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Evidence: Statement by Corinna Morgan regarding her employment at Cupid's Couples
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 001524-03D-2000
Case Description: Trudi Rose Death Investigation

Morgan was formerly the secretary at Cupid's Couples. Her employment ended in February of 2000, when she was dismissed from her position on suspicion of theft. She gave this voluntary statement concerning her employment and the circumstances surrounding her dismissal.

I worked at Cupid's Couples from September of 1993 until February of this year. My primary duties were helping Trudi arrange dates with people who came in wanting to use the service and keeping track of the paperwork involved. When clients came in for the first time, I would have them fill out a preliminary interview that listed what kind of date they were looking for. The preliminary interview also included a section where they were asked to answer certain very personal questions - things about their financial status, sexual history and sexual preferences. Some of the people didn't want to answer those kind of questions, but I would always explain to them that they really needed to complete the questionnaire completely so that Trudi could do the best job in matching them with someone. After I told them that, they would usually go ahead and answer those questions. I would then give the completed questionnaire to Trudi, and she would look it over and arrange a second appointment with the person. At the second appointment, the person would come back and be informed of the possible matches that Trudi had found for them, based on their questionnaire. The client would then be able to pick out someone to go on a date with. Trudi was always very methodical about this. She would never rush two people together. She always thought very hard about who she was matching together and whether it would work, in her opinion.

Before the person would leave, I would make three copies of their survey - one for the client, one for Trudi to work with, and one for the files. Trudi would crosscheck most of the things that the person said by hand with other clients who had come in recently. She always worked the system in batches - she would batch five males and five females and then try to get them together. In the beginning, she just did this with a notepad and a pen, but then we got a computer with a program that would match up people with similar tastes and characteristics. It saved Trudi a lot of time. The client files were kept in Trudi's office. There are three rooms to the business, a front lobby, which was where my desk was, and two inner offices. Trudi used the bigger office and the smaller office was Kelly's.

I was fired by Kelly Clinton in February of 2000. I had just gotten back from lunch. It was about one-thirty and Kelly came up to me. She asked me to go get Trudi, so I walked back to her office and knocked on the door. Trudi said to come in and I stepped in her office and told her that Kelly wanted her. We both walked out together and went to the front. When we got there Kelly was standing behind my desk, tapping on my briefcase with her fingers. She said to Trudi, 'we have a serious problem'. Trudi asked her what it was and Kelly said that I was stealing client files. She said she knew that I had some client files in my briefcase right then, in fact.

I said 'No, I don't' and Kelly opened my briefcase and there they were, about ten files from Trudi's file cabinet. They were real files all right, because we always used the same kind - red file folders secured with two rubber bands. Trudi opened one of them and I remember it was the file of Oscar Bulloch, a real estate man in town. He came into the office about a year ago looking for a possible wife. The other folders were all of rich, single men in town. Kelly told me that I would have to leave or be fired. She said that this was a serious offense and she was considering calling the police. I tried to protest that I didn't do anything, but Kelly wouldn't listen to me. At first, Trudi tried to talk Kelly out of firing me, but in the end she agreed that I would have to leave. So I left. I knew it was their word against mine, and that the police would believe them. Kelly looked through my briefcase in depth before I left. Then I turned in my keys to Trudi, and just walked out. Kelly gave me a check for one month's pay right before I walked out.

I've seen both of them in public a few times since then, but we never spoke. Kelly, especially, would act very strange whenever she saw me. I know I didn't steal those files. Dana had to have put them in my briefcase while I was at lunch and told Kelly I was stealing them. I still can't believe they just fired me with hardly any discussion at all and without listening to my side. I was always a good worker, and I was honest. I would never steal from them or any other job. I hope that giving this statement helps you in some way.

//Corinna Morgan


//Jennie Watson, Notary Public

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