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Evidence: Letter from Johnny Stark, Insurance Agent
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 001524-03D-2000
Case Description: Trudi Rose Death Investigation

Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Detective Sam Murphy contact local insurance agent, Johnny Stark, to get more information about the life insurance policy on Trudi Rose. The following letter was received in response to that inquiry.

Johnny Stark, Agent
1100 Jefferson Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655

April 12, 2000


Dear Detective Murphy:

In reply to your telephone call, I have enclosed the following information concerning the Allstate life insurance policy bought by Mr. Bobby Joe Rose for his wife Trudi Dyer Rose. Our office has received a recent death certificate from Mr. Rose care of the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner that lists Mrs. Rose's death as "suspicious" with the caveat that the classification may be changed to "homicide" pending additional test results. The certificate is signed by Jennifer Johnson, Yoknapatawpha County Coroner.

Allstate will withhold payment of any claim filed on Mrs. Rose's policy until a full investigation is completed by your department, as is our policy. To date, no such claim has been filed, but Allstate does expect such a claim in the upcoming weeks as the mailing of the death certificate usually prefaces such claims.

As we discussed on the phone, Mr. Rose took out a full life policy in the amount of $2,000,000.00 on Trudi Dyer Rose shortly after their marriage. The issuance date of the policy was November 15, 1993. Mr. Rose is the primary beneficiary to Mrs. Rose's policy and Mrs. Rose did name her business partner, Kelly Clinton, as secondary beneficiary should Mr. Rose predecease Mrs. Rose or otherwise be ineligible to benefit. Mrs. Rose was the beneficiary of a similar policy on Mr. Rose in the amount of $2,000,000.00 and issued on the same date.

Mr. Rose made the payments on both policies, usually at the first of the month, in the form of bank debit withdrawal and never missed a payment. Therefore, he is entitled to the benefits set forth in the original policy at the time Allstate chooses to pay the benefit amount, which will be disbursed either in a lump sum or over an extended period of time.

As I have said, Allstate will withhold payment on the claim until your office has reached a satisfactory conclusion to this matter. Please contact me if I can be of any further assistance to you or your office concerning this matter.


//Johnny Stark

Oxford Allstate Office

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