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Audiotape Transcript:
General Notes: The witness, Dylan told investigators on this day he brought an orange to the victim. It would not fit through the grate. Also, on a previous day, he brought writing supplies for a note, which has not been located.
T = Dylan Tull
K = Purity Knight
T: Tell me.
K: Did you do as I said?
T: Tell me a story!
K: Story? No no, no story. No story. No story left. All out.
T: Tell me!
K: Did you bring anything today?
T: Story now. The rest later.
K: Did you see anyone?
T: I said story now!
K: Story now. Yes. No, no story left.
T: Tell the one about the goat.
K: The goat? Oh yes, the goat. Goatee goat. Once upon a time there was a goat named Franz. Franz was a strong sturdy goat and he climbed up to the top of the mountain where he could see all around the kingdom. He could see the blue blue skies and the racing clouds and he could smell the pines and there was a gentle breeze and it was the most beautiful day he'd ever seen . . .
T: Go on. Go on.
K: It was the most beautiful day he'd ever seen when he noticed his friend Sally the salamander. Sally was a pretty orange salamander but today she was all dried up and looking tired. Franz could barely see her head because she was in a sliver between the rocks. A tiny sliver like a splinter, a long thin splinter in my thigh and it broke up when the tweezers touched it so there were little bits of wood in me and I was like a tree. I was a tree! Franz asked Sally what are you doing there and Sally said that Mort the owl had captured her and put her down in the sliver between the rocks and Mort was a very bad owl. Mort was very smart, very very smart, he looked like a regular nice owl and he was very very smart. But he'd grabbed Sally in his claws and put her in the splinter between the rocks. He was going to eat her. When Franz heard that he used his horns to smash the rocks -
T: No, no. You're making stuff up again. You're doing it wrong. No owls. Do something different. I want a castle.
K: Did you bring anything today?
T: Presents. Yes. Later.
K: Can I have one present now?
T: They won't fit. Nothing fits. I forgot. You need little things to go through the cage.
K: Little things. Yes. Little. Can I see it?
T: Okay.
K: Can I smell it?
T: Okay.
K: Oh yes, isn't that a pretty smell? Pretty smell. Let me smell some more.
T: It's too big. I forgot they had to be small.
K: Couldn't you try?
T: No. No, it's too big. Tell me another story. No more animals.
K: No, no story left. The end. End of the line. Grand Central Station, end of the line.
T: I want another story!
K: Okay. Okay. Once upon a time there was a boy -
T: I want a castle!
K: There was a boy prince. He lived in the most beautiful castle in the world. It was a castle with long marble hallways and beautiful carvings. There were orange trees in all the many little courtyards. Orange trees which all smelled so sweet the whole castle was perfumed. Orange trees down all the avenues and blossoms falling like snow. Orange trees and palm trees. Palm trees, waving in the wind, with the sea beyond and the docks with bars. A cafe, how many francs in a dollar? I want a cup of coffee. It's too much. It's better to get out of the tourist part, you can get a cafÈ creme for ten francs someplace ... what was the name of that place? What was the name of that place?
T: What about the castle?
K: The castle ... yes ... the boy lived in the beautiful castle, it was called the Castle of Oranges because it was famous for the smell from all those juicy oranges. Alcazar de las Naranjas. Que quieres? Oranges. There were lots of oranges and the tiles were decorated with golden paint. The boy loved his castle. He loved to look out from the top tower and see the sky. The sky was a blue blue sky like you've never seen. The blue blue sky and the fountains in bright marble. It was the most beautiful place in the world. Bright gardens and incense trees ... how does it go? ... and caverns. That's it. Gardens bright with sinuous rills.
Note: Audio excerpt starts here. Continues to end.
T: Go on. What about the boy?
K: The boy was a very happy boy in his castle of oranges. He and his family were very happy all together. But the boy was curious about the sea. He wanted to know what was on the other side of the sea. His father was a good man but he didn't want his boy to get hurt, so he told the boy to stay inside, don't go out beyond the tower walls. Stay inside where you know it's pretty and safe. The boy obeyed but as he got older he wanted more and more to know the sea. One day as he was walking through the palace he came upon an unfamiliar passage. That's funny he thought, because he certainly knew the palace inside and out. It was a cool shady hallway that led down. He could feel the slope as he walked, leading down and growing dimmer. But it wasn't dark because the walls were painted in delicate gold so they shimmered in the dim damp dark. Dim and damp.
The boy was afraid but he knew nothing could harm him because he was still in the castle, and his father had told him nothing in the castle would ever hurt him. He went down and down and then suddenly it was level and he was in a huge room, a huge room glowing with bright tapestries. There was a peach colored couch and on it lay a woman in a peacock headdress. It was a women he'd never seen before in the castle. She was very beautiful and plump and the juice of oranges dribbled out the sides of her mouth. Her whole body covered with juices and the juices made her body shiny and glowing in the strange light. She lay as though she were in a trance, with her long eyelashes fluttering like she was dreaming. She said to him "I lie beyond the sea" and then all of a sudden her head dipped back and she vanished. Gone, gone without a trace. Gone. She's never coming back, do you know what it's like to live with that? No one knows what it's like. The only one who knew me, gone.
The boy found himself in his chambers without knowing how he got there. From that day on he knew he had to escape. He wanted to find the woman with the beautiful fat hips and the shimmering headdress. He would pace the halls of the palace and didn't notice any more the nice orange smell. The fat oranges dripping with juice. One day one of his father's servants took him aside and said "I know what you want. I can give it to you." The prince and the servant met in the boy prince's chambers. The servant gave the boy a peacock feather, it was long and delicate, and said he knew something about magic, he could show the prince some magic and the prince could roam free and still be in the castle too. There would be two princes, one free and one in the castle. But in exchange the prince - both princes - would have to give up their sense of smell. The prince thought this was a small price to pay. A small price to pay. It's a win win situation, this deal. She's a beauty and air conditioning is free. There's a banana peel.
So the servant told the prince to lie on the bed, the lovely high bed with a golden bedspread, and the servant told the prince to close his eyes and go to sleep. Sleep, deep sleep, suddenly all he wanted to do was sleep forever and ever. He could feel the servant using the peacock feather to touch him but he didn't want to move. He just wanted to sleep forever, because he was so tired. Tired and hungry. Have you ever seen God? It was like the prince could see even though his eyes were closed and he could see and feel the servant lying on top of him and chanting and the weight grew heavier and heavier, impossibly heavy, as though a thousand servants were stacked on top of him. But all he wanted to do was sleep. He didn't want to move any more. Have you ever seen God?
I think God is a woman, a woman with a peacock headdress. She gave her only son. Did she have daughters? Did she give her daughters?
T: What about the prince?
K: Prince?
T: The story. Finish the story.
K: I'm tired. Can we finish the story another time?
T: Okay.
K: will you come back and do like I asked?
T: Okay.

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