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Evidence: Transcript of suspicious call received by Oscar Bulloch on Sunday, May 28, 2000
Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Case No: 001524-03D-2000
Case Description: Trudi Rose Death Investigation

With Oscar Bulloch's consent, an active tap has been on his home telephone since May 9, 2000. The following incoming call was recorded on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 6:45 p.m. The call lasted 3 minutes and was placed from the phone booth across from City Cleaners at 1223 Jackson Avenue East (662-234-XXXX).

OB = Oscar Bulloch
FC = unidentified female caller


OB: Hello?

FC: Hello Oscar.

OB: Who is this?

FC: You know who it is, Oscar.

OB: What do you want?

FC: I think the question is, what do you want?

OB: I wasn't sure you'd be calling again. It's been awhile since I heard from you.

FC: I wanted to make sure you had enough time to think things over.

OB: Okay. And now?

FC: That's up to you.

OB: Maybe we should go over the terms again so I can be clear on what my options are.

FC: Oscar... what are you up to?

OB: I don't know what you mean.

FC: We've already been over the terms in detail. You know what they are. Now, do we have a deal or don't we?

OB: I... I'm not sure.

FC: Well, it's time to get sure, Oscar. I can't hold on to this property forever, waiting for you to make up your mind. I need your decision tonight. Now.

OB: And if I'm ready to go ahead with the deal and meet your price? What's next?

FC: Then we set up a payment schedule and make arrangements to transfer the property to you.

OB: Sounds good. Let's do that.

FC: Your down payment will be due by the close of business this Friday. If that payment is received on time, it will be seen as a gesture of good faith and we will proceed with closing the deal.

OB: What form would you like the payment in?

FC: Oscar, why are you asking questions you know the answers to? Not for a third party's benefit, I hope. That would be very disappointing. Other people have disappointed us and the outcome wasn't as... rosy as they might have liked.

OB: I understand that, but -

FC: Then you know what to do. By Friday, Oscar. No later.

OB: Okay, but -

[call disconnects]

Follow up actions taken:

The deputy monitoring the tap on Mr. Bulloch's phone felt this call was suspicious and contacted dispatch to have a patrol unit sent (no lights, no siren) to the phone booth where the call originated to identify and detain the caller. A unit was dispatched at 6:46 p.m., but when the officer arrived on the scene at 6:49 p.m., the pay phone was not in use and no subjects were observed in the immediate area. A CSU team was dispatched to the scene to check for fingerprints on the phone and phone booth.

After contacting dispatch, the deputy also notified the detectives of the suspicious call Mr. Bulloch received. Det. Armstrong went to Mr. Bulloch's residence to discuss the call with him. He asked Mr. Bulloch to confirm that the call was from the blackmailer. Mr. Bulloch maintained the call was related to a real estate deal, but refused to identify the caller. Det. Armstrong soon realized the Mr. Bulloch was not going to change his story and decided to terminate their conversation for the evening. After leaveing the Bulloch residence, Det. Armstrong arranged for 24-hour visual surveillance on Oscar Bulloch. He also left a standing instruction for the deputy on phone surveillance to notify him or Det. Murphy if any other suspicious calls came in, regardless of the hour.

The following morning, the deputy on phone surveillance duty notified detectives of a second call that could be connected to the first. A transcript of that call is available here.


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