentions over the last twelve months. He said Mrs. Rose had also asked him if he'd received any strange telephone calls, but he had not then and says he still has not to date.


  • Name: Janine Grove
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/27/00 @ 10:00 AM
    Comments: Ms. Grove stated she met with Trudi Rose to discuss three Cupid's Couples clients who had expressed interest in her. She agreed to go out with one of the men and Mrs. Rose arranged a date for the following Friday. Ms. Grove stated she had not spoken to Mrs. Rose again before her death.


  • Name: Del Johnson
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/29/00 @ 10:30 AM
    Comments: Mr. Johnson stated he met with Trudi Rose to sign up with Cupid's Couples. During their meeting, he filled out paperwork and discussed his requirements for a potential match. Mr. Johnson said Mrs. Rose started to look as though she wasn't feeling well towards the end of their meeting. Before he left, they scheduled a follow-up session for Wednesday, 4/5/00 at 10:30 AM to review candidates.


  • Name: Travis Kelsoe
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/27/00 @ 2:30 PM
    Comments: Mr. Kelsoe stated he met with Trudi Rose to review additional possible matches for him. He said Mrs. Rose had presented candidates to him on two previous occasions, but he had not yet found someone he wanted to go out with who also wanted to go out with him. He did select one woman from the presentation that day, but said Mrs. Rose contacted him later that week to say the woman had recently become involved in an exclusive relationship and was no longer available. Mr. Kelsoe said he told Mrs. Rose during that telephone call that he would contact her to set up another appointment after he returned from a business trip that kept him out of town for 10 days.


  • Name: Reggie Nash
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/28/00 @11:00 AM
    Comments: Mr. Nash stated that his meeting with Trudi Rose was to follow up on some selections he'd made from the candidates Mrs. Rose had presented. He learned three of the women he'd selected were also interested in meeting him. Mrs. Rose had arranged a date with one of the women for the following Thursday evening, 3/30/00, with another woman for Saturday evening, 4/1/00, and told him she expected a call from the third woman to schedule a date within a few days. Mr. Nash said Mrs. Rose contacted him on Friday, 3/31/00, to discuss his date of the previous evening and told him she had not yet been able to schedule a date with the third woman. He added that he'd expected Mrs. Rose to call him on Monday, 4/3/00, to discuss his second date, but did not hear from her.


  • Name: Monte Parris
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/29/00 @ 2:30 PM
    Comments: Mr. Parris stated Trudi Rose had contacted him and requested a meeting to discuss a couple of candidates she'd found for him. He said he reminded her that he'd decided to take a break from dating, but that Mrs. Rose convinced him to meet with her anyway. At the meeting, he reviewed the candidates she presented but decided not to go out with any of them. He stated Mrs. Rose had to cut the meeting short as she was feeling ill. He said she did not look at all well and he suggested to her that she should go home early.


  • Name: Miguel Reyes
    Appt. Date / Time: 3/28/00 @ 4:30 PM
    Comments: Mr. Reyes stated he met with Trudi Rose to sign up with Cupid's Couples. During their meeting, he completed the relevant paperwork and talked with Mrs. Rose about what he was looking for in a woman. Mr. Reyes said he and Mrs. Rose scheduled a follow-up appointment for the following Tuesday, 4/4/00, at 4:30 PM.

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