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Evidence: Statement by Bobby Joe Rose regarding life insurance policies
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 001524-03D-2000
Case Description: Trudi Rose Death Investigation

Bobby Joe Rose is an attorney with Milton, Milton & Rose and was the victim's husband. After learning the Sheriff's Department had contacted his insurance agent, Mr. Rose voluntarily submitted this statement in regard to the insurance policy he took out on his wife.

We bought the reciprocal life insurance policies in 1993 from Johnny Stark at Allstate. Johnny has always been my insurance man and he was my family's insurance man when I was growing up. He is a straight-shooter and tells it like it is. I went to his office right after I married Trudi and explained to him what I wanted - two policies, one for myself and one for my wife. I wanted them to be worth a substantial amount of money, in case anything happened to either one of us. I have seen families who did not understand how much debt their loved ones had accrued and found they had nothing left after their loved ones passed on, all because they did not have sufficient life insurance. I was determined not to let that happen to me or my wife.

Johnny said that he had a policy just right for me, one that would be affordable and offer great protection, and I told him to start drawing it up. We discussed appropriate benefit amounts for the policies and finally settled on two million dollars for each policy. Johnny said he was sure the company would underwrite such a policy, but that he could not get it done overnight. He told me the company required background checks on large policies and probably someone higher up in his home office - an investigator - would call and ask Trudi and me some questions. I said that was fine, we would be glad to answer any questions. They did call later on, and we answered their questions.

About three weeks after our first meeting, after we had gone through all of this with his company people, they gave their approval and Johnny prepared the policies. Trudi and I went into his office one day and signed the papers. Johnny gave us both multiple copies and recommended that we keep them in a safe deposit box in a bank. I had already set up a bank draft system to pay the premiums on both policies to make sure the payments would always be on time, and that was that.

I felt like we needed the insurance. We were newly married, and you never know what could happen. I do intend to collect on the policy but it is not a priority right now. I am still grieving over Trudi, and the money is really secondary. I wish I still had her instead.

//Bobby Joe Rose


//Paula Macmillan, Notary Public

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