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Wed Aug 20 13:05:51 1997

The suspect listed in the police report for the stalking is 5 ft 8 in tall. Owens confessed, but according to his New York police report, he is 6 ft 5 in. This doesn't fit.

The suspect for the stalking is 5'8", small of build and wearing dark clothing. So is the unknown person who was seen talking to Dylan. This person was also described as 'pale,' and clean shaven. And according to the witness, and the coroner's report, he is left handed.

Ed Pierce seems to fit this description fairly closely. From his Campus ID, it is noticed that he is rather emaciated, and is wearing dark clothing (which can be a preference, which is common to those with certain similar musical tastes). His height is not listed, so I can make no comparison in that respect. He does have a beard in the photo. I was wondering if in the area of June 2nd he was in fact clean shaven. And also, is he right or left handed?

Other facts interesting in his bio are that he is familiar with English classes. So apparently is the killer, who sent the police poems, and seemed to enjoy Poe. Pierce also works in the computer lab, and most likely has ample access to the type of laser printer suspected of making the notes sent to police. Also notable, he was interested in the theater, as was Val.

As for motive, I'm not sure. But I hope these observations help in some way.

Wed Aug 20 11:50:22 1997

detective, could it possibly be Wendell Haag, the fruit ventor? Purity spoke of fruit alot in her story to Dylan and even mentioned a Banana Peel. Is there anyway you could check this guy out in person, see what he looks like, and how old he is.And where he sets up his Fruit stand!! I think he may be our guy!!!!


Wed Aug 20 01:51:49 1997

Did knight have any student loans out?

Response: No, she did not apply in time for the semester.

Tue Aug 19 20:11:52 1997

i do believe that the man that dylan had given the note to was the abductor and murderer. as kevin had said the boy and man seemed to know each other. did the man live in the neighborhood? it seems as if he did because he was just walking around. the jug was seemed to be a milk jug. is there a store around where the police asked if there had been anyone of that discription at the store? wre the neighbors of that area asked around about the description of the pale white man? was dylan asked about the description of the man? the man probably told dylan that he would deliver the note and then instead placed the note in the book, he didnt have to check out the copy. also who found the note in the book? even if the man didnt have any facial hair, he could have shaved. also, if the "dave" was the abductor, why would pk be writing to him telling him about the game. I think that maybe the abductor also could have just been working outside and frequently visited the sight and also had a regular to come and take care of pk so that he wouldnt be caught. the "dave" knew where pk was being held, because she wrote for him to come and save her. she didnt need to tell directions because he knew where she was at.

Response: No one saw the man other than kevis Stark. Dylan was not able to describe him and has been shown photos of all principals. The note was found by a librarian while reshelving.

Tue Aug 19 16:46:25 1997

Sorry to take up space, but can people please read through the questions before posting their own, too many are being duplicated. Secondly if you are bored then find different sites, i'm sure the majority of people enjoy this site enormously and wonder how the organisers of this site put up with stupid comments and bad manners.

Thanks for the great site! The majority of us think you are doing an amazing job.

Response: Thank you very much. We are looking at ways to deal with objectional comments. We're thinking of registering comment posters so they'll be accountable for comments posted. No fee would be charged. We'd just send a password to their e-mail address, to verify identity.

The objectional comment is gone. We left it online for a few days, to allow freedom of expression.

Tue Aug 19 16:40:16 1997

Has Purity's room mate been cleared of being a suspect? Thanks

Response: Yes. And to make the suspect list more understandable, we are doing a breakdown of alibis and so on this Friday.

Tue Aug 19 15:17:29 1997

Lee Perez's boyfriend Ed said they listened to space music, the same kind that Lee said was on some of the hang ups?
Why haven't you interviewed Richard Howorth?

Response: Howorth is the a successive trustee to Frank Knight's estate. We spoke with him. He is a pleasant elderly gentlemen, with old southern manners.

Mon Aug 18 21:16:19 1997

Who checked out the book or had the book checked out between the time of the note being written and the time the note was discovered?

Response: The book was checked out for 14 days by W. Haag, an area produce vendor. He returned it, but weeks later, a June inventory audit of the Poe section showed it mising. It is expected the book was returned by the person who removed it.

Mon Aug 18 15:58:35 1997

yes, this may be a stupid question..but, here goes.

I have read there was handwriting analysis done on the box and such. was the handwriting on the box compared to each of the suspects? especially Dave Woolworth and Ben?

also, does anyone know where I can find these pictures that Dylan drew? I have been through everything and can't find them.

Response: The writing matches the scrawls in the stone at the crime scene. No match to any persons of interest.
The drawings by the child are at:

To find items, or even answer your own questions, try the search engine. In fact, I'm working on a new engine. Its very powerful. Try it at:

Mon Aug 18 14:04:32 1997

Was the film @ walmart traced to the date purchased. Was the film purchased with credit or check?

Response: Too many purchases of the Walmart film to trace. Its a shame, because they could give us credit data and video timestamped with each transaction.

Mon Aug 18 09:16:52 1997

1. Does David Woolworth have a nickname, or a name by which his students call him behind his back ? e.g. The Owl or something.

Response: Not that we are aware of.

Mon Aug 18 07:59:55 1997

The quote, the book at the library and the fact that the
the victim was buried alive seem to fit together. One of
Poe's short stories actually maybe more deal with individuals being buried alive. Perhaps motifs that are
present in the stories could shed light on the investigation.
Just a comment and suggestion.

Response: Detective Anderson is busy with a Poe site, to examine those themes. Premature burial appears in several of Poes poems and stories. My favorite is The Fall of the House of Usher.

The other Poe motiff present is the death of a young beautiful woman. Seen in many of his tales, The Black Cat comes to mind. Poe, and the Poetic Romantics of the era, felt that the most beautiful thing possible was the death of a young beautiful woman. She never ages, and so is never corrupted. Young forever.

Sun Aug 17 23:32:42 1997

How can that wit Stark have remembered all that stuff in detail about the incident he reported. He knew the victim and could have had an infatuation with her simply from working with her in class. Something is not right about his story.

Response: His interview was credible. He did not have remarkable recall, and could not identify the man at all. He was more aware of the wider picture. A child running and a man intercepted.

Sun Aug 17 17:15:28 1997

I read the contents of Valerie Vilson's diary today and then I concentrated on Purity. My Question is Valerie knew that the parents were strange and people to be feared because of the connection to the church. Purity gave Valerie warnings. In Purity's father's will the church would get every thing if Purity was no longer alive. Two witnesses that signed the will was Gary Owens and Bernie Owens. My question is are these two people related to Mathew Owens that stalked Purity? Is Purity's parents still alive? If they are not alive were these people in charge of the finanical attibutes for Purity? I feel sorry for her. That was a horrible way to die. CalamityA1

Response: The owens listed in Frank Knight's will are no relation to Matthew Owens. Purity's parents are alive.

Sun Aug 17 16:53:39 1997

detective, does Aaron Azeriah always wear glasses?

Response: Yes.

Sun Aug 17 15:59:15 1997

Detective Armstrong,

Could you please write me at insted of


p.s you still haven't solved this case??

Response: Done! Persons can sign up for e-mail notices when we update at

I hope this case will be solved before my birthday, the 1st week in September.

Sun Aug 17 12:52:25 1997

Ifm the note was given to the child, how did it come to be in the library

Response: The book was stolen and returned, probably by the person that Dylan gave the note to. That is the suspected killer.

Sun Aug 17 11:28:32 1997

I would have to agree with others that "Dave" could refer to Armstrong or Woolworth. Either way that person definitely deluded Purity in playing a "game" which turned bad...also this person must have had help (seems too involved for one person). My bet is on Woolworth and Pierce...they are both connected via Ego Shovel and would have had the opportunity...motive???

Sun Aug 17 02:51:02 1997

Have the library records been checked as to who was the last person to check out the book which held the note to "Dave". Could this person have been David Woolworth rather than Dave Anderson?

Response: The book was checked out for 14 days by W. Haag, an area produce vendor. He returned it, but several weeks later, a June inventory of the Poe section showed it mising. It is expected the book was returned by the person who removed it.

Sun Aug 17 01:25:51 1997

I have one question regarding the ransom note. Which chruch was he refering to? The Church of the Avenger or the church near her apartment she shared with Lee.

I feel very strongly that she knew her killer. Not an aquaintance though. Someone who had been around for awhile. Why else would she have allowed herself to be tortured and put in a box. I think the photographs were taken before she was buried and that she really did think she would be let out after awhile. I think the killer intended for her to die though. He never meant for her to come through the ordeal alive.

Response: We suspected the church of the Avenger, because it and the Knights are in Arkansas. Yes, the photos sent were necessarily taken before burial. They are frontal shots. An angle the buried box wouldn't permit.

Sat Aug 16 23:20:53 1997

Did Lee Perez have a boyfriend?

Response: Ed Pierce

Sat Aug 16 21:24:58 1997

well, i was wondering where david was during the hours of the abduction, the note that Purity wrote to "Dave" seemed to implicate him in the murder to me, she was asking him to quit playing the "game" and lets "talk about it". Maybe Dylan gave the note to David, and he's the one who put it in the Edgar Alan Poe i way off base?- Candyo965 {;)

Response: The abduction occured in an interminate time. Both Daves have alibis for the day Knight was last seen alive.

Sat Aug 16 20:49:52 1997

First time on-it was assumed that Purity's note was for Dave Anderson. Could it have been for Dave Woolworth, the professor. His background is interesting and shows a mind that it interested in how and why things work. Could this have been some kind of experiment he dreamed up?

Response: Yes. However, he can account for his time.

Sat Aug 16 10:46:00 1997

Ed pierce has a goatee

Response: Yes.

Sat Aug 16 08:04:21 1997

It sounds like Purity may have willing gone along with being put in the box, because according to the letter she "thought it was some kind of sick game". Why would she subject herself to that?

Also, her reference to Mort the Owl and Franz and Sally in the tape, My theory - Franz is Dylan, Sally is Purity, Mort is Dave Woolsworth. I think Mort is Dave because of the "smart" statement..."Mort was very smart, very very smart, he looked like a regular nice owl and he was very very smart." Does this seem likely?

Also, which suspects had a goatee? Purity refered to Goatee the goat in one of her stories.

Response: Ed had a goatee. So did her father.

That must alter your analysis.

Sat Aug 16 07:37:28 1997

Did anyone check the the Poe book for prints? or the note for that matter?

Response: No prints. Haven't identified any prints belonging to the suspect.

Sat Aug 16 07:25:20 1997

Hello Det.Armstrong,
I'm concerned for the boy Dylyn.Lori Evens doesn't seem to realize how deeply this could and may already have traumatized Dylyn. Ben Archer had made the comment that upon walking closer to the boy in the woods he heard the boy scolding himself. Purity was already dead. Dylyn was upset with himself and may be blaming himself (secretly, since he is so quiet) for her death. There is no telling how long this will haunt him.Short term counceling? and everything will be o.k? I would"nt put money on it. Since he is an introvert would'nt it be a good idea to find someone he can REALLY TALK to in order to express these emotions I am sure he is dealing with.I would think it a tragedy if this child were to carry this as a burden, when something could truly be done now.

Thank you for your time.
I really hope they catch this @#+_*@.
hope to hear more soon

Response: Appreciated.

Sat Aug 16 00:41:14 1997

Dave Anderson was taken off the case for having meetings with knight,right he said he gave her a cat,o.k. if you look in knights date book she met with Anderson to square the books with him,so what did she owe him, and what did she owe it for.D.Allen

Response: She stood him up at the Square Bookstore. There is no debt between them. What are you implying?

Sat Aug 16 00:20:39 1997

Was an interview with the mailman Robby Lainedone? Ask him if he remembers delivering a large manilla envelope sealed with duct tape. I think he will say no

Response: We'll look into that.

Sat Aug 16 00:14:27 1997

I've read references in several places to someone dressing up in a black cape and following Purity around, but only as hearsay. Is there any evidence I can see about this incident? Is there any speculation as to whether this could be connected to the "grim reaper" Dylan Tull drew?

Response: That was mentioned by a guest in a chat room. A member of the Ego Shovel group reported on seeing the victim at the Cooter farm, where the Shovelists gather. He said that a man in gothic makeup and a cape was seen watching her at the party. He was chased away.

This chat was an AOL event. We will soon make the text of these events available via the web site. We apologize for the inconvenience, and encourage you to get a free AOL account and visit the chat or message board areas. KEYWORD=crimescene E-mail us for help setting up your AOL account.

The revenue generated from the chat sessions and message boards is what makes this site available each week.

Sat Aug 16 00:00:01 1997

Does Mort the Owl have any reference to Matt Owens? It caught my attention.

Response: No known connection. Is this because they are nocturnal?

Fri Aug 15 23:58:36 1997

What is on page 54-55 of EA Poe book? Who checked this book out in June and July?

Fri Aug 15 23:22:09 1997

What is on page 54-55 of EA Poe book? Who checked this book out in June and July?

Fri Aug 15 23:06:38 1997

Was Matt Owens identified by the stalking witness at any time?
The statement the witness gave was that the stalker was 5'8"
Matt Owens is over 6' tall.

Fri Aug 15 22:53:52 1997

I really don't know what to ask...but there is just one thing that bothers me about this case.... Even the stalker have a record why would he do it the second time just to get caught? besides his not the one who is talking to the boy.. or is he? please keep me informed.. thank you.good luck too...

Fri Aug 15 20:16:25 1997

Who did Kevin Stark make the delivery to on Fairlawn Drive?
He said the man seen with Dylan had extremely white arms, like he had not been out much, and he also stated that he made deliveries to people who had recently been released from the hospital. Maybe the delivery was made to the home of the man seen with Dylan. What 'cha think?

Fri Aug 15 19:43:33 1997

I think its a little weird that the note that Purity wrote and gave to the boy doesn't contain any details about her being in a box or in the woods or anything. Since the boy had been to see her before and had not brought back help, I wouldn't depend on him to tell the Det. where I was. It's like she assumed that the Det. would know what she was going through.

Fri Aug 15 19:24:53 1997

i have heard through other mistery solvers that this stoy is ture but the place of murder is false. if you could be so kind as to let me know *what is true*. thank you.


Fri Aug 15 18:56:46 1997


Fri Aug 15 18:13:15 1997

Did the sister have a beef with the boyfriend of the other sister?

Fri Aug 15 16:52:32 1997

could you try and respond quicker to the questions that you are asked

Fri Aug 15 15:05:42 1997



Fri Aug 15 13:42:37 1997

Detective Armstrong:

I have a few questions...

1. Did Ed Pierce ask Purity to join Ego Shovel?

2. What did David Woolsworth students call him? Professor Woolsworth or David? Purity called him Dave in her date book.

3. Have you considered that maybe Lee left the message on the machine. She is an actress. Or maybe she hired someone to leave the message i.e., Matthew Owens.

4. Lee could have left the message or made the calls since she had another line.

G 4Gumshoe

Fri Aug 15 12:14:06 1997

1. What are on pages 54 and 55 in the EAPoe book, it seems funny to pick those pages?
2. Does the Uni Library keep records of those who loaned their EAPoe books, and if so can we see the list?
3. Just to clear Kevin Stark of any involvement can we see his delivery log book for the dates surrounding the abduction?

Thanks! Geof from England.

Fri Aug 15 11:49:09 1997

what type of insulation used on box lid

Fri Aug 15 11:36:34 1997

After looking at other questions I know i am not alone in thinking Purity got involved in something she shouldn't have been. I Know quite a bit about witch craft and have friends that know more about santanism than I do. Some of the evidence points to a Satanic Ritual. What did her roomate say about her friends? Did she ever leave the house in the middle of the night, and if she did that might explain why she was tired during Chem.

Fri Aug 15 11:34:24 1997

After looking at other questions I know i am not alone in thinking Purity got involved in something she shouldn't have been. I Know quite a bit about witch craft and have friends that know more about santanism than I do. Some of the evidence points to a Satanic Ritual. What did her roomate say about her friends? Did she ever leave the house in the middle of the night, and if she did that might explain why she was tired during Chem.

Fri Aug 15 11:29:24 1997

what type of religious studies was Purity studing?

Fri Aug 15 10:42:00 1997

With the revelation that two people (Dylan and Kevin, the witness) have seen someone who may be the killer, are they under any kind of protection? Someone this sick may kill again.

BTW, I theorize that the man who took the note from Dylan is the killer because a) who else would have taken the note but not turn it in to the police and b) the fact that the note was found in a book of E.A.Poe and that the killer enjoys leaving clues.

I regret having to go into stereotypes, but as Det. Armstrong probably knows, many stereotypes have some basis in truth (which is why they are stereotypes in the first place). The white arms may be indicative of a person following the alternative "Goth" lifestyle. In this lifestyle (in my experience at least), daytime activity is shunned, and the deathly, vampire-like skin type is admired. This may fit in with Purity's note that says this sick game has gone too far (or words to that effect).

The fantastical gothic world would be full of escapades similar to what has happened to Purity. The fact that this web site exists would even fit it perfectly.

She may have gotten involved with a group of "Gothic" people. Would "Ego Shovel" be considered "Gothic" (similar, perhaps, to Nine Inch Nails)?

Of course, this is a theory. I have a couple of friends of the gothic nature, and find them to be fascinating people.


Fri Aug 15 10:15:33 1997

i beleive dylan should be able to possibly identify the
murder by looking at photos of the could be the same person who said that they would deliver purity's note
to the police.has anyone talked to the librarian to see who has checked out the book. you may just recognize a name.

Fri Aug 15 07:17:54 1997

To assist us "armchair sleuths", could you please list the suspects, their height, and whether or not they smoke? Please include all suspects you have not definitely ruled-out, and, for the record, please include our friend Detective Anderson. Thanks!

Fri Aug 15 03:38:33 1997

I see 3 possible scenarios. The stalking incident. Some male stalking her, which would explain the shoe print, and the photos taken outside of her place and the animal shelter. Her father, being deep into active prolife group. Being a big influence on the group, maybe someone over heard his family despair over Purity and took it into their own hands and wanted her to suffer for what she did. I find this scenario most likely due to the fact that her family life really got worse after her Sister stepped into the picture. And thirdly, I'd check into the Ego Shovel band, but I find this mmost umilkely.

Thu Aug 14 23:58:22 1997

Me and my wife have been reading for 3 and a half hours, tonight.
This is our first night reading this. But We do have a couple of
Question: I was rather curious as to if you would know How Long
had the boy(Dylan) known that she was there before she was discovered
dead? I know it must be at least a couple of days since you said
that the recording was done a couple of days prior to her death.
Also, was there any forced intrey into the house? If Not, I wouldn't
just let anyone into my house that's what I would look into.
We will definitly be back to see the note tomorrow. Curiously,
Amy and Mason

Thu Aug 14 23:35:15 1997

What is Detective Anderson's religious background? Also, how long has he been employed by Yoknapatawpha County? Where is he originally from?
Thank you!
LAllen031 (Lisa)

Thu Aug 14 23:11:18 1997

I'm just curious: are they teaching spelling and grammar in public schools these days?

Response: Those posts, as you see are removed. Not because of the grammar, but because of the number and nature of the comments. Since this is a world wide medium, we expect persons not familiar with English to post.

Thu Aug 14 21:59:20 1997

What happened to the little boy who was seen at the crimescene?

Thu Aug 14 16:34:33 1997

why did the man who found the body seem to be anxious to return to the scene?

Thu Aug 14 00:26:06 1997

Detective: Did the victim and Azeriah meet in Isreal?

If yes, was this during the kibbutz?

Wed Aug 13 18:34:10 1997

I had to re-submit this to make a correction in my direction.

I noticed that in the pictures sent by the abductor, especially #3, it appears that Purity had turned her head to the RIGHT to face the grate & camera. In the photographs of the crimescene (letter "E" I believe)where the box is still underground, the grate is positioned behind the top of her head. How can this be?


Wed Aug 13 18:31:51 1997

Detective Armstrong,

I noticed that in the pictures sent by the abductor, especially #3, it appears that Purity had turned her head to the left to face the grate & camera. In the photographs of the crimescene (letter "E" I believe)where the box is still underground, the grate is positioned behind the top of her head. How can this be?


Wed Aug 13 18:04:36 1997

do you think the "No More" written on the stone was a sort of signature of the killer?

Wed Aug 13 18:02:52 1997

were they killed by the same person?

Wed Aug 13 15:43:44 1997

What time of day was the body found?

Wed Aug 13 15:23:05 1997

The note on the valentine was said to be written by Owens, correct? I noticed that the last time "valentine" is written, it appearslike this..."VALentine" Did owens know Valerie Vilson, too?


Wed Aug 13 14:54:19 1997

Detective Armstrong,

I am relatively new to this investigation and have only one question at this time. I have a question about a piece of information given about the picture. It says that the type of film those pictures were taken with, isn't available in the Oxford area. Has there been any searching as to where the film CAN be found?


Wed Aug 13 14:30:24 1997

How are the names listed on the plane ticket related to the murder of Valerie Vilson?

Tue Aug 12 20:33:28 1997

Was the package that was sent to purity from valerie ever found? If so what did it contain? perhaps the program files that the Giblini brothers were working on?

Response: The package was not recovered. Purity Knight was not connected to the Giblini software dispute which led to the murder of Valerie Vilson.

Mon Aug 11 14:46:33 1997

Is it possible that both Val and Purity staged there deaths in order to get out of the lives they were in and found people that resembled and killed them?

Response: They'd need plenty of help. Not likely.

Mon Aug 11 14:31:36 1997

Was there any evidence like symbols or anything to suggest the possibility of the Cult Ego Shovel involvement in the murder and death of Purity as a part of a sacrifical ritual?

Has the little boy stated how he happened to come across the place where Purity was buried alive and dead? If so how?

Response: Nothing at the scene indicated Ego Shovel's involvement. The boy often played at the cemetary, next to the crime scene. He came across the box on his way to play.

Sat Aug 9 22:01:24 1997

Ok, two questions:

1. Even though the coroner's toxology report was negative, is it suspected that Rophynol was used to "sedate" Purity? It seems plausible considering her apparent resignation with her situation, and you've inquired about it in a couple of your interviews. So is it suspected as being used, regardless of the coroner's report?

2. What is Ed Pierce's alibi for the timeframe in which she disappeared?

-NC gal-

Response: Rophynol passes through the body with two weeks and would not show up on most tests. A hair sample showed indication of previous Rophynol use. So, the possiblity that it was used during her improsonment is plausable.

Sat Aug 9 20:32:56 1997

Has Purity's body been checked for sperm left by the abductor? The reason I ask is because the abductor seems to have a facination with Edgar Allen Poe, and Poe was believed to have been a necrophiliac- he had sex with the bodies of dead women. Isn't it possible the abductor was trying to leave clues for the police to find?

Response: First, we agree that the killer is leaving clues and wants to be found. We expect to oblige him before this happens again. Second, Poe's reputation as a necrophiliac is a myth. In reply to your question. No sperm was found.

Sat Aug 9 19:47:12 1997

I agree with all the comments about it being strange that purity wouldn't tell dylan to go get help or tell him who put her there. i think the missing note may clear some of this up. instead of asking him to go get help, she keeps asking if the little boy "brought what she asked." dylan had alsoe brought her pen and paper an a previous day so she could write a letter to someone. dylan mustve delivered the letter, so he would have some sort of idea who it was for or where it went. that note probably holds a clue to all those questions about why she didnt want anyone to know she was there. she also said "did you see anybody?" which seems sounds more like she didnt WANT anyone to see dylan, not like she wants him to help her out.

Response: Dylan Tull, the boy who found Purity Knight, was directed by the victim to deliver the note. He gave the note to a person he saw on the road running near the crime scene. The man stated he would help. The note, which never made it to authorities, was recovered and will be available Friday, August 15. The man is unidentified

Sat Aug 9 17:40:24 1997

Was purity drugged on anything, was does the medical report say about cause of death?
Had she been druged, if so, how.......that is very important

Response: There was indication of long term drug use. There was no indication she had been drugged in recent weeks.

Sat Aug 9 17:22:19 1997

Did the little boy ask purity why she was in the box? or who put her there? or why didnt she have him go and get help? I just dont understand that part.

Response: The boy probably asked those questions, but has not told us what Knight said. We are certain that she asked him for help. He emphaticly stated he told his mother, and that he gave the note to a man.

His mother does not recall that her son ever told her about the situation. The man, on the other hand, was seen talking to Dylan. There is a poor description of this man. He is white, under 6 feet, medium build. This rules out Rohleen, Owens, McPhail, and Woolworth.

Sat Aug 9 16:52:32 1997

The photos I found very disturbing and I feel as though the abducter shows his loss of emotion threw his victim. I agree with another commenter that it could be someone from the family because only a family member could be able to show that anguish or dellusionment and have it appear so like his own. Basically a crime is a cry for help and he must have had to know the victim very well to make her cry in his place.

Sat Aug 9 16:44:26 1997

Does the tape of her , her being in the ground? or
where does it take place? b/c in the last part of
the tape it seems the boy shut somthing.

Response: On the recording, there is a sound of what may be the lid closing at the end. Rain can also be heard as well as a almost constant drip of water. The recording was made in the last days of her captivity underground.

Sat Aug 9 16:41:51 1997

I feel that the abductor is really enjoying himself and wants to be noticed for it . The whole deal with the teacher bringing up the cult stuff just makes it seem as though he's not telling the whole truth. What I'd like to know is if the teacher has an alibi?

Response: Woolworth was at a conference in Chicago.

Sat Aug 9 16:13:32 1997

Could it be possible that the killer is a family member?
Perhaps the killer knew the relationship between the two
girls because he/she was close.

Response: The Knight family has been cleared. They were involved in numerous church activities. They have many witnesses.

Sat Aug 9 10:52:41 1997

Why in the world didn't Purity have Dylan go to the police for help? During the time she was telling him those stories, the police could have been there and had her released.

Response: She sent the boy with a note to police. More on this Friday, August 15.

Sat Aug 9 04:34:12 1997

After hearing that tape, did you check and see if there was anyone, friend or aquaintance, named or nick-named Morty??

Response: No known Morty, Mort, or Morton.

Sat Aug 9 04:14:43 1997

I think this could have been a way of PK to reach another world to contact Valerie (the story about the prince and wanting to find the lady w/the peackock head dress) .. it could involve the cult trying to help her .. after all, why didn't she ask Dylan to go to the police and tell them about her if she was being held captive?

Response: The assited suicide theory is being looked into. It is a theory advanced first on the comments pages. Should anything develop, people like yourself can take credit.

Sat Aug 9 02:22:51 1997

We need some info about Det. Anderson. He backed out of this to easily. Why did he say he felt Purity had no intention of harming herself or others. That wasn't even an option at the time he said it. I wonder if there wasn't more to their relationship then he choose to tell.
Also was the info that Valarie is alive and living in Petaluma, Ca. and that Det. Armstrong is really Tom Arriola meant to give us some clues or does it mean nothing to the Purity case.
When does someone give some answers to these questions???? Thank you, JanniAnn

Response: Anderson has told the truth about his involvement with Knight. We believe him.

As for someone else being myself, Det. Armstrong. That'd be nice. Maybe I can get Tom Arriola to answer these comments.

Seriously, there are Valerie Vilson's listed in every state. The Vilson sighting in California was reported by a tabloid over a year ago. Arriola has served as webmaster for this site since its inception three years ago. His roommate was Valerie Vilson and it was his novel way to help.

Sat Aug 9 00:57:41 1997

On the tape what is the noise in the background? It sounds like a drum. Before this incident where there any other crimes that resembled any cult involvement?

Response: Water dripping, is what we think it is.

Sat Aug 9 00:21:01 1997

I had a dream about this, Is this a real crime, and in my dream the theme dealt with occult activities about trees and the believe in killing to turn into the spirit of the tree, to kill again and consume the spirit of something else until the ultimate is achieved

Response: Information about the reality of this site is available here.

The dream sounds awful.

Fri Aug 8 20:13:51 1997

What time did the murder happen??

Response: The time of death was shortly after midnight, June, 8.

Fri Aug 8 18:13:08 1997


Fri Aug 8 17:45:55 1997

At first i thought the suicide idea was a bit far-fetched, but after listening to the audio tape it gave me the idea of few possible ideas. If you listen to to the story carefully you will hear the story has a lot of personal attachment to Purity and her life. For instance in the story the "prince" was told by his father (purity's parents???) not to leave the castle (Mountain Home??) because he would be safe there (...purity's parent's were probably very protective and didn't let purity go out much..) but the prince went exploring (purity going to europe, ect or spending time with Valerie) and he saw this woman who he longed to be with (Valerie perhaps?? becuase she helped purity to find herself and be strong ....) but then she Vanished( here in the tape purity says something like "do you know what it's like, the only person who ever knew you gone" so that part in the story could signify Valerie's murder and how devastated purity was) So the boy finds this guy who knows "magic" and could make so he and the woman could be together (perhaps purity could see valerie again...) but he would have to lose his sense of smell (maybe in order to see Valarie purity would have to give her life) So perhaps this person who knew "magic" was someone who "Assisted" purity with suicide(someone from Ego Shovel ??), like helped her build the box ect....and she wanted to die that way...But it's just a theory...

Response: And an excellent theory at that. We appreciate the thought and analysis.

Fri Aug 8 17:22:09 1997


Response: Both women are deceased.

Fri Aug 8 17:18:53 1997

Detective Armstrong:

Has a handwriting analysis been done on the "Edgar Allen
Poe" note? If so...what where the results?


Kelly Patrick

Response: The Poe note was typed.

Fri Aug 8 16:12:57 1997

There have been some good questions asked in the last few days. Can we get some responses soon?

Response: We answer weekly.

Fri Aug 8 14:57:46 1997

Which way was the peak of the pyramid facing?

Response: Into the woods.

Fri Aug 8 14:52:46 1997


What was your involvement with PK? What was all the hub-bub with you and your boss and being taken off the case a few weeks ago? I never was able to check the site to find out.

Response: Anderson was removed because he failed to notify me that he had a past friendship with the victim. This came to light when his name showed up in the victim's datebook.

Fri Aug 8 12:39:23 1997

Whatt significance does the phase "Alcazan de las Naranjas", have and what occured on Feb 2nd 2 yrs ago?

Response: An online language translator tells us that Alcazan de las Naranjas is a palace of oranges. The phrase appears in the recording made by Dylan Tull.

Valerie Vilson was found dead April 2, 1995. The date appears in the victim's datebook.

Fri Aug 8 12:04:37 1997

You mentioned she had several one-night stands with bar regulars. Can you release their names????

Response: Sorry. I can, however, confirm that she was promiscuous. Her dates were checked out.

Fri Aug 8 10:48:11 1997

Det. Armstrong,
If Purity Knight, held captive in a box in the ground, had met this young man and could speak to him, why did she not tell him to bring help, or who put her there, or call police, or anything? If I were in her shoes at the point in time where he was recording the thing, or even before that, I'd tell him to call the cops, So-And-So put me here, help help help, etc. Why didn't she ask him to help her and get the police?

Response: She asked him to take a note to get help. She also asked him to tell his mother. He did both. His mother ignored him and the note may have been intercepted.

Fri Aug 8 10:31:32 1997

Why did the boy (Dylan) not tell anyone That he had found Purity?

Response: He told his mother.

Fri Aug 8 08:57:05 1997

Was the personal information regarding Dylan's grandmother
blocked out at her request (which is a reasonable one, I might add), or do you, Detective Armstrong, believe there is any danger or significance directly related to her and her whereabouts? If so, I take it it does not apply to Dylan's mother.


Response: Dylan and his mother are safe with relatives in the hill country here. Strangers aren't welcome out there, and are easily noticed.

Fri Aug 8 07:57:18 1997

I noticed that Purity got the safety deposit box the day after she recieved the check from Aaron. Is it possible she used it to keep the money. And also that maybe, she was taken to the bank by the abductor,and left something there as a clue.....have any of the bank employees been questioned if Purity was alone or how she was acting that day?

Response: Knight probably did keep the money there. No one noticed and duress while she visited the box.

Fri Aug 8 07:43:41 1997

Do you think that this Murder is a sick secret admirer,or it maybe a family member.Also the place where she was Buried had to have been prepared quite sometime before.Alot of time was taken to prepare the box i.e.the place cut out to breathe?And the grass grown on the hill. Thanks,

Response: Much time was taken. The killer is unstable.

Fri Aug 8 04:11:24 1997


Re Purity's change of clothes. Since we know that Purity was allowed to change clothes at least once ...

1. Has it been established whether the clothes she was found in actually belonged to her ?

2. If so, was this the outfit she was wearing when abducted ?

If the clothes did not belong to her, it is possible they were bought specially, in which case it may be worth tracking down the retailer. If the clothes were hers, but not what she was wearing when taken, it would seem likely that the abductor had easy access to her personal possessions ( Ed, Lee, who else ?)

Thank you for your time.


Response: 1-They were her clothes.
2-She was found in clothes other than those she was last seen wearing. She may have packed a small bag when she disappeared.

Fri Aug 8 00:00:12 1997

Im new, help me.

Response: The best thing to do is go to the detective files and click around to determine what has transpired.

Thu Aug 7 21:48:11 1997

Hello,I'd like to see some interviews with some students in the same class of Purity (profs too).I'd like to see some interviews with some of Purity's best friends.
Have a nice day.

Response: Will do.

Thu Aug 7 21:24:04 1997

how long have you been working on this case? do you think the boyfriend was involved in both of the murders seeing that the two victims were sisters?

Response: This case has been active since April, 1997. No connection to the Vilson case has been proven.

Thu Aug 7 20:42:50 1997

What is on the ground to left of Dylan in the second photograph??

Response: There is trash on the ground. Most people have not seen the second image. It is available here.

Thu Aug 7 19:35:01 1997

how long was she dead when she was found?

Thu Aug 7 18:53:59 1997

It seems that Owens was not the only one stalking Purity. His testimony and Lee's testimony do not match up (for example, he said that he called infrequently, while she said it was daily). Have any phone records turned up? Have any of the numbers that Valerie noticed from Arkansas and MS on her caller ID been associated with suspects?

Thu Aug 7 18:47:23 1997

What was Briana's (Valerie's roommate's) surname?

Thu Aug 7 18:41:49 1997

Purty Knight was the sister of valarie Vilson. Is it posible for purty to have walked in on Valarie during the murder but not have saw anything? And there for the killer may have thought she saw something but didn't so decided to kill her just to be safe? Can you tell me the similaritys in this case?

Brandie Kagey

Thu Aug 7 16:30:07 1997

checked out the new site for Ego Shovel...seems that Dave Woolwoth is more connected than thought - will there be another interview with him to talk more about his expedition in 1993(personal research) and what "help" he had given Ego Shovel in getting that artifact Benben.....also what other people are they referring to about using it for other purposes?...Andy

Thu Aug 7 14:30:51 1997

am cult hello, pic, words little boy his pic, pymaird, its all a cult thing, just telling u . see about there friends ask them, about cults in that town.... rl95

Thu Aug 7 13:22:19 1997

For what reason has the father been ruled out as a suspect? How did you rule out incest? Do you feel that the father was jealous of daughter Purity and her 'boyfriends'. Isn't it possible he could have been responsible for the planning and style of her death, yet had someone else carry out the actual acts?

Thank you, JanniAnn

Thu Aug 7 13:22:16 1997

For what reason has the father been ruled out as a suspect? How did you rule out incest? Do you feel that the father was jealous of daughter Purity and her 'boyfriends'. Isn't it possible he could have been responsible for the planning and style of her death, yet had someone else carry out the actual acts?

Thank you, JanniAnn

Thu Aug 7 13:12:36 1997

Is this a real life situation? Very curious because i am an investigator myself and would like to use my ability. Just graduated from school and will be ready to work in two weeks. Thanks.

Thu Aug 7 12:24:31 1997

I dont think David Woolworth is his real name, or that he uses several different names what do you think??

Thu Aug 7 09:36:30 1997

Why did'nt PK use the markers to write and tell us who her killer was? She could of wrote inside on the coffin.
And, why did she have the markers to begin with?

Thu Aug 7 08:42:30 1997

Reply to Ntlc (Barb):

Your posting and my reply about Snuff films is under the folder FAMILY, FRIENDS, ETC..The title of your posting is Snuff and my reply is posted following .

Intershade's posting,Not Someone Form Mtn. Home, is posted in the REWARD-The Best theory Wins a TShirt folder.

As of 08/07/97,0933 EST they were all in order..
See ya at chat!!


Thu Aug 7 08:41:52 1997

Reply to Ntlc (Barb):

Your posting and my reply about Snuff films is under the folder FAMILY, FRIENDS, ETC..The title of your posting is Snuff and my reply is posted following .

Intershade's posting,Not Someone Form Mtn. Home, is posted in the REWARD-The Best theory Wins a TShirt folder.

As of 08/07/97,0933 EST they were all in order..
See ya at chat!!


Thu Aug 7 08:41:11 1997

Reply to Ntlc (Barb):

Your posting and my reply about Snuff films is under the folder FAMILY, FRIENDS, ETC..The title of your posting is Snuff and my reply is posted following .

Intershade's posting,Not Someone Form Mtn. Home, is posted in the REWARD-The Best theory Wins a TShirt folder.

As of 08/07/97,0933 EST they were all in order..
See ya at chat!!


Thu Aug 7 07:09:48 1997

I was looking for my Theory and also Intershades, neither one of them can be found. Is there a reason for this. Please let me know. Barb

Thu Aug 7 03:09:38 1997

I think the EP theory is the best so far,this case has cult written all over it...Has anyone else analyzed the drawings by the little boy?? the robed figures suggest more than one person, also, the dog figure could rep. a real dog or a werewolf type creature (ie: man with lots of facial hair) the writing above her head could have been done by 2 people, if it is left and right hand there anyway to have condensed versions of the aol nightly chats posted...(the ones with guest ??) also, since I am on the west coast, is there anyway of doing any of those later?? Sorry, so many questions...hope its decipherable, Keep up the awsome

Wed Aug 6 21:31:33 1997

Is there instructions? If not what is this crime scene about? Do you win a prize if u solve the mystery?

Wed Aug 6 21:05:39 1997

the youngster plays a vital role in this senario :
(1) he is found crying next to the burial plot!
(2) it was not completley covered inabling Archer to see
(3) did the kid find the grave open ? or was he sorry for what he had did and was oncovering her to let her out
remember there was a airway.

I guess we will have to wait untill friday for these questions to be possibly answered

Wed Aug 6 19:51:35 1997

is there a interrview with dylan anywhere? I also believe there
was a tie between the room mate and her boyfriend ed

Wed Aug 6 19:51:28 1997

is there a interrview with dylan anywhere? I also believe there
was a tie between the room mate and her boyfriend ed

Wed Aug 6 18:48:30 1997

Is it possible that this murder is related to the church that
the Knights attend? It seems like all evidence points directly
at that church. Any information on this subject would be helpful.

Wed Aug 6 18:45:53 1997


Is it possible that this murder is related to the church that
the Knights attend? It seems like all evidence points directly
at that church.

Wed Aug 6 18:43:37 1997


Is it possible that this murder is related to the church that
the Knights attend? It seems like all evidence points directly
at that church.

Wed Aug 6 18:42:19 1997


Is it possible that this murder is related to the church that
the Knights attend? It seems like all evidence points directly
at that church.

Wed Aug 6 17:54:18 1997

I am new to this crimescene on the Hub. I would like to know if I could recieve all information that you have released on this case, or show me how I can find it. I would also like to know what happend with the boy that was found near P.K. burried body.

Wed Aug 6 17:48:59 1997

I would like to know more about the boy that was from
the camp, and what he had to say about his reason for
being there.
Thank You,

Wed Aug 6 16:33:41 1997

Looking at the Ego Shovel Mailing List, it is obvious that Ed Pierce was lying about barely knowing Purity Knight, and that the "space music" they occasionally listened to together was that of Ego Shovel. Are there any plans to question Mr. Pierce again in the future?

Wed Aug 6 16:05:51 1997

I will be very "brief", when i when to tools and reality check it notified me.......after intense viewing and case study that it is fictional.......So just so I am not mistaking what could be construde as a tremendously animalistic form of torture on another human being or any living thing as that may go.........tell me.....this was fictional ? To learn from ? I would just like to be sure as I am a big crime buff and fictional author myself...and if in actuality this is a type of game.......bravo on your clues....and is there a true answer present between the lines ?

Wed Aug 6 14:22:10 1997

do you know were purity cashed the $10,000.00 check and was it at her local bank and if it was did she take all cash or did she ask for money orders to pay student bills.

what was the last entry of her check book and what was the date of the last transaction?

at the time of her death did the balance in her checking/savings accounts match what she had in the bank?


Wed Aug 6 14:17:47 1997

can you release the contents of pk's stomach to determine what here last meal might have been and if the food found was from a local source.


Wed Aug 6 14:10:29 1997

Just asking again, since my question wasn't answered on July 22nd. Were the people in the photograph, (photo taken in Spain) ever identified? Apparently they were uncooperative, but what caught my eye was the female in the photo, in the middle. She looks exactly like the drivers license photo of Lisa Wood. Wood was apparently missing around the same time as this photo was taken. Wood was also uncooperative and has dissapeared from any part of these investigations. Could she be linked somehow? AJ

Wed Aug 6 10:26:21 1997

Are there any key suspects

Wed Aug 6 09:59:44 1997

new Ego Shovel website:

Wed Aug 6 05:44:43 1997

have you tried questioning the owner of the forest that purity was found in to see if he noticed anything suspicious in the previous months to the murder

Wed Aug 6 00:31:05 1997

In the chat session w/ Bonnie Toll, when asked her babysitter's name she said Heather, then in the interview she said her name was Teresa, which is it or is she lying about having a sitter?


Wed Aug 6 00:13:45 1997

Det.Armstrong have you attempted to have the murderer profiled? This case has so many profiling details, here is what I think. Your killer is a male white, approximately 25 to 35 years old. Above average intelligence, possibly college educated. He is a loner by choice who has a grudge against females. Purity Knight resembled a significant other in his life, possibly an overbearing mother. This indiviual has an organized personality and most likely resides in the area of the murder. He may have changed jobs or moved from the area after the murder. His torture of Knight shows his hatered towards females, he was probably rejected by females while in high school. You have probably interviewed this indiviual in the course of your investigation.

Tue Aug 5 23:25:46 1997

What was your relationship with the victim?
The date book indicated a meeting at noon, Lunch?
The last entry indicated books. What did she mean by books? Did you give her books?

Has anyone determined the significance of April 2nd?

Tue Aug 5 21:56:40 1997

You could try asking her philosophy professor about anyone who might have liked Purity from afar. I think this person loved her and was rejected. Or maybe check on her professer himself.

Tue Aug 5 20:01:26 1997

OK no Q just a comment...people look at other Q and A before asking the same thing over and over again...I don't like reading the same q 20 times... And brief???? Thats a joke here !!!!!

Response: We're laughing too. Brief would be nice.

Tue Aug 5 19:18:48 1997

Under the assumption something new might hit me by looking
again, I rechecked Ego Shovel's web page, and it has been
changed. Those of you who haven't checked it lately, go
look...the site reveals that the Ego Shovel DOES have a
strong, er..."appreciation" for pyramids, after all...

-NC gal-

Response: The site address is

Tue Aug 5 19:10:31 1997

What I want to know is who is Scott McCoy? I was using the evidence search and I came up with an interview from this Scott McCoy. The only funny thing about this interview is that it is identical to Johnny McPhail. So was Scott McCoy at typo? By the way that was the only thing I found on this Scott person.
Please advise.

Response: You found a test or template file. There are lots of things you can get to with that search tool. Some you don't belong in! Sorry.

Tue Aug 5 18:48:15 1997

about the third photo... I am still kinda confused ,how was this photo taken?? was it while she was under gound??? also, the 2 pieces to the box , how far away from each other were they?? It appears that they were a short distance from each other, why not
side by side ? were there any other holes that could explain the mouth in the ground the boy drew in his first picture??

Response: The head on shot was likely done while above ground--due to camera angle. This would be before the air tube was attached. The others seem to be from a higher, above ground angle.

Tue Aug 5 15:54:28 1997

If Purity is religous and studied it AND philosophy why does she drink and have premarital sex (as she states in her diary). It is a contradiction!

Response: Yes.

Tue Aug 5 15:50:20 1997

I wrote a few lines earlier and now that I read thru some of the responces of others I'd like to add this. I think that the Killer loved her, in his own sick way. I think he was rejected by her or he felt rejected, maybe he had a crush from afar. Mybe the knife was used to cut the sappling tree. Perhaps to illistrate the killing of what appears to be young and strong, or to frighten a young boy who happened apon a gruesome scene.

Response: Appreciated.

Tue Aug 5 15:38:03 1997

why wasn't the boy interviewed? I think that the person on the answering machine new about Purity's abortion and rape. I also think that it wasn't the first time Purity got a message like that. It seems like he feels guilty about what he's done otherwise why would he say it was Detective Armstrongs fault if he didn't find her. I think the killer is someone who major's in litterature or philosiphy.

Response: You will hear more from the boy on Friday.

Tue Aug 5 15:23:31 1997

i know it won't help the investigation but do you think the knife buried at the scene could have been used to do the writting on the rock (PK _NO MORE) and if so i'm sure you checked it for fingerprints. great site.

Response: It was used on the tree, not the stone.

Tue Aug 5 15:10:51 1997

What kind of printer do Purity's parents have w/ their computer?

Response: They have a dot-matrix printer. Radio Shack.

Tue Aug 5 10:42:07 1997

I thik that the boy that drew the pictures might have been sighted by the killer and threatened not to tell anyone about it. I think that is what the ssecond picture is about. It was a picture of Purity in the jaws of a beast. This might have been the way for him to show he saw the killer. I also belive he had talked to Purity and when he found her dead, he was crying about it, like in Archers story.

Tue Aug 5 09:34:33 1997

An observation: It's not likely Aaron Azeriah killed PK. Lenders usually don't kill the borrowers if they want to see their money again. Also, they tend to make more direct physical threats, sometimes to the borrower's friends and family. What PK went through indicates something deeper and more personal.

Sun Aug 3 20:55:21 1997

Why is no one answering the questions being asked?

Response: I read the comments daily. I shall endeavor to post answers more frequently.

Sun Aug 3 19:33:55 1997

Why not hire someone to answer the questions/follow up on possible leads? Police forces often have someone who does nothing but handles inquiries.

Response: Leads developed from the commnts page are followed daily. We pay close attention to the page. Presently, the comments are answered at least weekly. It requires the attention of lead investigators, and cannot be done by employes.

Sun Aug 3 17:53:08 1997

I understand that one of the people was a known stalker I want know the background of Dave woolworth, criminally, work history, and if he has ever been in trouble for sexual harassment.

Response: Matthew Owens harrassed a woman previously. He confessed to stalking Purity Knight.

You can find out about Matthew Owens, Professor Woolworth, and others on the Biography Page. Woolworth has no criminal history.

Sun Aug 3 17:04:23 1997

Was the boyfriend Jake asked about Purity"s abortion
and the rape? Seems like as a religious zealot he may have become incensed by her betrayal(baby killing)
and may have wanted her to contemplate her crime(s)
before death.

Response: Jake Rohleen's interview dealt with that issue.

Sun Aug 3 13:30:55 1997

Ed Pierce is an Art student - Have you checked if the professional film used in taking the photographs, after the abduction, can be linked to any of his art classes?


Response: Th Ole Miss Art department exclusively uses a consumer-grade 35mm film, Kodak Tri-X. This type film does not match any of the photographs from the case.

Sun Aug 3 12:57:13 1997

A Poem by Edgar Allan Poe


There are some qualities-some incorporate things,
That have a double life, which thus is made
A type of that twin entity which springs
From matter and light, envinced in solid and shade.
There is a twofold Silence --sea and shore--
Body and Soul. One dwells in lonely places,
Newly with grass o'ergrown, some solemn graces,
Some human memories and tearful lore,
Render him terrorless: his name's "No More."
He is the corporate Silence: dread him not!
No power hath he of evil in himself,
But should some urgent fate (untimely lot!)
Bring thee to meet his shadow (nameless elf,
That haunteth the lone regions where hath trod
No foot of man), commend thyself to God!

Response: Thank you. Appreciated. The "No More", etched in stone at the crime scene, may have come from this poem.

Sun Aug 3 10:45:53 1997

At the crime scene, there was a poem that was found. It was orignally from an Edger Allen Poe Poem called "Dream", and I believe it should have some relevance to the person who wrote it. Here it is in it's entirety:

In visions of the dark night
I have dreamed of joy departed
but a waking dream of life & light
Hath left me broken hearted

Ah! what is a dream by day
To him whose eyes are cast
On things around him with a ray
Turn back upon the past?

That holy dream-that Holy dream
While all the world were chiding
Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
A lonely spirit guiding

What through the light, thro' storm and night,
So trembled from afar
What could there be more purely bright
In truths-day star

Response: The phrase, "purely bright", in the next to last line sounds like Purity Knight.
Do you note any clues in the poem?

Sun Aug 3 10:27:12 1997

I have several questions so here we go.
1. Who reported Purity missing and did the police ever receive any notes from the kidnapper in late March or early April? (maybe I missed a few things, I have only been following this for a litttle while now)
2. Did the police ever get phone records for Purity's and Lee's phones. That would be two phone records. They each had their own phone lines.
3. Were any of the men who were interviewed or questioned asked about thier shoe size? Do any of the men own athletic shoes and if so, what name brand?
4. Is there any relation between Matthew Owens and Gary & Bernie Owens? These two signed on Franks Knights will. Owens is not a very common last name.
5.In Jake R's interview he stated that he has a girlfriend named Caitlin and that it's very serious. What I want to know is, where is Caitlin originally from, is she as religious as Jake? There is a Caitlin Davies on the Ego Shovel mailing list and again Caitlin is not a very common name. Jake did not say what her last name is, so maybe they are one and the same person.

6. What was Purity's date book doing in her safety deposit box and how did it get there? If she had dates filled in all through March and up to April 2nd, you would think that she would keep the date book with her. Her last visit to the safety deposit box was on March 3rd. This is something to really think about about. Were any of the bank employee's checked out.

Sorry for so many questions but I figured I'll get all done in one shot.

Response: A great way to answer tough questions is to try the Crime Scene Search Engine.

1-Lee Perez reportd her missing.
2-Yes, the odd calls were made from 3 different pay phones on the Oxford Town Square. Aside from that, the victim made numerous calls home.
3-The shoeprints match Matthew Owens.
4-The Owens on Frank Knight's will are no relation to Matthew Owens.
5-Caitlin Davies is not Rohleen's girlfriend. She is from Jackson, Misissippi.
6-No known answer.

Sun Aug 3 09:15:38 1997

Who is the Paul Klinger that Perez wrote a letter to on 2/17/97? Says he was another student. What was their relationship? Has he been questioned? What was the letter regarding. His initials are PK.

Response: Paul Klinger is a school friend of Perez's. He has no car and would have a difficult time committing the crime.

Sun Aug 3 02:04:48 1997

Item 3 (photo with Purity clutching screen): It appears there's daylight coming from the top of the box. If she had been fully buried, there would be no light present except for the light coming from where the abductor took the picture ( which is in front of her). Common sense would dictate the lighting in the photo is all wrong. That makes me believe that she might not have been really buried at the time of the photo. What do you think?

Response: There was a light and power cord in the box. It was illuminated from within.

Sun Aug 3 01:58:48 1997

i would like to know what size and style of shoe joey wears. and what is his alibi?

Response: Joey Shenton, a friend of Valerie Vilson's, is in Chicago. The shoeprints belonged to Matthew Owens.

Sun Aug 3 00:01:58 1997

I was wondering if it is known if the victim Purity Knight had a relationship with a troubled man that recently ended. Any hints as to who the stalker may have been?

Response: The victim had no steady relationships, but several one night stands with bar regulars--all individuals checked out.
Matthew Owens was arrested for stalking the victim.

Sat Aug 2 22:58:53 1997

In the boy's first drawing there appears to be an object in the bushes at the bottom of the pic looks like it could possibly be a heart....? Also is that the outline of a car in the upper Left hand corner of the picture? and what looks to be a puddle nest to the coffin appears to have a hand pointing out of it......? also I see the Letters written on the picture and some other words which look like NO MEAS....what do they mean? I know that PK stands for Purity Knight.

Response: The items in the drawing are all subject to interpretation. Perhaps the letters, are actually, NO MORE

Sat Aug 2 21:21:13 1997

Is there a photo of victim in box?

Response: Yes, that photograph exists. It is not available at this time. Sorry.

Sat Aug 2 20:53:59 1997


Response: 1-Vilson had no religious affiliations. Knight was connected to the Ego Shovel cult.
2-There as little communication between Vilson and her birth parents.

Sat Aug 2 20:11:43 1997

Can you give me advanced info. so that people in the chat room can start talking to me? Because they ignore me and tell me that I don't know nothing! That hurt my feelings and I was just wondering if you could help me, please! Thanx!!!

Response: First, for those that don't know, we maintain an access point to the Crime Scene via AOL (keyword: crimescene). They view the same information as everyone else, but also have access to AOL only chatrooms and a messageboard.

So to answer the question, everyone has the same information. However, you can get an e-mail message giving a preview of our weekly updates here.

As for rudeness, send me their screennames and I'll give them a old fashioned, Misissippi lesson in manners.

Sat Aug 2 19:58:46 1997

On the view 12 images page which shows the film from the stalker's camera, why are there only 10? Where are the other 2 photos?

Response: They came out 100% black.

Sat Aug 2 19:12:37 1997

oh yeah, by the you have any idea what the letter was in the drawing? i dont remember hearing about a letter found in or by the coffin. thats all.

Response: More on the letter this Friday, August 8.

Sat Aug 2 19:09:57 1997

After looking at the pictures drawn by Dylan, i noticed that the first one shows a little boy (most likely dylan himself) kneeling by purity's coffin. the picture shows that the lid used in the coffin is off and is lying on the ground by the coffin and boy. could this mean that dylan had actually seen purity when she was alive and out of the box/coffin thing, or maybe he had taken the lid off himself before ben archer found the thing? and as someone else already mentioned, you can see a little dog-type thing on the bottom of the picture (ben archer's dog?). he should be questioned of both these facts.

*** intermission...everyone can get up and walk around!! *** okay, in the second picture, there's a letter and a drawing of purity in the box thingy next to the grill (a different angle than the first drawing where he's kneeling). to me, this shows that dylan had seen the box from a few different angles, so maybe he had visited the site a few times or more. also, it looks like an owl in the top of the picture. dylan may have visited during the night (most likely when the killer would have gone to the site -dark, not as easily seen- so maybe dylan saw the killer from afar while there)

alright, only one more thing...i promise!!! the second picture shows purity by the grill thing in almost the exact same position as the polaroid given to police. dylan's picture, purity is still alive, which leads me to believe he may have had contact with her before her death.

great site guys!!

Response: Thanks for your observations. Very astute. Look for more this week.

Sat Aug 2 15:04:41 1997

1. Have the local hardware shops and other establishments been checked for purchases of wood, the same as the box ?

Just a thought, but where is the CAT now ?

Geof from England

Response: The box was made from common materials and scrap. The cat is back with Anderson.

Sat Aug 2 11:01:25 1997

Was the murder site vehicle-accessible? If not, how far away from the scene is Burgess Road? (The map either doesn't indicate road names or the road names are way too small to be legible.)

-That gal from NC-

Response: The site was 400 yards from a road. There were no recent car tracks.

Sat Aug 2 10:13:21 1997

There are min.2 people involved..someone who knows animals..this person hates cats..views them as evil..knows nature..the man has a mild manner in person ..very detailed in his personal life..can be offended easy with wood..tracings can be found..she knew the person that did this..trusted them..but unknown to her offended him..are there any cat remains in area?

Response: No cat remains, bodies, have been found.

Sat Aug 2 09:35:36 1997

In the 3-d tour it shows pictures..the 1st of her in the box...almost looks like she has a light on inside the box, thus the highlights on her arm

also..."no more bitch"...
is that in her handwriting, has it been analyzed yet..perhaps she wrote that message to tell her murderer/co-hort in crime to stop

perhaps a sacrifice to the church, perhaps a ritual to cleans her of her sins, a punishment for her supposed abortion, ...who knows...but, i dont think it has anything to do with money as that is too obvious and trackable

Response: The photos of the victim, used in the 3-D tour, were sent to investigators by the abductor.
As for lighting, a light fixture and cord were in the box.
The writing in the box was done with right and left hands.

Sat Aug 2 09:14:10 1997

After looking again and again, i can find no clue as to how a boy, and the man that found her can see down a hole that is over a yard deep, and see the head of a woman that is laying in the center of the middle of a 3 ft wide coffin. also where did the sheet and the plastic come prior pictures I see neither of those two items

also the boys picture shows a dog...looking at the site...
did the boy see the man and dog at the site before the day the body was found

the pictures supposedly drawn by the boy seem to have things added to them such as the skull chained to the post and "ghost" figures flying in the air...

his pictures also represent her being inside a tree form..not in the ground

in one of the pictures it shows her supposedly alive, hand clutched to something..what is it?

in that same picture she is not screaming out as if in pain or agony...the picture almost portrays a faint smile...if anything...but to me does not portray fear or pain and her hair is brushed back, but looks dirty

has anyone determined where the box came from

Response: 1-The box's above-ground portal had just enough angle to allow inspection of the victim from above.
2-Much information regarding the boy will be released this week.
3-The box was handmade with common wood and scraps.

Sat Aug 2 08:31:32 1997

Well those pic really siding with a cult, look at those pic, there is something wrong with that little boy, friends of the little boy and the dead girl , talk to there friends, ask about cults and see what is said. words left a the crime scren wake up its a cult, its black power, thats evil cult,

Sat Aug 2 08:09:08 1997

This little boy, how old, and does this crime have anything to do with cult. little boy is there is something wrong with him like mental. Thats really strange to see pics be drawn from a little boy.

Response: He is 9 and is a very lonely boy.

Sat Aug 2 00:29:15 1997

Detective Armstrong,how would you describe your friend Detective Anderson in his work.....have u noticed any signs of depression shown by him....and lastly how much of the evidence has he seen......could you by any chance(before taking him off the case)have given him any material or even clue searching assignments to do......i would lastly seek information on the victim's roommates surroundings,her habits and the facilities available at the site at which she works....

your help is highly appreciated,

Response: The victim's roommate has been checked out, with no red flags. Detective Anderson still has inside knowledge of the case and access to the files. He is a trusted member of the staff here.

Sat Aug 2 00:05:16 1997

Respected sir,
a few questions have proped up and i would grateful if u could answerr them.....firstly could u please explain what was the actual cause of death...was it starvation or strangulation.....secondly,the photos sent by the murderer depict the victim staring out of a grill.....two thing here.....firstly the vitim in the photo dosn't look like the actual victim and secondly where does that grill lead to??What puzzles also is the manner in which the body was found......according to the crime scene pictures,the victim was found in a wooden my question is how did the victim land up in the box if in the photos sent by the murderer,she was not in any form of covering........lastly the witness Ben Archer who found the body says that the boy witness was standing next to the site...cursing or scolding himself....what was he saying...

i would be obliged if u could reply as soon as possible,

Response: 1-Death due to: Starvation and exposure. The victim is pictured.
2-I think the box can be explained via the 3-d tour.
3-Inormation on the boy this Friday.

Fri Aug 1 23:04:11 1997

What size shoe does Johnny McPhail wear?

Response: McPhail wears Size 11. The shoeprints at the stalking scene were Owen's.

Fri Aug 1 22:38:38 1997

Who,if anyone ,are the main suspects and will there be an interview with the kid?

Response: The information on the boy will be available this Friday, Augut 8. Information from him altered our suspect list.

Fri Aug 1 21:26:41 1997

has the writing on the box been anilized with the parents hand writing?

Response: The writing does not match any samples from the investigative circle. The box writing was written was left and right hands. Aggressive strokes.

Fri Aug 1 19:22:18 1997


Response: No

Fri Aug 1 19:14:59 1997

Did she commit sudicde.

Response: Someone had to at least bury her.

Fri Aug 1 18:16:02 1997

Det.A.,what about the author of the note dated "(Jul 31 20:16:34 1997)" I noticed in the comments section where the author ask's "(like I tried to explain with poetry, July 22)." I only stumbled onto this site an hour or so again although I find the above refered to comments interesting as to why an unsigned comment would attempt to explain that the writer attempted to explain in poetry, which may or may not connect to the crime. Writer claims to be a female from NC. What women at the towns vicinity might have connection to NC, jealous female want to be lover, women call other women a 'Bitch" more often then men do.wmct.

Response: She has been checed out. No connection.

Fri Aug 1 17:37:28 1997

Did you check with FBI office-Miami? They worked a kidnapping/burial in the late 60's or early 70's. The victims name was Mary Jo Kopechnie (check the spelling of the last name). FBI rescued victim just in time; I don't recall disposition of suspects. Possible copy-cat? The box looks very-well constructed, possibly the work of a cabinet maker or frame carpenter.

Response: Yes. Also, very familiar with the series of entombment abductions in the 70's. One kidnapper actually kept a group of children in a bus, buried in a cave.

Fri Aug 1 16:15:06 1997

I know that we are supposed to accept Anderson's comments, but why does his web address have the words "poecentral" in them...rather strange considering all the connections to Poe (i'm not sure if anyone ever mentioned the "buried alive theme" yet)....also do we only have Purity's word that Jake was the father of her child? could it have been someone else?....thanks, Andy

Response: He has a web site, where he is collecting Poe information, on his own.
Purity Knight claimed Rohleen as the father of her child.

Fri Aug 1 15:59:04 1997

I noticed on Jake Rohleens interview that he had a current girlfriend. Her name is Caitin . Could this be the same person that is on the e-mailing list of Ego Shovel.(Caitlin Davies of Oxford Ms.) Jake also says that they have no
real agruments that she finds other ways to deal with things she does not agree with.
Could she "love" Jake to the point that she will not have]
any thing from his past ruin their relationship.
Maybe she hated what Purity did to Jake (acusing him of
rape) that she would make Purity pay for it.
You might check Caitlin out .
Please let me know if I might be on to something.
thank you , Bkahunter

Response: Caitlin will be spoken to soon. We'll apprise you of developments.

Fri Aug 1 13:39:42 1997

Why has the child that Chris Thurman suspects not been interviewed?

Response: The interview will be available Friday.

Fri Aug 1 12:13:12 1997

I agree with what someone said earlier about Edgar Allen Poe, but i also thing it was a joint murder, there was more than one person involved in her death... what are the chances of this being true?

Response: Unlikely, since premeditation seems involved. More the act of a loner.

Fri Aug 1 09:17:30 1997

Do we have any other suspects

Response: The boy may provide new suspects.

Fri Aug 1 08:47:10 1997

On notes that have cellophane check for fingerprints.

Response: We did, using household superglue to bring latents to the surface. No luck. Prints from a Memphis mail carrier were found on an envelope.

Fri Aug 1 04:37:43 1997

Thanks for the great site !

1. Does Ed Pierce smoke ? (My theory being he was the prank caller)
2. Using voice recognition and wave analysis can you determine whether the prank caller was Ed and Lee ?
3. Do the Library or University use Inkjet printers ?
4. Could Puritys cigarette burns be self inflicted ?
5. What is Ed's involvement with Ego Shovel ?

Sorry for being a bit long, but i can't sleep with the avalanche of questions in my head.
Thanks, Geof.

Response: 1-No
2-The caller was Matthew Owens.
3-the Univrsity uses laser printers.
4-The burns could have been self-inflicted.
5-Ed Pierce attended an Ego Shovel concert. He bought a T-shirt, paid with a check, and they got his mail address.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

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