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Sun Jul 20 22:24:24 1997

What happened to the photo from the safety deposit box?
When I first looked at it, it had 3 people in it. Now there
are only 2. The first showed Purity Knight in it. Now
the photo only shows the 2 unidentifieds in there. Did
the dept. do that? Would appreciate a response. Thank you,

Response: The missing 3rd person contacted us and demanded the photo be removed. We now know the identity of the three persons. They spent a night drinking together in Spain. The angry person also was able to identify the person Estefanie named on the ATM slip from the safety deposit box. Estefanie has not been found.

Sun Jul 20 21:15:26 1997

Out of all the Biographical Briefs, who is left handed?

Response: No one excpet Judith Knight. That, however, can be hidden.

Sun Jul 20 19:52:23 1997

It says bitch but I cant read the left part

Response: It says, "You Bitch". An enlarged version is available here.

Sun Jul 20 17:18:10 1997

Owens obviously had a motive to murder her. He was ticked and decided to take out his anger on the closest person to his thoughts.-annonomous

Sun Jul 20 17:13:57 1997

This is my first time here, what a great site!!! Just a couple of questions, I apologize if they have already been asked and answered.
1) Who's Aaron? did he get his money Back?
2) If Purity borrowed $ from him why in her date book does she have an appointment with a loan agent @the bank?
3)Is it possible that one of the witnesses to Mr. Knight's will wanted the things that he left Purity i.e. $ and the last question>>>4)were any fingerprints taken off of the duct tape on the letter to Mrs. Knight received @the mountain house on 4/18/97. Oh and one more thing how come somtimes I cannot view all of the information? I get errors?!? Thank you for the fun.
Please E-Mail @ mreed95378@aol.com

Response: 1-Aaron is unidentified.
2-Good question, no appoint.
3-The witnesses to the will wouldn't benefit. Only the church would stand to gain.
4-There have been no prints on items from the abductor.
As for trouble with files. Today we experienced nearly 100,000 accesses to the Crime Scene. It slowed things, but never shut us down. We have a fiber optic T-3 connection to the internet, so it'll take more than that.
ItemView current hourly access statistics here.

Sun Jul 20 16:49:17 1997

In the part about the ventalation box it said the victim appeared to wrapped herself in plastic any clues why she would have copperated with the murderer? besides if she new him or her.

Response: It was cold and raining, she did it for self preservation, as protection.

Sun Jul 20 16:29:29 1997

What was the reason of their breakup?

Response: For the break-up of Jake and the victim. She alleged a rape and subsequent abortion. Details in the diary of the victim's sister.

Sun Jul 20 15:05:24 1997

Dear Sir,

I would like to know if this is a real case before I spend my valuable expertise and time. Thanks.

Linda Hoke

Response: Glad to have an expert. Details on the reality of the case here.

Sun Jul 20 15:02:28 1997

do you have any suspects

Response: Aaron Azeriah, loaned Knight money and is unknown in the community.

Sun Jul 20 11:52:10 1997

1. did the blade appear to have any damage IE:used to carve into the sandstone.
2. does any of the points on the pyramid point in any specific direction?

Response: 1-The blade was linked to the marks on the tree. The sandstone marings are more irregular. Perhaps caused by a stick.
2-The Pyramid points to no symbolic areas. It seemed to be a childish construction.

Sun Jul 20 05:39:40 1997

I just wanted to say to those who are impatient or want a Perry Mason moment or a TV series out this "crime scene" venture, I suggest the value and uniqueness of crimescene is its reality. We are taken on a realistic investigative ride with the opportunity to contribute our theories. REAL crime investigation is ponderous and thorough, with many dead ends and unanswered questions. I find the value of crime scene in its very REALISTIC application. I commend its creators on this excellent concept. It is very credible and intriguing. Thanks again for the GREAT CONCEPT.

Sun Jul 20 03:48:52 1997

I am very sorry that you have to do a case like this but I can say that I had a case that was similar to this one and it turned out to be the one who discovered her!

Response: Appreciated. History does have a way of repeating itself.

Sun Jul 20 03:45:19 1997

It seems that the writing above Purity's head is the name of a musical group which means something. I think that I have seen it somewhere before.

Response: Please let us know.

Sun Jul 20 03:02:44 1997

Ventured in here today for the first time...And I am hooked
what a great site!!!! I do have a question regarding the
photos recovered from the stalking scene...It states there
Twelve photos..however I only count ten showing...What
happened to the other 2 photos and what were on them..thanks
Keep up the good work.

Response: Two frames came out completely black. No detail on the negatives.

Sun Jul 20 01:49:33 1997

You keep saying biological sister, were they separated by adoption?

did they know anyone in common, if Q#1 is yes?

Response: They were separated by adoption. They shared no mutual friends, although they were known in the same circles. Owens, the stalker, was a friend of the victim's biological sister Valerie Vilson.
Details on their relationship here.

Sat Jul 19 23:52:44 1997

We believe that the professor knows more than he is saying. Are there any more details regaurding his move to ole miss. This seems very unusual to us. We also believe that his link to cult activity has something to do with Purity's death. Also, why did people believe that she would be found near a fishery or church?How may we gain more info regarding the cult activities.

Response: The church connection came from the poem, The Bells, quoted in a note from the abductor. The fishery is located on the map also sent by the abductor sent. View notes and maps here.

Sat Jul 19 22:09:16 1997

it was observed that the blood splatterings in the kitchen were not consistent with the crime scene investigative notes nor did they mention that a struggle occurred. was the bullet to the head at close range and if so was the slug recovered from the bed. was the victim deceased when she was taken to the kitchen and was there any signs of forced entry into the residence. where was her boyfriend murdered at?
were you able to retrieve erased information from the hard drive? how did you find the sister in ark. and how did you know that she was buried alive. what was her estimated time of death?

Response: Your first questions regarding the Vilson case are all available online. That case has been solved. The blood spattering was done by the iller, not as a result of arterial spraying. The victim died in her sleep without a struggle. Computer experts recovered the files on the hard drive.

In the Knight case:Ben Knight found the body, body fluids indicated length of stay, time of death 2AM. Victim had been dead 30 hours before discovery.

Sat Jul 19 21:30:35 1997


Sat Jul 19 20:47:12 1997

Do you have medical examiner's report

Response: Additional information is being made available.

Sat Jul 19 20:37:18 1997

Does this person possess an English Degree?
Purity Knights house on the map demonstrates the eye of a bird. The Crow by Edgar Allan Poe reminds me of this. The initials are of Purity Knights (PK) The pyramid from ancient egyptians makes me believe more that this is an English type major. The letter written and found on the winshield have similar grammar type issues eg. ---is used on this letter along with the abduction note on the map --- is used several times

Response: Appreciated..

Sat Jul 19 20:26:28 1997

In Matthew Owens latest interview, he answers that "no, I can't afford a computer". When later asked about the Knight family he said he only knows "what I've read on the site". Where did he have access to computer to spend enough time to read site?????

Response: The University of Mississippi and the City library both offer public terminals freely used by anyone.

Sat Jul 19 20:16:53 1997

Hello Detective,
What is the small X located near the number 433 at the 00 position of the map?
Does it hold a significance?

Response: It is from the original printing.

Sat Jul 19 20:01:22 1997

Could her sisters murderer be the same person or that group have somthing to do w/ it

Response: The two murders are not connected. The Murderer of Valerie Vilson is in custody.

Sat Jul 19 19:53:13 1997

Have you found out who the little boy was that was seen by
Mr. Archer?

Response: The boy is still AWOL. I guarantee we will find him very soon.

Sat Jul 19 19:45:54 1997

Detective Armstrong,
I believe strongly that you should look into Purity Knight's boyfriend and parents. In my investigation I have come to the conclusion that she knew her killer, judging by the way how she was murdered. I've also come to the following conclusion after viewing the evidence: the suspect felt betrayed by Knight but didn't want to seriously hurt her. The evidence that really stood out was the writings. The Edgar Allan Poe poem showed a person who felt cheated out. The two writngs on stone show that the suspect will no longer allow her to do what ever they feel that she has done to them. Judging by the pyramid that was made they must have found out that she was pregnant or had a child but they wanted a better life for that child or the possibility that they didn't want the child to be because it may ruin her chances of doing what she wanted to in life.

Thanks for your time.


Response: The Knight's church alibi has been investigated and corroborated. Your premis is still interesting. Thank you.

Sat Jul 19 19:24:41 1997

So ahs it been determined that Det Anderson had something to do with her abduction?

Response: Anderson has been investigated by myself. He was not involved.

Sat Jul 19 19:10:38 1997

Why do they have different last names?

Response: Purity Knight was raised by her parents Frank and Judith Knight. Earlier, the Knights, while unmarried, gave up a child for adoption. That child is Valerie Vilson, Purity's biological sister.

Sat Jul 19 18:23:47 1997

i don't think the grid is the same between the crime sceen
photos and the polaroids that were sent to you. She is
facing the wrong way. If it is not possible to buy that
type of film there where can you and what does the boy that
ben archer saw look like? Did you find from what poem the
lines from the crime sceen photo D came from? I would like
to help as much as possible, please respond to these as soon
as you have a chance and I would be happy to explain any
conclusions I have come to.

Response: Same grid, different camera positions. The film is available in Memphis, Tupelo and Oxford. The boy is small, thin, white, age 10-13. The poem you mention is from the Bells, by Poe.

Sat Jul 19 18:11:12 1997

what does this detective have to do with this? how does he tie into all of this?
Who are all the wittness in the will to the father?

Response: Detective Anderson was a friend of the victim's. He neglected to inform this ofice of that fact until it was discovered in her datebook.
The witnesses to the will are family riends in Arkansas. The Owens listed as witnesses are not related to MAtt Owens.

Sat Jul 19 18:03:27 1997

Has there been any evidence of religious cult involvement?

Sat Jul 19 17:57:41 1997

What does the writing above her head say?

Sat Jul 19 17:00:49 1997

Q:Are all the murder cases solved after you put them in here
or do they get solved as the day goes on?

Q:Do you have any murder cases from Massachusetts?If so can
you put some in here?

Comment:I like these crime scenes it gives me more to do
during the day.But you should changed the story every week
because they will be boring if you already know what

Sat Jul 19 15:59:04 1997

I was wondering if you could send me some pictures and more information on her boyfriend?

Sat Jul 19 15:16:31 1997

no finger prints were left on the notes or photographs what so ever?

~Brandi Amparano

Sat Jul 19 14:53:55 1997

Pierce's name keeps coming up more and more--the tie with Ego Shovel and now the fact that he was working on Lit. papers. Could he be the connection with the Poe references? Has anyone thought of investigating him?.....Thanks, Andy

Sat Jul 19 14:13:12 1997

i think that you should interview anybody and everybody including the boy to see if you can figure out what has happend you know that if you don't investigate carefully that you could put harm in the hands of more than this girl
thank you

Sat Jul 19 13:17:36 1997

were there any hair strands found that might match ?

Sat Jul 19 12:57:37 1997

The killer knew the victim and he obviously was familiar
with the area. He underexposed the film, indicating no flash
was used, but he was not concerned about consequences of
being spotted. Did the mutilations occur after death? I
suspect that the killer was in a sexual frenzy after the
killing-note the locations of the burns. Where was Valerie
stabbed? The killer is intelligent, planning his actions to
avoid detection. The possible link to the extremist church
group is tantalizing. My bet is that the killer is local.

Sat Jul 19 12:08:23 1997

Are the police offering Ms. Perez any sort of security? If all of these murders are related in any way, it seems as though she may be next on the list.

Sat Jul 19 11:28:16 1997

Is this a real case or a game?

Sat Jul 19 11:04:13 1997

The word looks like bubblegum?!

Sat Jul 19 10:23:30 1997

Is Matthew Owens related to Gary Owens and Bernie Owens who live at 123 Pearl cove, Mtn Home, AR? They are two of the three who witnessed Mr. Knight's will.

Sat Jul 19 07:26:17 1997

Alot of the questions on my mind and several others, I'm sure, are asked in the questions posted during the last week. The only response you gave was to the person envious of AOL users. Please take the time to answer the questions so we can all get on with this investigation.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated


Sat Jul 19 05:59:46 1997

What do you mean by "biological sister?" Didn't they know one another? Do you mean that the father is a sperm donor or mother a surrogate? If this is the case, I would be immediately suspicious that the murders are related. Need more info on meaning of description of relationship.

Sat Jul 19 01:30:40 1997

any connection between purity,the Giblinis,ortom Giblini's investigator

Sat Jul 19 01:25:43 1997

Was there any relation between the victims and the
stalker/murderer other then the stalking? Is the
stalker/murderer in custody? Did the two or three of
them meet anywhere? And what is the stalker/murderer
like as a person?

Sat Jul 19 00:11:34 1997

Did Fingerprinting the letters come up with anything? Checked through the F.B.I.?
Fingerprints on the camera/film inside it?
Cross referance with co-workers.
The cadge in the mailed pictures looks like an animal cadge.
What attempts were made to find the boy the neighbor described?

Sat Jul 19 00:04:56 1997

Detective....Still bothering me about the detective who was dismissed from the case last week..ANDERSON??? I believe.
Why did he not say that he had met Purity the THREE times that he had and IS he a suspect?? This seems most odd to me. Also...was he Puritys TYPE?? Whatever men she was attracted to must be knowledge of someones.

Sat Jul 19 00:00:29 1997

Wht did the person kill all these people?

Fri Jul 18 23:04:07 1997

are there any churches near where body was found?

Fri Jul 18 23:04:04 1997

are there any churches near where body was found?

Fri Jul 18 22:33:25 1997

If it is true that you say that the computer you found had
modem attatched and no internet software, then why would the
reed.txt document be talking about fax. You have to have a
modem to receive a fax, right? So why would they be asking
for a fax of a transcript of something if they can't recieve
faxes without a modem?


Fri Jul 18 21:42:02 1997

My question is; why are you doing this? Is this fun? I read in the old web page, get a reality check, this is all fun and games, and it's over, is this continued on for another gag? Hey...what is going on, what kind of mind games are these? hahhahahha! Peg,

Fri Jul 18 21:19:27 1997

Yessssssssssssss detective, what have you birds got in store now for a fun time? Will it be the alien abduction? :) This would draw enough of a crowd and really give you some :>! heh,heh! Purity's parents look sneaky, so in this final chapter, I say they are the killers...who ever they are! :)
They thumped the bible too hard and caused the brain damage! :) Poor little girls...they were born to the wrong parents, isn't that always the case? :( But, hopefully the parents won't get the death sentence as they are innocent of the crime! :) Have fun boys...this is neat! :) Peg,

Fri Jul 18 20:48:21 1997

Is it a possibility, that, in the beginning, Purity's abduction was fake (and orchestrated by her) for the purpose of obtaining necessary funds to pay off her loan?

Kalika Briento


Fri Jul 18 15:59:58 1997

Detective Armstrong- I have three questions...
First: According to the newly accessed computer files, Purity created a file on 2/10 and a file on 2/11. But according to her datebook she was in New Orleans at the time. Discrepency, she took her computer along, someone else is in her files, what? Second: On the Ego Shovel mailing list a sorority/fraturnity is listed: Delta Phi. Could we have a list of members? Third: Purity got the loan from Aaron, closed her Mountain Home account, and openned her Mississippi account all in the same four day period. But in Frank Knight's will, which Purity had access to for some reason, he makes it plain that there is plenty of money for college. Did Purity have such an extreme falling out with her parents in that time period that she refused to take their money? Thanks a bunch!

Fri Jul 18 12:53:12 1997

I can make out the word "Bitch", but the letter or letters before it are unintelligable to me. I think it looks like it says " U Bitch "? Not sure.

But if you have recovered the body and the box, why don't you have this note that was behind her head, was it only there in the picture and then removed by the perp? Very Interesting. I noted on the map something about a "retardation center"? to the north. The perp is a sicko for sure, is it possible he's linked to that center, or used to be linked to that center, an "out-patient" so to speak.

I've seen nothing so far other than murder and family ties that tie Valerie Vilsons murder to Purities murder. Even the perps notes seem somewhat detached from any personal reference to her and who she was. He knew who to address the note to, (Det Armstrong). So it seems as though from my "guess" and I emphasize "guess", that he must have had contact with some sort of Press Release prior to writing the note.

OOOOOh, one thing. That Owens dude, there is something wrong with that boy (yea yea I know, no shit). You don't just go out peeping at a lady unless you have a goal. Here in lies the only external tie with Valerie Vilson. He was tied to VAL. He even admitted sending the threatning valentines note to Purity. And I did catch that the letters VAL in valentine were in upper case. There is an anomally with his responses during Det Armstrongs interview. He claims not to have a computer at one point, but later references information found on your Web Site. He clearly either lied, or has access to a computer with a modem or a network connection. It may not be his, but he has been on the WEB. and that takes some kind of user interface.

Also the abductors notes are just twisted enough to come from an aspiring actor. That seems to be the one common link I see between all the different characters in both the Valerie Vilson and Purity Knight cases. Many of the people were actors/theactrical folks, and based on their interviews and especially Valeries Diary, they seem to have a rather prothetic way of thinking, it kind of stands out. Well I see that same kind of thinking in the Purity Knight abductor notes.

My vote is leaning toward Owens. If its not him, its some sicko, most likely with an artsy background...oooooo I just remembered, the film was very specialized film, used by professionals.....hmmmm. What is Owens background with Photography, or access to professional photographers or photographic equipment? Was the camera he dropped while photographing Purity through the window an expensive camera, say over $300 ? If so (and even if its cheap) where did he get the camera. Did he borrow it. Was it a gift, and if so from who and when? He is suppose to be poor, so I hope he doesnt say he bought it. I think its Time for another interview with Owens.

I see in Putities fathers will that two of the witnesses are also named Owens, is there any connection with hhis dads witnesses on the will and this Owens creep?

Fri Jul 18 12:25:47 1997

Did I miss something? Was Mary Haywood's alibi for the parents on the night of the murders the same for both of the girls?

Fri Jul 18 12:20:37 1997

I only have a few questions that I would like to be answered.Does anyone know what was meant by "I know all your secrets" that was left on the answering machine? Why did her boyfriend, Jake Rohleen, refuse to be interviewed? Does he have something to hide? What happened to the little boy that was seen at the murder sight?Since she had possible cig. burns on her body could the killer be a smoker? What's the dowery that was mentioned in one of the notes and is there one?Where is the other brother Tom? He needs questioned. I think all the murders are linked together. It has to be family who did these murders or someone who was hired by a family member to commit these murders. BETTER QUESTION THE FATHER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Fri Jul 18 12:19:00 1997

where was she the night before the murder

Fri Jul 18 12:16:34 1997

do you think it was Greg Giblini ?if the condoms lead to him
dont ask questions get his to court.

Fri Jul 18 10:55:13 1997

Anderson appearently had several dates with Purity. All the evidence you had were about lost-loves and broken hearts. get the connection?? Also, two messages were from Edgar Allen Poe's poem "the bells". Look into this poem, maybe it'll give you some hints....

Fri Jul 18 09:15:15 1997

I'll b as brief as possible. Will was dated Dec. 20 "97". It's only July 97. Witnesses signing Will, Gary/Bernie Owens (any relation to Matthew). Did Purity's trust pay for college. Or did the trustee pay Mr. Azeria the $10,000 after Purity's death once the trustee was aware of the loan. Also the band's mailing list matches I think 2 other people mentioned on computer files. Great Site keep up the great work. John J.

Fri Jul 18 08:51:53 1997

P.S. to my 18:08 comment:

It is difficult to accept that one lone person divised
Purity's torture tomb, could abduct her and keep her there.
The symbolic carvings around that tomb site were put there
in ritual to frighten her while she was alive, or to confuse
the authorities after she died. (all conjecture subject to
change, of course.)


Fri Jul 18 08:35:54 1997

The answer to Purity's bizarre abduction and murder lies
in Valerie's murder. These murders are not coincidences.
The writing materials at Purity's torture-death tomb
is very significant.

Purity was tortured and entombed so that she would relate
critical information. That information could only be related
to the "software" which could impress subliminal messages
was the key factor in Valerie's murder.

Valerie confided in Purity, and this put Purity at extreme
risk as well. Since the principals in Valerie's murder have
have either been caught or murdered, it could point to a
different group in which Purity confided. This evil group
would include the professor and certainly the person who
"found" her body. If Purity did not or could not disclose
information about the "software" disk, and consequenty died
from torturous exposure, the group panicked. It was not
their intention to kill her, but to control her with the
purpose of giving them information on the "software".
This software was a coveted tool for for their DARK purposes.

Fri Jul 18 08:35:15 1997

What was the victim doing before she was killed?

Does she have any relatives who sick?

Did she ever complain about the upseting phone calls?

Fri Jul 18 07:40:52 1997

Matt Owens seems to have a lot of hate for her, how do you know that stalker does not =sick demented killer?
Please disregard last question about Archer.

Fri Jul 18 07:39:42 1997

Ben Archer seems to have a lot of hate for her, how do you know that stalker does not =sick demented killer?

Fri Jul 18 07:35:50 1997

Why hasn't Aaron Azeriah been questioned in regards to the loan that he made to Purtiy? Was she able to pay him back?

Fri Jul 18 07:31:55 1997

With Matthew Owens confessing to being the stalker, it might prove useful to find out if he saw anything or took any other pictures of Purity outside the home that might be useful to the investigation.

Fri Jul 18 06:56:56 1997

Who is her boyfriend

Thu Jul 17 21:40:33 1997

I am starting late in your investgation. First, my
questions and comments probably have already been asked but
bare with me.1- the 2nd photo 7 may seems to be taken at the
same time of the 3rd one perhaps. To me I think there is probably
not good news re: her well being. In the 7 may photo the eyes
seem dead? the location is around the town or county. I am sure
you looked all over but to me the radio tower would be a good location
to see if someone was approaching?
Why was the other Det. taken off the case?
How did someone got that close to take photo's at the house?
The cat in the photo saw the perp.
the 2nd to last photo what was she doing? It's not clear to me?
well I'll keep looking at this, it is very interesting

take care

Thu Jul 17 21:24:36 1997

I was reading somw of the comments and questions and i have to say Detecive that i agree with with quilty and so do a lot of my friends that come to your sight. I have in the refered your sight to friends and now when i do i let them know that they wont get all the info. There have been times when i read the comments i get upset to know that there is other info out there thats not available to me. i have talked to a lot of friends about this and they are as upset about it as well. Just thought you should know.

Response: Its true, that this web site is also available via AOL--but its exactly the same content, and it arrives at the exact same time. You should thank the AOL folk for underwriting your free entertainment.

Thu Jul 17 19:47:07 1997

Det. Armstrong - it is with regret that I must tell you that I cannot participate in this investion any longer.

I've been here since this site opened with the tragic death of Val and have watched as more and more are wrapped up in this torrid chess game.

I am leaving this site because I feel that due to the fact that I am not a AOL user I'm not getting all the information AOL users are. I understand and am glad that you are able to update the site more often by being involved with AOL. I can recall when there were some long dry phases in your investigation. I just feel somewhat slighted, as I am a Prodigy user.

Since this is the question section, here is my final one: has Purity's killer been apprehended in New Orleans?


Response: Perhaps you should get one of the many free AOL offers and look at the Crime Scene there. Its exactly the same as the web. Same data--same date of release. Instead of leaving, why not ask Prodigy to host Crime Scene? Go Keyword: crimescene

Thu Jul 17 19:35:20 1997

How long did it take to solve the Vilson case?? I'm suprised
your still on this one.With as much edvidence as there is,
someone is not doing good in investegating. Get to work and work hard. I've been working on this case in my own way for over 2 months now.

Thu Jul 17 18:27:51 1997

Where was Aaron on the night of the murder

Thu Jul 17 17:37:08 1997

Were you an purity intimate

Thu Jul 17 16:46:26 1997

any marks or bruises

Thu Jul 17 13:48:44 1997


Thu Jul 17 13:26:59 1997

Has Anderson been questioned about why he didnt tell anyone about his relationship with Purity? What was his reason for not telling you? will this information be availiable to us even if it doesnt look good for Andreson? What actions is the police department going to take on him for not disclosing this info. What kind of effect does it have on the case? Has the boy been found? thanks for your time, Molly

Thu Jul 17 12:44:43 1997

Why was her daybook in the safety deposit box? Is there any
indication that someone other than Purity could have put it there?

Thu Jul 17 06:19:43 1997

Det. Armstrong,

How come you have not responded to any of the questions in the last week and a half? Also, you have not given us any new info since you found Purity's calander book. Am curious!

Wed Jul 16 21:21:38 1997

Are there any suspects in this murder case?

Wed Jul 16 20:38:15 1997

Did she have a boyfriend?

Wed Jul 16 19:52:45 1997

1) I have read the interviews and am suprised that you have not focused on Ed Pierce. He claimed that he did not know the victim, yet added a lot of detail to her lifestyle. Why would the police department not even ask if he knew Ego Shovel?

2) Why did you have an appointment with Purity? This seems odd?

3) What does the police department think the writing says in the polaroid?


Wed Jul 16 19:38:34 1997

has anyone noticed that mcphails description of the stalker as being 5'10 don't match owens' police report from troy NY?

Wed Jul 16 18:38:56 1997


Wed Jul 16 18:36:40 1997

i can't believe that valerie Vilson's boyfriend and his brother were both murdered after she was. somehow this has to be related because it is very unlikely that a ring of closely meshed people have all been murdered! what about the possibility of a serial killer?

Wed Jul 16 18:25:19 1997

could the killer somehow be related to the murder of valerie Vilson? if so, how???? this case seems really bazar!!

Wed Jul 16 16:00:01 1997

What has happened to Purity's ex-boyfriend?

Wed Jul 16 15:24:06 1997

did the shelter have any signifigance, who the hell is aaron? have you questioned people at the shelter?

Wed Jul 16 15:13:16 1997

how do you know that a child made the pyramid out of sticks perhaps it was the killer, maybe pointing to the body?

Wed Jul 16 09:23:52 1997

How many people were abducted?
Had this "suspect" ever been seen around the house before?
Did anyone hear any noise, something that would indicate a struggle?
Had this victim ever had need to file for restraining orders?

Tue Jul 15 15:24:11 1997

do you have any leads ?

Tue Jul 15 12:01:05 1997

who was Aaron and what was their relationship. and what did the date April 2 mean to victim?

Tue Jul 15 06:53:24 1997

Purity mentioned having financial problems to her professor - does that mean that she knew Ben Archer as he worked in that dept?

Tue Jul 15 02:47:46 1997

Is this a real story?.... Is this made up??? Was Purity a real person??? How can I help? I am new to this website.....

Tue Jul 15 01:22:52 1997

since ben archer worked at the university he has a chance of knowing purty. have you asked him?

Tue Jul 15 01:17:52 1997

did purty and anderson have more than just a friendship?
is anderson left-handed?
does ben archer have an alibi?

Tue Jul 15 00:32:12 1997

On Febuary 15, Purity revieled in her date book that she was to "GO TO GYM!!!!". This would seem to indicate that there was a chance meeting with Purity and Mr. Archer. During the second interview, you should question Mr. Archer on this and find out if there was a possible meeting between Purity and Mr. Archer. This would also place Mr. Archer knowing Purity before the abduction and stalking incident.

Thank you, slade@nternet.net

Mon Jul 14 21:38:07 1997

Being the fact that Detective Anderson did not disclose the fact that he and Miss Knight were friends,, are there going to be any investigation surrounding him...

Mon Jul 14 19:12:24 1997

How do I get the infor regarding Valerie Vilson's murder being solved. I have tried to access it using ID: Oxford , password: faulkner and this did not work. Please advise. Thanks,


Mon Jul 14 13:35:53 1997

does matthew owens have an alibi for the night of the murder?

Mon Jul 14 11:32:12 1997

The clothing on the victim in the puported abductor's photograph and the clothing depicted on the victim when the body was found appear to be different. The method of wrapping the victim and physical evidence from the box suggests she was removed from the box at least once. Was the post mortem lividity consistent with the body position in the box? Any further analysis on the clothing in the "abductor's" photograph?

Mon Jul 14 09:07:08 1997

Det. Armstrong,
I think that I have narrowed down the suspect list to two people. Jeremiah Mark Rohleen and David Sage Woolworth. I have a few questions for them:
-Are any of these two suspects left handed?
-A size 10 tennis shoe?
-A smoker?
-Are they professional photographers?
-What is Professor Woolworth's alibi for the night of Ms.Knights disappearence?
-What is Mr. Rohleen's alibi for the night of Ms. Knight's disappearence?
-What was Mr. Rohleen and Professor Woolworth's daily routine during the period that Ms. Knight was missing?
-Have you gotten any leads in reference to the boy?
-What do the 18 sticks in a pyramid mean?
-Has the alleged rape of Ms. Knight been confirmed?
-Has Mr. Rohleen bee questioned in reference to this case and to the alleged allegations?
thank you Det. I hope to hear from you soon.

Mon Jul 14 02:15:05 1997

Who was the little boy that was digging up the coffin? was he ever interviewed? the little boy has to know something..

Mon Jul 14 02:11:15 1997

Do any of Purity's classmates know who Aaron is - he seems to be quite a friend of hers...?

The stalking incident happened in the afternoon after she talked to Anderson - Owens admitted it, but what did Purity talk to Anderson about that day - was she concerned about something?

Is Aaron the 'geek' that she was talking about??

Mon Jul 14 01:58:24 1997

The comment in her diary 'two years' could relate to the fact that it is two years since valerie's murder (to the day)

Who is 'Aaron"?

Further info on relationship with Anderson - was their relationship a casual friendship, is this considered normal in the police - and what reasonable explanation has he given re: not letting other people know?

Sun Jul 13 23:54:39 1997

why were you so hesitant in revealing your relationship
with p knight

Sun Jul 13 21:59:39 1997

i wish you luck ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Sun Jul 13 21:59:36 1997

i wish you luck ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Sun Jul 13 21:59:33 1997

i wish you luck ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Sun Jul 13 19:03:34 1997


Sun Jul 13 13:49:37 1997

The stalker's message on the answering machine seemed to indicate that he thought Purity had something to do with her sister's death...has any there been any leads to implicate her in that crime?....Also, it would seem that the person(s) who abducted Purity must have had knowledge that she had an abortion - the cuts on her abdomen!

Sun Jul 13 09:29:39 1997

The mark on the tree is much older the a week, also a kid must be within walking distance to that grave hes possible just a child that saw something that day/night hes closer to the vitcim then u realize

Sun Jul 13 02:41:10 1997


Sun Jul 13 01:56:32 1997


Sun Jul 13 01:56:31 1997


Sun Jul 13 00:13:42 1997

The writing on the wall above Purity Knight's head looks like it says, "Purity."

Sat Jul 12 22:42:12 1997

I can't help but wonder how many years has Anderson been on the force? I mean anyone knows that if he knew the victim on a personal level he should have immediately notified his boss about this. When the victim was found why did he still make no move to inform anyone as to his relationship with her? I am sorry but I just can't overlook the obivous. "HAT IS WRONG W/ THIS PICTURE"?
Thanks Again Luv This Site, ME

Sat Jul 12 22:28:18 1997

In light of Anderson's recent exposure of his personal knowledge & or relationship w/Knight, the message sent eariler seems to make much more sense. I am referring to the letter sent that stated if she dies the blame rest on you. Perhaps someone else knew of this & since Anderson is a police officer assigned (was) to the case the murderer was speaking in reference to this fact. He/She may have been close to both Knight & Anderson? If so don't you think that would place much more meaning to the note I spoke of earlier. Just a passing thought.

Sat Jul 12 22:10:50 1997

the size of the shaft would appear that there had to be a child or possible a midget involved, with the pyramid it would appear to be a child with a parent or someone

Sat Jul 12 21:35:04 1997

does david woolworth have a albi he has no family. does he smoke? a person with ciggaretts could be involved. you do not have to answer this querry. why the cuts in her stomach
why was she underweight?

Sat Jul 12 21:13:49 1997

how long after her death was she found.
and was she sexualy abused?

Sat Jul 12 21:03:39 1997

what lead them to assume a child was present

Sat Jul 12 20:04:18 1997

Who is the Aaron that Purity met with several times?

Sat Jul 12 17:00:56 1997

There was a little boy in the woods when the jogger found the body of the girl. Did anyone talk to this boy? And if they did why was he in the woods where the body was found?

Sat Jul 12 16:10:05 1997

On Item #2, what did the note say? Also, how was she captured? Was a car used?

Sat Jul 12 15:49:39 1997

what were the time frame between the murders

Sat Jul 12 09:20:53 1997

Two things.
A.Back in the old daays,flowers,or flower petals were dropped on the grave of someone dead by family or friends.Could the dried blossoms in the box have anything to
do with that?

B.I have read the comments on the board pertaining to Armstrong and Anderson's integrity.I think you're barking up the wrong tree.They are both quite trustworthy,in my opinion.Look at it this way,would they be in a detective agency or whatever it is if they were unscrupulous?Anyway,the point of this board is to attempt to assisst them in their search for the crimnals.So let's try to help them instead of insinuating that they are unscrupolous.

Sat Jul 12 08:30:14 1997

ben archer claimed the boy at the scene was around 12 years old maybe.
Jake's has a younger brother about 14 could they be the same person?

Sat Jul 12 08:20:31 1997

Did Ben Archer know Purity? I think they may have met while Purity in the process of applying for loans.

Sat Jul 12 05:52:17 1997

have church members from puritys past church groups
been interviewed? (someone may be upset that she left)

have police talked with residents around the site of the
murder ?? looking for the small boy who may have evidence regarding purity..

have police attempted to check purity's activities the last
48 hrs before aduction..?? (may find witnesses who saw
something strange)

Fri Jul 11 20:00:26 1997

Detective Armstrong-The pyramid of sticks....could be
associated with the great pyramids of Egypt which are
rumored to have been built or placed by
aliens....Could the murderer have an association with
Ego.....Does Ed or Thaddues(Jakes brother-possible
boy in woods) have any association in Ego...Sorry I
did not previously publish my name....I asked two
previous questions about Ed and Thaddeus this
evening...Karen Tullo-West Haven, Connecticut....

Fri Jul 11 19:59:37 1997

Detective Armstrong-The pyramid of sticks....could be
associated with the great pyramids of Egypt which are
rumored to have been built or placed by
aliens....Could the murderer have an association with
Ego.....Does Ed or Thaddues(Jakes brother-possible
boy in woods) have any association in Ego...Sorry I
did not previously publish my name....I asked two
previous questions about Ed and Thaddeus this
evening...Karen Tullo-West Haven, Connecticut....

Fri Jul 11 19:59:10 1997

Detective Armstrong-The pyramid of sticks....could be
associated with the great pyramids of Egypt which are
rumored to have been built or placed by
aliens....Could the murderer have an association with
Ego.....Does Ed or Thaddues(Jakes brother-possible
boy in woods) have any association in Ego...Sorry I
did not previously publish my name....I asked two
previous questions about Ed and Thaddeus this
evening...Karen Tullo-West Haven, Connecticut....

Fri Jul 11 19:57:26 1997

Detective Armstrong-The pyramid of sticks....could be associated with the great pyramids of Egypt which are rumored to have been built or placed by aliens....Could the murder have an association with Ego.....Does Ed or Thaddues(Jakes brother-possible boy in woods) have any association in Ego...Sorry I did not previously publish my name....I asked two previous questions about Ed and Thaddeus this evening...Karen Tullo-West Haven, Connecticut....

Fri Jul 11 19:51:06 1997

Detective Armstrong-Could Ed be a member of EGO, and could he be the one on the answering machine screaming shut up to a muffled female voice. He said Purity was hot....could he have abducted her as a attempt to have relations with her..And it went bad. Could he be the killer? I am asking because for someone who didn't really know her he knew alot about her...ex. space music...Does he have a connection to Jakes' brother Thaddeus(possible boy in woods) Thank You for your time.

Fri Jul 11 19:09:54 1997

Dear Detective Armstrong, I have only one question as of right now..Could the boy seen in the woods be Jakes brother Thaddeus?..Mr. Archer said the boy looked 11 or 12 and Thaddus is 14..Do you know where Thaddeus was during the morning of the discovery of the body?

Fri Jul 11 16:48:15 1997

Is any suspect a poet?
Did she have a boyfriend?

Fri Jul 11 14:58:28 1997

My question regards Dectective Anderson's removal from Purity Knight's case. He is a veteran detective and knows proper police procedures. I do not understand why it is being reported that "Anderson gave no indication why he didn't reveal his relationship with the victim." When he was asked that question, what was his answer? Has he or any members of his family been threathened or are in danger because of his involvement with this case? Has he really been removed or has he gone under cover?

Also, it seems strange to me that Purity kept her day planner in a safety deposit box. A day planner? In a safety deposit box? What else has been recorded in this day planner that would cause her to hide it behind lock and key? It seems she used it on a more or less daily basis.

The last entry we see was on 040297 exactly one month after her 030297 stalking incident. Sometime on or shortly thereafter 040297, while she was in fear of her life from known or unknown assassins, she has the presence of mind and the need to lock this day planner away. Why?

Fri Jul 11 13:43:59 1997

who is aaron?

Fri Jul 11 12:54:21 1997

I believe the person you are looking for has a sick sense of religion, he believes he is doing Gods dirty work, killing people to wash away their sins, rather having God forgive them and go on.

Fri Jul 11 11:34:23 1997

tell us about the retardation center

Fri Jul 11 08:27:38 1997


Fri Jul 11 08:16:33 1997

The answering machine message stated "back in the back", and the message Purity Knights parents recieved also talked about a place behind the church. Could you check into it?

Fri Jul 11 08:09:24 1997

I think there is more to your partner, Anderson, than what is shown. Could you do a interview on him about the date that he had with Purity?

Fri Jul 11 00:59:31 1997

If vaerie and purity are biological sisters. Then who is
there real parents?

Thu Jul 10 23:57:07 1997

who smokes of the people connected in the knight and in the Vilson murder.

Thu Jul 10 21:53:39 1997

is their a profile for the person who might have did this? also, the person who did this seems to be obsessing over the impurity of this girl could she have been a member of a cult or religious sect? duchess520

Thu Jul 10 08:26:42 1997

#1:Is there a mathing shoe with the print? If
check each suspect's shoes.

# 2:Is there any eveddence that the knife was used to carve into the tree?

Thu Jul 10 00:42:05 1997

What is the possibility that the writing on the inside of the box was done by Purity? After all, there were four pens found on the inside of the box. Have these been compared to any handwriting samples you may have obtained from the victim? If she wrote them she could have been referring to the abductor as "Bitch or You Bitch." Maybe Valerie really isn't dead or maybe there is another sibling we don't know about.

What is the possibility that the message on her machine was left by the person that abducted and killed her? Try voice comparison. Also what is the likelihood of the background sound being Purity moaning. Try voice comparison here too.

Wed Jul 9 22:00:18 1997


Don't forget about AOL message boards.

Posting your questions there gives us all a chance to respond to your thoughts.

Wed Jul 9 20:50:27 1997

has anyone seen the boy since the man taking a walk

Wed Jul 9 19:31:17 1997

How many times have you interviewed Ben Archer. I ask because back in 1975 or 1976 in Columbus, Ga, a very close friend was murdered and the man who did it was the same man who claimed he was out walking his dog and the dog led him to the body. I found it very interesting to hear that Purity Knight's body was found in the same manner. Also, has the little boy Archer claims to have seen been located or identified?

Wed Jul 9 13:59:05 1997

I belive what we are dealing with is not murder of the kind you think it is but is a chain of helped suicides why did both of the sisters die and some ather people turn up dead who are suspects ?????

Wed Jul 9 13:47:27 1997

What was she doing on the night she disappeared

Wed Jul 9 13:09:28 1997

A earlier question brought up the possibility that Purity's aborted child may have been her father's (i.e., that it was the result of incest). This can put an interesting spin on these lines from the ransom note:

there is a special place behind the church
dark inside they bed together
you put her dowry there


Mrs. Knight stated that her husband usually opens the mail, so it's possible that the author of the note knew that he, not she, would see this first. Does this perhaps refer to the location of their meetings? It may be saying that, instead of the usual dowry (the money, etc. that a girl receives upon marriage), her father impregnated her instead.

Pretty twisted, I know -- but, then again, we've already seen plenty of weirdness from her captor.

Wed Jul 9 10:51:09 1997

Why is it that on 2 seperate reports taken of Mr. Archer, the first being the Det.'s report and the other, the initial interview there is a descrepency?
Mr. Archer in the 1st report stated he walks 3 times a week and works the other days at the gym, but in the interview, he walks everyday. Explain?

Wed Jul 9 07:00:12 1997

is there a guess as to what exactly is written ?
Could it be abortion?

Tue Jul 8 21:06:07 1997

OK first thing if Purity's father is a devout christian, then he would know that if Purity did have a abortion, something that all christians are against,,,then he would know that murder wasn't in order that purity could ask Lord for forgiveness for such a awful thing to do to a unborn child and God being God would forgive her.. So all that think this had anything to do with that subject very unlikely, I believe,,,,And does anyone here know what BRIEF means, they cant possibly read such lengthy comments and questions and be able to resond to all the comments here,, so give us all a chance and don't write the books in here.......

Tue Jul 8 18:35:57 1997

Where was Purity at all hours of the night?
Was she perhaps a prostitute or exotic dancer?
I think that after years of religious limitations, she'd become very good at living a "double" life and was doing so.
Has this line of investigation been thoroughly explored?


Why was Detective Anderson removed from the case?

Tue Jul 8 16:59:04 1997

Detective Armstrong,

I am very confused!

I signed on to the e-mail addresses where we are suppose to get "heads up information," however, you do not seem to be giving any out.

Did you get a response from the "I killed her" messenger (dated Jul 6, 17:51:26?

Thank you for supporting my views of others just cluttering the facts and issues! That is greatly appreciated.

Tell me, do you think Mr. Knight is really involved in this case other than being the victim's father. Here is my class investigators theory: Frank Knight, being obsessed with his own "community and religious status" wants to cover up any wrong behavior he conducted throughout Purity's life focusing somewhat on the "hath left me broken hearted" quote and the fact that he is a pro-life fundamentalist, extremely religious, has community prestige to protect from shame and disgrace and has already covered up one "sin" namely Valarie, and now has to deal with Purity being impure--having an abortion, neglecting the "religious family" and the intermediate family (Mr. & Mrs. Knight); having "secrets."

This is our theory: Frank Knight may have molested his daughter, Purity, throughout her younger years and impregnated her (resulting in the beast of which she took the Greek Methological name Adriadne from). In that mythology the "woman" was impregnated by a bull which resulted in the creation of a beast who survived and lived and Adriadne or "the girl" fell in love with but knew there was nothing to come of it but harm and disgrace. This may be assuming too much, however, we think Purity experienced her own self-shame and disgrace, causing her to feel she did not belong--therefore, running away constantly and tangling up with wrong "crowds." This is her "secret::" her father molested her, inpregnated her, and she believed this child would be a "beast" due to the incest---resulting in her compulsion to have the abortion because of her religious background. Mr. Knight, in turn, wants to make sure no one ever finds out that he molested his only recognized daughter as he is a recognized prominent citizen of the community. We think Purity broke down and wanted to face her "secrets" and when threatened Frank by this information decided to hide another "victim" such as he did when he put V alarie up for adoption.

We, as a class, have all the suspects, but believe that Frank should be the prime suspect and may be at least the accomplice in this case.

Also, I listened again for the third time to the Answering Machine Message. The incoming message is very "spookey," however, what others have seemed to believe is a "space related" music background; I hear more. I hear a smugglled woman's voice at each point where the caller says "shutup." This suggests that someone was already in captivity when the last message was left on the answering machine and that perhaps Purity was already in captivity. I don't think this should be related to alternative music, space sounds or other eronious musical senotas.

Please respond to my questions and theories soonest. My class is anxious to hear from you.

Professor Elwell

Tue Jul 8 16:08:54 1997

Are you sure PK had an abortion? Is there possibilities that she sold her baby which would explain how she had money when she wasn't working...remember there is a time period where no one knew where she was( was it long enough to have a baby?) Is there a possibility that her family or church found out and decided to punish her? Those wounds seem to be placed in the pelvic, breast region for a purpose. Did she report the rape to the police? (If so then samples could be taken to verify who did it.... or who didnt) Just Curious.


Tue Jul 8 16:00:28 1997

1. Was anything found under the decedent's fingernnails? Where scrapings made or any analysis performed on any material found?

2. Two of the men involved in this case are in their early thirties and single (the calculus professor and the man who discovered the body). Is there any information in their past to suggest that they have been involved in healthy, long term realtionships with adult women? Are either of these two men known to rent or purchase pornography, particularly S&M and bondage pornagraphy? Is there any place nearby where such materials can be rented/purchased and have those records been examined?

Contrary to what some people have said on this site, the murderer intended for his victim to die. Burying her underground with a means to view her was a mechanism to mine more terror from the victim and prolong her suffering. In a similar vein, the ballpoint pens could have been a mechanism for the murderer to retrieve trophies (i.e. the last writings of his victim), trophies that would record the despair and terror of his victim.

This was not an impuslive crime. The murderer planned and fantasized about this crime for a very long time before the actual commission of the act. It is only a matter of time before memory of this crime is no longer sufficient to fuel the murderer's fantasies. Then, he will committ another crime. This time, however, he won't make same errors he made in the commission of this crime.

Tue Jul 8 15:56:46 1997

Any suspects?

Tue Jul 8 15:19:29 1997

Did Purity "abduct" herself?
Did she feel guilt because of the harrassment Valerie was put through?
Did her religous upbringing send her over the edge?
Was the boy at the crime scence from the retardation center that Purity coaxed in to helping her with her abduction?

Tue Jul 8 10:25:11 1997

Is this all real or just a game or something?
Please read this as soon as possable and respond.
Lisa 1203 or Wh4t or Wh4tever

Tue Jul 8 08:50:23 1997

What kind of notes and photographs did the murderer send?
About the damaged tree, I think that there was a struggle and that soemone was slammed into the tree. But since there were heavy rains, the foot prints and what not were washed away. The passage inscribed on the box lid leads me to believe that the murderer is in great sorrow over something that happened long ago.He or she for that matter is still suffering, and felt the need to teach people a lesson.

Mon Jul 7 22:48:34 1997

Hello Armstrong,
What is the Purity's truck license plate, year, model, color,
has the truck been found?rr

Mon Jul 7 19:59:20 1997


Mon Jul 7 19:39:43 1997


Mon Jul 7 14:47:26 1997

Where did the crime scene took place?
At what time did the crime happened?
What evidence were found that day of the crime scene?
Send me answere so I can help?
Bye Detective Armstrong

Response: Please refer to the police report for answers to your questions.

Mon Jul 7 12:08:22 1997

how do you play this game

Mon Jul 7 11:57:56 1997

how was she killed?
Are there any suspects?

Response: Death was caused by malnutrition and exposure to extreme elements.
We have not identified a prime suspect, but we have questions for a number of people who are affiliated with the case.

Mon Jul 7 09:56:43 1997

Are you the killer?

Response: No.

Mon Jul 7 09:30:50 1997

was there any witnesses? if so what did they tell you?

Response: Please refer to the following page for witness interviews:

Sun Jul 6 21:31:57 1997

I, too, believe that the kidnapper did not intend for her to die. He obviously went to great lengths to put together this intricate setup. But, this begs the question; what, in fact, was the motive? Now, Purity's father must have prosecuted a number of individuals in the past. It would be a useful exercise to go over these cases. Is revenge involved? I believe this is more than an extortion attempt , as there is a great deal of evidence from the coroner's report to suggest ongoing abuse at the hands of the kidnapper. I don't think he (?she) has to be left handed necessarily. The wounds were probably inflicted with the victim in the box (lying down). If they were kneeling on the victim's right, then it is reasonable that most of the wounds would be there.


Sun Jul 6 21:23:02 1997

how did you know where the body was and how did she die

Response: Ben Archer found the body while on a walk with his dog.
Death was caused by malnutrition and exposure to extreme elements.

Sun Jul 6 21:03:33 1997

what does the criminal psychologist say about the victim
being stabbed in the pelvic area 27 times?

Response: The Valerie Vilson case is closed, and not thought to be related to the current investigation of Purity Knight's death.

Sun Jul 6 19:44:30 1997

To All of You Out There Reading These Questions and Comments:

Get a life! If you have been following this case, you would see that your questions are superfulous and/or have already been answered. STOP CLUTTERING UP THE ISSUES AND FACTS!

Response: We welcome questions and suggestions from viewers. However, we do suggest that you explore the site thoroughly and read previous posts to this page before contributing your own comments.

Sun Jul 6 19:34:30 1997

have questioned any to the churches members it sounds like a personitly traite with a person completey
stuck on God and thihnks they are gods survent to expell eveil.

Sun Jul 6 19:08:10 1997

Detective Armstrong,

I apologize for being so verbose the last time, but as a criminal justice professional/professor it is easy to come up with many scenarios and issues. Thank you also for the compliment. (Note: I am a female not a SIR).

I do have more questions and I hope you don't mind there seem to be quite a few.

1. What is the significance/purpose of the ballpoint pens and cracker box left in the "box?"

2. Why can't you detect where the white envelopes are coming from? It is very unlikely that no fingerprints can be determined. At least the postal service worker's prints would be present, which would suggest that you could gain a lead as to where the envelopes are mailed from and post marks also should be considered.

3. You did not tell me, if you know, who "Caddy" is. I am thinking she is Purity's friend from Reed college. Can you please confirm?

4. How did Lee Perez know Valarie? Did Purity know they knew each of each other?

5. I asked you, also, to identify "Terry" or "Terrance." You told me there are several so named individuals. Is "Terry" referring to Detective Anderson or to the "Terrance" from the Quija board who sent the message for Valarie?

6. In your last update, there is mention of a "gray car" (Friday, 7/4/97). Where, when and what suggests there is a gray car involved?

7. Have you linked the "box" to the fish hatchery? In my experience and life background, it certainly resembles a fish spawning box used in hatcheries which would explain the shelf and the light socket. I do think that it is a replica as most fish hatchery boxes are made of tin.


"Dried blossoms and leaves" may be an attempt to cover the stench of the detiorating body or may be suggesting "hippie lifestyle" as they were symbols for Hippies.

"Drainage hole" : Offender knew of the possible flooding of box which would result in Purity drowning.

"About to Pen" is a common author's term.

"Hath left me broken hearted" suggests several suspects could actually be the offender: ie Joey Stention, in love with Valarie, Ed Pierce, infatuated with Purity, Jake Rohleen, ex-boyfriend, and finally Frank Knight. I include Frank because he is a pro-life fundamentalist, religious, has a prestigious community relationship to protect from shame and disgrace and has already covered up one "sin," namely Valarie by putting her up for adoption; and, now has to deal with the fact that Purity is "impure."

Again, I apologize for the length, but I do hope you will respond to all my questions and comments soonest. Thank you in advance,
Professor Catherine Elwell

Sun Jul 6 18:52:43 1997

Writing could possibly be gang affiliated.

Response: We are considering that possibility.

Sun Jul 6 18:07:00 1997

on the note on the map it says if she dies "in there." the pictures show she/he is in a drain when the drain fills up with water he/she will die. she is near a drain by her house

Sun Jul 6 17:51:26 1997

Sorry, I just couldn't resist!!
There was no other way, she was...making fun of my hair!!

Response: This investigation is not a matter to be taken lightly. If you do indeed have priveleged information regarding the identity of the killer, plase contact Detective Armstrong immediately at armstrong@crimescene.com.

Sun Jul 6 17:15:42 1997

Has there been an interview of Jake (ex-boyfriend) since
Purity's body has been discovered? Where has he been? Has
there been any further contact between them?


Response: We expect to post an interview with Mr. Rohleen shortly.

Sun Jul 6 15:27:32 1997

I hope the investigation is going well, my question is;

Has every stundent been checked at the university that had a 10-13 year old brother and also employees such as campus security?
I have a feeling that the person who had knowalage of the artical on Purity describing the murder of her sister inspired this person to do what he did.

I also feel that he had no intention of killing her.

Good luck I hope you find the sick person responsible

Response: We are currently running checks as part of our search for the boy. Nothing conclusive so far.

Sun Jul 6 15:23:42 1997

Did Knight have any enemies that anyone knew about?

Response: None known.

Sun Jul 6 13:45:41 1997

Mr.Armstrong the Trick officer.
Could you please answer the questions below, thanks.


Response: We respond to comments posted to this page as promptly as possible. However, the ongoing investigation takes much of our time. Our apologies.

Sun Jul 6 13:41:40 1997

The triangle=group
18 sticks= 18 peoples involved on this case
What do you thing?

Sun Jul 6 13:26:20 1997

What part of town was it?

Sun Jul 6 13:25:14 1997

Look carefully at the Church of Christ the Avenger. Who are members that have any involvement with Purity? Look most carefully at Woolworth, and Purity's boyfriend. I believe Thaddeus is the young boy who ran from the scene.

Sun Jul 6 11:27:08 1997

On Sun Jun 22 18:27:10 I posted my theory on pieces of the murder. I asked several questions but they were not answered. Perhaps someone could go back and answer them? I think I'm closing in on an answer but I need these questions answered.

Sun Jul 6 08:44:09 1997

Dear Det.Armstrong,
The little boy that he saw at the cemitery could be
Timmy 10 y old ex-Valerie student. Please check.

Sun Jul 6 07:33:18 1997

Could the sticks be made my the little boy in the woods.

Sun Jul 6 07:13:03 1997

i don't understand this case but i want to help e-me. at (KUUMBAHSE) thankyou

Sat Jul 5 22:52:04 1997

i would like to know if the knife that killed Ms.knight is the same weapon used to kill Ms.Vilson???

Response: The victim died of malnutrition and exposure to extreme elements, not of stab wounds.

Sat Jul 5 17:33:07 1997

where does she live? and why did she got killed? thank you

Sat Jul 5 15:24:43 1997

how did she die?

Sat Jul 5 14:51:28 1997

Please check the Ask The Detectives file ASAP...
I need answers to questions that have not been asked...

Response: We do our best to keep up with questions posted here and on AOL message boards. However, the ongoing investigation takes much of our time. Our apologies for any delays.

Sat Jul 5 14:29:22 1997

Matthew Owens knows more than he is saying. He knows who killed her.

Response: We hope to interview Owens again shortly.

Sat Jul 5 13:01:11 1997

Did PK write all of the poetry found herself, explaining the pens in her coffin?

Response: Unlikely.

Sat Jul 5 12:59:35 1997

Three questions:
1. The music on the Ego Shovel website is the same music that Ed and Purity enjoyed listening to on Sundays as well as the same music that the "prank" caller played for PK?

2. PK was trying to reach "salvation." The coffin was her vehicle, as Prof. Woolworth made it clear in his interview that "there are more vehicles than just spaceships."

3. Is there a chat room for crime scene that is NOT on AOL?


Sat Jul 5 11:17:01 1997

Has the identity of the young boy who was at the scene when the body was found been identified?

Response: Not yet. We are still searching.

Sat Jul 5 08:18:42 1997

Dave Anderson? A killer? That's a little too Scooby-Doo.

Response: Anderson is above reproach.

Sat Jul 5 08:09:38 1997

has anyone checked the retardation center?

Sat Jul 5 02:18:01 1997

Detective Arstrong,

Was Anderson taken off because some of the people on line
were taking his side and were saying that you were not as
good as he was???

Response: No.

Fri Jul 4 23:17:06 1997

Why was Detective Anderson taken off of the case? Did Detective Armstrong discover something about Anderson and a connection to this case? Is Detective Anderson the PI that Giblini had hired? Or is it the other way around is Dectective Anderson getting to close to the truth about Dectective Armstrong being involved in the case? I mean why would anybody filling out a memo sign it by a nickname. I have never know anyone to sign an official memo that was going into anyone's personal file with a nickname. Why sign "Trick" instead of Detective Armstrong? As an EMT-B I know that the smell of a body being uncovered is not sickening until you move a little part of the body.

Response: Both Armstrong and Anderson are beyond reproach.
Relations within the department are informal and collegial. Nicknames are standard practice here.

Fri Jul 4 22:14:21 1997

Any fingerprints retrieved from polaroids, knife or other crime scene evidence?

Fri Jul 4 20:46:20 1997

he didnt do it it was a man in a white shirt. he had long hair but i saw his fae where that grey car was...

Fri Jul 4 17:21:54 1997

Is it possible that Ms. Vilson was late on her payments of the drugs and someone came after her due to the fact she didn't pay for the drug. It also brings up the question of what the mystery powder was!

Fri Jul 4 16:21:08 1997


The world " Bitch" was wrote with letter " i " or " y "?


Fri Jul 4 16:15:29 1997

What is the library name where Purity usually goes?


Fri Jul 4 16:13:20 1997

If Purity didnt have a job where did she get her money? how did she support herself? She couldnt have been getting money from her parents because it states that she severed all ties with her parents for a while. where did she get the money for gas rent food.... and where did she get money to travel as she did? maybe she owned someone money.she must have not been to worried about it cause if she was she wouldnt be volenteering any where-- she would be in great need of a job. why was Detective Armstrong taken off the case? what does he know? what is he hiding?

Response: The victim apparently took a number of odd jobs overseas to pay for her travels. The source of her money for tuition and other expenses in Oxford is unknown.
Anderson, not Armstrong, was taken off the case. Details to come.

Fri Jul 4 14:20:17 1997

Sir, I admire your work.

My name is Wim Rietveldt and I live in the Netherlands (Europe). I would like to receive a postcard from your country. Please, send me a card. I shall also send you a card from the place I live.

My address is, Wim Rietveldt
Kleienburg 23
The Netherlands (Europe)

e-mail address: wimrietv@pi.net

I am looking forward, to receive any message.

Yours faithfully

Wim Rietveldt

Fri Jul 4 13:45:27 1997

Where was Purity's body found?

Fri Jul 4 13:17:37 1997

I've notice you mention that there is another interview planned for Mr. Archer. (good idea). Suggest you try to ascertain the following:
1) What prior contact that Archer had had with Purity. (There is a very high probability that the two knew eachother because of her financial difficulties and his employment in the University Financial office. Perhaps a check of the office records can confirm if he was working her case. If he was, then ask him why he referred to the body he discovered as the girl "that's been in the papers"and not Purity Knight.)
2) Ask to examine his personal computer, his computer at work and the one at the Oxford Historical Society. Do any of these have a Laserjet printer? or have any Edgar Allan Poe quotes in any of the files?
3) Determine the time of sunrise on the 9th of June and whether this would have impacted his view of the "child" (who may or may not exist) and his view of the body in the buried crate. As well, ask him how could he see inside the crate (which did not have a light inside) at dawn and identify the deceased as the girl "that's been in the papers".
4) Obtain a handwriting sample from him and compare it to the note on the top of the crate. Is he left handed? Ask him if he would like a cigarette (burns on body).
5) Check on his work at the Oxford Historical Society for his access to Geological Survey Maps and unique photographic equipment.
6) Finally, check the university gym records or regular gym members for info on his attendance. As others have pointed out, his story has conspicuously changed between his statement to the investigating officer and his statement later during his initial interview.

Sorry about the lengthy comments but I believe that once these details are resolved that the perpetrator (Archer) can be quickly indicted for Purity's murder.

Thanks for the hours of entertainment!

Fri Jul 4 12:46:30 1997

was the note on the back of the picture written on paper used to develop fillm?

Fri Jul 4 12:16:15 1997

Amazing website.... keep up the great work!!!!

Any news on the analysis and lab results for the white blanket, plastic sheet, ball point pens, and cracker box that were found in with the body?

As well, were the words "B*tch" written in paint, marker or ball point pen?
- Dave

Fri Jul 4 11:52:01 1997

Are you by any chance the Ted who looked at Val's computer while she was being threatened?
Are you by any chance the Ted who spliced the phone line in Val's apartment so that calls could be traced?

What was your relationship to Val while she was alive???


Fri Jul 4 10:44:38 1997

Why would Purity's roommate say the message left was a prank call, was Purity missing at the time of the call?

Also, were there any fingerprints on the tape that was attached to the back of picture # 2.

The poem makes it sound like an ex-boyfriend, what do you think?

Fri Jul 4 09:09:21 1997

Give a description of the PKs pickup truck, please, thank you.

Fri Jul 4 08:24:37 1997

Hello, Det. Armstrong,
I am the person who said you were not to be trusted...Perhaps I had the wrong guy, but there are some things that lead me to believe that either you or your partner, Det. Anderson, is hiding knowldege, and possibly clues from us...
My apologies for a seemingly unfounded accusation..
Thanks, ALangel@aol.com

Thu Jul 3 18:56:20 1997

Dear Det. Armstrong:

If your name is L.T.C. Armstrong, commonly known as Ted - please explain how you got the nickname "Trick". I'm sure it will give us some insight on your talents in solving this case.

Thu Jul 3 18:43:11 1997

did purity hav anything to do with her sisters boyfriend

Thu Jul 3 18:22:30 1997

It seems to me that a full-scale search for the young boy is in order as well as further investigation into cults.
It also seems that several people have ties mathmatically to the University--check that out as well.

Thu Jul 3 16:44:27 1997

Wow!I must say I never really concidered myself to be gullible,so either you have an extreme talent for story telling or I am just that GULLIBLE! I have to tell you this story was totally beliveable and I was at once shocked and relieved to find out it wasn't.I can see how this story could upset some people and altought I have a strange fascination for gore I have to tell you that I was alittle spooked,could you please tell valerie that I am relieved she's alive and althougt I tend to prefer the truth I may actually continue reading your "thing".You really should become a writer,no story has ever held my attention as well as yours and it would be a great injustice to let a talent such as this go to waste.

Thu Jul 3 15:58:57 1997

could the sticks found near body be a or one of the symbols related to or have something to do with "Ego Shovel". Is it perhaps in the shape of a shovel, along with being shaped like a pyramid?

Thu Jul 3 12:56:24 1997

please explain why we can not trust det.armstrong?

Response: We consider this line of reasoning to be flawed. Det. Armstrong is an upstanding officer of the law. His integrity is beyond question.

Thu Jul 3 11:17:22 1997

If Archer took the same walk every day, and Purity had been there for awhile, wouldn't the dog hear anything?
When the dog pulled away and Archer saw the boy, what was the boy saying, and why didn't Archer smell anything right away? Also, if he couldn't see the boy's face to discribe him because it was dark, then why when the boy ran away was he able to describe what the boy was digging at that made him go over there and dig also?

Response: The victim may not have made noise.
Archer could not determine what the boy was saying. Presumably the odors became stronger as the box was uncovered.
Archer was in the wooded area in the early morning. Twilight and shadows prevented him from seeing his face clearly.

Thu Jul 3 11:14:45 1997

To me there seems to be a connection. Be it religous or other. The bio states that Ben Archer is a devout christian and according to Purity's friends so was she. This would seem to be a good way to lure Purity somewhere. Also, Ben Archer, it states, lives with his mother...remember that Jeffery Dahmer lived with his grandmother. This seems to me to mean he has a hard time meeting women or feels uncomfortable around women, thus his closeness to his mother. Thanks reyes19@idt.net

Thu Jul 3 10:36:06 1997

2 Questions:
1) Have any inhabitants of the retardation center NE of murder site been interviewed? Do any have initials PK or PR?

2)Since Armstrong may be unreliable, are all of his interviews video- or audio taped?

Response: (1) No one from the retardation center has been interviewed.
(2) Interviews are generally either audio- or videotaped. Whether all formats of the interview are released depends on the wishes of the interviewee.
We consider this line of reaosning flawed. Armstrong has proven himself extremely trustworthy.

Thu Jul 3 09:38:34 1997

You said Biological... is there a step sister if so how close is there relashionship??

Response: No step-sister.

Thu Jul 3 07:33:00 1997


Response: You need an AOL account to reach the AOL message board and chat areas. For more information, please refer to AOL's World Wide Web site at www.aol.com.

Thu Jul 3 05:54:26 1997

Did the blood on Valerie Vilson's cat belong to her sister?

Response: No. DNA testing revealed that it belonged to Will Giblini.

Wed Jul 2 22:41:35 1997

This is of the utmost importance!!!

Detective ARMSTRONG (re-read the name) is NOT to be trusted...

DO NOT post here for his answers..Go to the AOL files, and post there..

THIS MAN has things to hide, and Detective Terry Anderson is the one to trust .
Anderson has the answers, NOT Armstorng...
My source at this site is reliable!!!

Best to all of you,

Response: We consider this line of reasoning to be extremely flawed. In his 14 years of service in the department, Armstrong has always been a man of integrity and utmost trustworthiness.
What evidence leads you to make this accusation?

Wed Jul 2 22:09:14 1997

Has anyone spoken to the little boy who was at the site when Archer was in the woods. I think perhaps he could have been talking to Purity before she died. Need to find him.

Response: We are still searching for the boy.

Wed Jul 2 19:43:37 1997

1: In the interview Ms Perez claimed that she didn't know Val but from the comment, you said that she knew Val but they were not friends. Can you clearify that for me?
2: Ms Perez was in Directing Class. Was she in the class when Val's roommate Briana was doing acting for one of the student director?
3: Does Ms Perez know Briana? Have they ever work together?
4: Notes that were find in the cover of the box, have you compair the hand writing with anyone?
5: Does Ms Perez know Ben Archer?

Response: 1. She knew of Vilson, but had never interacted with her.
2. No.
3. No.
4. Handwriting analysis so far has produced no matches.
5. No.

Wed Jul 2 18:54:08 1997

2 things:

The verse written on the ventilation cover at the crime scene seems to be about a jilted lover (male or female).

And it is quite possible to be a major in a large theatre department and not know everyone. There are usually hundreds of people involved in a large department.

Response: Thank you.

Wed Jul 2 18:47:57 1997

What did a search of the victim's apartment produce?

Wed Jul 2 16:09:52 1997

Has the child that possily built the pyramid been found or questioned if he/she has seeen any thing?

Response: We are still looking for the child.

Wed Jul 2 09:54:40 1997

Wasn't the area around the crime scene sandy?
That should mean that the body was underneath a very permeable surface. You can smell through it quite easy then! That's another thing about Archer that bothers me, he should have smelled the body!

Wed Jul 2 09:40:02 1997

Is that pyramid of sticks near where you found Purity cult related??? Maybe it is a sign of one of the cults???

Please clarify.

Wed Jul 2 09:35:54 1997

"Archer said he walks two or three times a week and works out at the university gym on the other days." Archer said this in this incident report. He lied! During his interview he said the following:

Question: Could you go ahead and describe what happened on the morning of June 9?
Answer: Sure. I was out for my walk. I walk every morning just as the sun is coming up.

Which is it?????

Wed Jul 2 09:26:34 1997

Can you at all fingerprint the pyramid sticks at the crime scene??? I know it sounds kinda odd but someone put those there and I want to know who!


Wed Jul 2 08:27:46 1997

I am confused. I just read a question that asked what Purity did for money and the response was that she didn't work and her parents refused to help. Didn't she work at the animal shelter?

Response: As a volunteer. She was hoping to advance into a paid position later in the spring.

Wed Jul 2 06:26:15 1997

i think owens the stalker is working with the neighbor johnny who was the one who really killed her

Tue Jul 1 19:30:27 1997

of course ben archer and ed pierce are going to deny any sexual encounters with purity,but i beleive it is probable that there never was a rape only a cover up. purity was hiding the truth about her pregnancy her "secrets".
mathew owens knew what those secrets were, and he should be asked to reveal the secrets that he claimed to know.
please include these questions in the lie detector test.

Tue Jul 1 17:42:15 1997

I feel the suspect knew both victims. The next thing I would is look for people who smoke. I would also look for any cigarettes at the second victims house. Further more I feel that Mr. Rohleen is in line for a lie dector test. One other note I would like to add is that fathers strong religious views come into play, especially when it concerns 2 of his daughters or his family members he also might be in line for a lie dector test.

Tue Jul 1 14:35:43 1997


Tue Jul 1 14:15:12 1997

i was just wondering what if purity knight was sleeping with ben archer to get through school and she was pregnant with his baby.this would give him motive and explain his strange behavior.there is still someone else involved maybe lee perez. could it be that neither one of them knew who's baby it was and conspired together?

Response: Archer claimed not to know the victim. The autopsy examination indicated that the victim was not pregnant when she died.

Tue Jul 1 13:35:18 1997

what time was this and is there a second or third suspect. if not make it and you will find the killer.

Tue Jul 1 11:35:05 1997

if she had a boyfriend or someone she knew that she made go to a mental hospital.You should query her boyfriend if she had one.If possible

Response: The victim did not appear to have a boyfriend.

Tue Jul 1 09:50:06 1997

The possibility of a serial form killer is there due to the fact that the 2 victims so far are biological sisters.

questions: 1) Are there any suspects up to now ?
2) If so, do the victims have any mutual relation
to any of the known suspects?
This might narrow it down making it easier to find the killer

Response: The Vilson case has been solved. The two murders are thought to be unrelated.

Tue Jul 1 09:10:53 1997

In response to my earlier post regarding the footprints found at the site of Purity's grave, you wrote that "There were indications of a child's footprints. They washed away before casting began." Hmmm. Obviously those footprints are important pieces of evidence. I am interested in seeing the dossiere on your evidence collector. It seems negligent to not have taken casts of them immediately. Unless, it's to the evidence collector's benefit to not have those footprints available... I take it that the evidence collector is a local, as they are usually one of the first people on the crimescene. Perhaps your evidence collector has begun a sideline hobby of stalking and killing pretty college girls---or even just Purity. In any case, not having those footprints is odd. As we in L.A. say, bloody glove, anyone? Dossiere please. Thank you. TheSaint76@aol.com

Response: Recent heavy rains rendered accurate casting impossible.

Tue Jul 1 07:46:29 1997

i think purity's pregnancy was definately the reason she died.the baby was ED PIERCE'S baby! purity had to have an
abortion or lee would have surely found out.ed pierce needs to be interviewed again and you need to ask him if him and purity did have sex and if the would've been baby was his.
he needs to be pushed to talk.purity could have been sleeping w/ him for money.he did say she was hot.

Response: The victim had an abortion in early 1995. According to the coroner, there were no indications that the victim was pregnant when she died, nor had she been pregnant in the weeks immediately preceding her death.

Pierce claims not to have had sexual relations with the victim.

Tue Jul 1 07:40:02 1997

is it possible that lee perez could have been in a jealous rage because she found out that ed and purity were sleeping together? the cigarette burns indicate (to me being a female) that a jealous female was the person that burned purity. she had to have help from a male because i dont think she could have done this all herself. please respond

Response: Thank you for your observations.

Pierce claims not to have had sexual relations with the victim.

Tue Jul 1 00:06:09 1997

...is there any evidence that Purity was really raped ? Maybe she just told Val that to ensure cooperation. Pregnancy is rarely the result of a rape. Probability tends to suggest consentual sex.

Response: Possible. Rohleen insists there was no rape.

Tue Jul 1 00:02:02 1997

...how could Ms. Perez be involved in the theatre at the university and not have known Valerie? Did she arrive at college after Val's death?

Response: She knew of her--they were not friends

Mon Jun 30 23:59:46 1997

....if there was a young boy at the scene where the body was discovered and he reacted as the witness said he did
then this suggests that the boy knew that the girl was buried there and may know who buried her. If anyone involve in this investigation has a child that age......then the child should be questioned.

Response: Good suggestion. Unfortunately, no one fits that description. Of the current witnesses, only Johnny McPhail has a child, and she is grown.

Mon Jun 30 22:15:24 1997

did she call anybody before her murder?

Response: Her mother.

Mon Jun 30 22:14:18 1997

Maybe Purity killed Valerie and her boyfriend and boyfriend's brother then somebody found out about it and killed her in revenge. I would enter this in the contest but I'm 13 so I can't enter.

Response: Vilson's killer has been found.

Mon Jun 30 22:01:26 1997

Does the little boy, Archer saw know the victim?
Anyone leave the trailer park roughly around the time of the murder?
Did the victim mention to anyone about meeting someone?
Did the victim have any altercations with anyone before abduction?

Mon Jun 30 18:23:07 1997

Hi! God job on the case so far.

Response: Thanks. We assume you mean good.

Mon Jun 30 18:03:16 1997

Where was purity's x-boyfriend during the time of her murder?

Response: In Arkansas.

Mon Jun 30 16:10:30 1997

About the "pyramid" at the site of Purity's captivity...
Could it really be an arrow? Do any of the points of the
pyramid point toward anything interesting? It would be
especcially interesting if the knife jabbed into the ground
lined up with one of the points. Her captor was frustrated
with the time it was taking anyone to find her (as stated in
one of the notes to the police). Maybe the killer decided to
leave a clue.

Response: There was no apparant alignment to other items, including the knife.

Mon Jun 30 15:58:46 1997

I've been riveted by this case for a week now, reading every
bit of info I can on the internet. However, in response to
a question about the reality of the case, you posted a link
which, when connected, gives very strange information. When I tried to connect with the other sites on that page, I
got a message saying it cannot be accessed. What's the deal?
Is the Purity Knight case real or not? Please tell me so I can
make a decision as to whether or not I want to continue following
the story/developments on this site. Others are sure to agree with me.

Response: For information regarding the reality in this site see:
There was an error in the links on that page. Thanks for calling it to our attention.

Mon Jun 30 15:49:00 1997

Where did PK get Money? Did she work? From Parents?

Any leads to the rumors she was involved with drugs and was in rehab during missing months?

Any U Students from Memphis? (Postmarks & Film)

Response: Knight had a student loan. She didn't work and her aprents refused financial support. That rumor you mention was initiated by the Knight family in the AOL chatroom (Keyword: crimescene). It has not been proven.

Mon Jun 30 13:22:14 1997

Find out who smokes and you may have a lead. So who of the people who have been involved or interviewed smoke cigarettes??? The coroner's report said that there were numerous cigarette burns all over her body!

Response: Perez and McPhail smoke. Owens is a reformed smoker.

Mon Jun 30 13:08:02 1997

DISregard previous QT:What size shoe does Mattew Owens have, and does he own a pair of shoes that match the print that was found in front of purity's house?

Response: He wears the same size shoes as the prints found at the peeping incident. The converse tennis shows indiacted in the show print have not been recovered.

Mon Jun 30 11:50:56 1997

First, you said that several partial footprints and smaller child-like footprints were found in the area of Purity's grave. Later, in response to a professor's question, you said no footprints were found. The earlier statement seemed to validate Archer's claim of having seen a little boy at the site. The later claim makes his statement seem false. Could you please clarify this discrepincy? Thank you.TheSaint76@aol.com

Response: My apologies to the professor. There were indications of a child's footprints. They washed away before casting began.

Mon Jun 30 11:08:50 1997

Is it possible that Purity wrote those words "You Bitch", indicating that the abductor was female? Maybe her roommate was jealous that Purity and Ed got along. Was he having an affair with her? Maybe Lee found this out and decided to make her pay.

Mon Jun 30 08:14:40 1997

Ben Archer: Left handed? His photo shows him with his left hand more promenant than the right; his folder more to his left than right. He works in financial aid? The professor said that Purity was worried about money. Has Ben Archer been considered as a suspect? That half baked story about his dog and the kid seem, well, half-baked.


Mon Jun 30 07:48:22 1997

The neighbor said that the person that he saw was about 5'8" or so, right? Doesn't it list Owens' height as 6'5" on the arrest record? Then, how could he be the person who was seen outside her window? There has to be another stalker. How tall is Ed?

Mon Jun 30 06:48:50 1997

Hello there, I have one question for now..
Is Owen left or right handed?

Sun Jun 29 22:03:01 1997

Did police or FBI seach the return address on the pictures and maps sent to authorities?

Response: No return address was on the envelopes.

Sun Jun 29 21:47:00 1997

detective armstrong,

is it possible to get a list of some of puritys close friends, things that they are involved in such as drug use, or even selling of drugs. Also if she was involved in any un normal groups

Response: A list of her friends and their drug habits was created, but is not available here. Check the constitution for more information.

Knight was interested in the cult band Ego Shovel.

Sun Jun 29 21:39:15 1997

If the man with the dog states that he walks his dog every morning in the same area./ why is it that he didnt notice the body earlier, being that the body had been there for 30 hours according to the coroners report???wouldn't the dog have smelled the horrible smell he talked about. wouldn't he have seen something strange?

Response: The man, Ben Archer, had been drawn off his normal path by his dog. A follow up interview with Archer is planned.

Sun Jun 29 21:03:01 1997

Detective Armstrong - Is it possible that maybe your partner, Anderson, knows just a little more than he is telling? Maybe you should give him a lie detector test!

Response: Not Likely.

Sun Jun 29 20:58:03 1997

Has anyone checked the background records of teacher?

Response: Speeding tickets and nothing worse. He is a former member of two bands in the drug culture: Kudzu Kings and Dr. Jah and the Love Prophets.

Sun Jun 29 18:56:49 1997

I noticed in the coroner's report the estimated time of death was 6/7/97, or 30 hours before discovery. In the incident report the estimated time of death is 7 days, "based on degree of acute rigor and decomposition. Which is it?

Response: That date on the police report was in error due to field conditions. The victim was dead 30 hours before discovery.

Sun Jun 29 18:42:51 1997

Is the fact that Purity's body was cleansed and groomed similarly to that of Valarie Vilson's no indication to you that the suspect may have been related in this crime and the murders of Valarie, Gregg, and William. Explain.

Did we find the computer disk?

Does the PI think Purity might have it and killed her thinking he could profit from the "illegal" ownership; or, maybe Tom is in contact with him from the inside as a source to maintain his "empire" and gain access to the still unlocated program?

Is this PI now under disquise as "Terry" or "Terrence"? If not, who is this person?

How many children, 10-12 years old, with a home (even in a trailer park), do you know that would be out in any area, especially the wooded areas, between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. unless they are waiting for a school bus during the school year?

Have you found this child?

How do you relate the sticks arranged in a pyramid pattern to a young child? Explain and rationalize!

Were shoeprints, even muddied, found at the scene where the body was located? Even after a rain, indentations other than leaves, sticks, and windfalls can be observed. Rainwater would settle in a deepened shoeprint if it was made by an almost 6' person.

Who is Caddy? Purity mentions him/her in FAX #3 to Valarie?

Re: Archer Interview: Are snakes common in the area?

Were there "small, child like" fingerprints around the area of the box grave or on the box?

Is it possible that Perez knew Valarie and/or William Giblini?

Have you interviewed Matt Owens after he called to talk to you? If so, where is that interview for my review?

I also do not see an interview of Jake Rohleen and evidently he has a younger brother who was only mentioned once. Where does he fit in?

Do you think/know that David Woolworth, the teacher, was the "geek" Purity referred to?

OR, was Joey Stenton, who loved Valarie, the "geek" from school that Purity always referred to?

I am the instructor of Fundamentals of Investigation and am trying to give my students this scenario case to answer some "what to do or what if" questions as a final exam. We successfully solved the Valarie Vilson case after extensive role play interviews and I would like them to be able to pick the facts and issues as an investigator out of Purity's case. If you hear from Scott Yaden again please do not respond as you might give him a heads up on the other students. I will appreciate an immediate response to my questions however. Thank you in advance, Professor Elwell

Response: 1-The bathing in the Vilson murder occured when the killer staged the crime to make it appear as a psychotic act of rage--implicating the boyfriend. The cleaning in this case may very well be a copycat. In addition, it is unlikely the killer would have been aware the body would be found so quickly. Had it been underground much longer, the care he gave her hair might have gone undetected.

2-The disk from the Vilson murder was never recovered.

3-The data on the disk is not worth the risk of imprisonment for the PI from the Vilson case.

4-There are several Terry's involved. Which do you mean?

5-School was out of session on June 9th, the day the body was found. The boy will be found, there are a limited number of children that age in the area.

6-The boy has not been found. We are confident this will change.

7-There is little to support Archer's assertion that he saw a child. No toys or shoeprints--and no reason for a child to be out that early. The sticks arranged in the dirt, seemed childlike and were connected to the child rather than: Archer, the Killer, or the Victim.

8-The area where the body was found is sandy. Take a look at the photo of the sticks. You can see how the water sculpted the sand and washed it smooth. The area may have been choosen for its particular drainage pattern.

9-There are many breeds of snakes here. The dirt above the grave harbored several snake eggs--recently deposited (by the snake). The two weeks of burial time was drawn from this information.

10-The box was submerged, no prints found.

11-Perez knew Valerie Vilson.

12-The Owens interview is here.

13-Jake Rohleen and his family refuse to participate in releasing any information pertaining to them. The younger Rohleen has mobility problems and would have been unable to access the crime scene.

14-Woolworth is not the computer geek type. More so, since Knight knew him, she might have chooosen a more descriptive term.

15-Shenton is in Seattle.

Sir--you asked an awful lot of informed questions. Other viewers might take note of the quality of issues raised. However: Note to All Lets try to keep the number of questions down to a few at a time.

Sun Jun 29 14:20:02 1997

The two lines that were on the notes, specifically "In the Silence of the Night, How we shiver with Affright" and "In visions of the dark night, have dreamed of joy departed, but a walking dream of life and light, hath left me broken hearted". Were these lines taken out of the cult book named The End is Nearer? What if Purity wasn't in the cofffin the whole time she was abducted? Was she trying to send the police a note that would tell them that someone from the cult abducted her?

Response: The lines are from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe called, "The Bells."

Sun Jun 29 13:00:29 1997

Detective Armstrong, Watch your partner -Anderson I think
he knows more than he is telling. He is young and single.
Could be he was dating the victim. Things got out of hand
with a little rough playing. The boyfriend was set up to take the fall. Think about it?

Response: Anderson is a man of honor. No matter what happens.

Sun Jun 29 12:27:57 1997

What ever became of Nasser Al-Haliq? It says he was deported to Jordon. Was he involved with the Giblini computer program? Is it possible that during the time Purity disappeared (between Reed coll. and Ole Miss) that she was with Al-Haliq?

Response: She was more likely there while in the Kibbutz, just after her 1st year at Reed.

Sun Jun 29 06:58:41 1997


One more question? What does Ben Archer look like?


Response: Archer's Photos is here.

Sat Jun 28 21:10:36 1997

Can we see the 911 call from Mr. Archer?
For some reason most of what he says is unbelievable
do you think he would answer more questions in detail?
Like what direction did the boy run? (toward a building?)
Maybe his parent or parent's work in the area? Maybe he doesn't
exist? I think Mr. Archer is lying.(ALOT)
What happen to his dog? Did he take his dog with him to call

Response: The 911 service in this area is operated by the city of Oxford. Without a court order, they will not release data from an ongoing investigation. There is a court order in process.

Many think Archer is holding back. Another interview is scheduled.

Sat Jun 28 20:12:15 1997

What did Archer hear the boy say, if anything.
What direction did the boy run in? (a street or building through the woods)
How long was he there examining the box, he commented,after the sun came up. That takes a little while.
When he realized it was a body by seeing the hair and by the rotten odor why did he cont. digging around instead of getting the police?
Is there a recording of the call to the sheriff's dept. when he reported finding the body?

Response: 1-The boy's word were unintelligible.
2-The boy ran into the trees.
3-Archer dug for about 15 minutes before calling police.
4-The call is not yet available.

Sat Jun 28 18:35:15 1997

There are two people who should be reinterviewed.
Ben Archer- I do not believe his yarn about encountering a young boy out in the woods. He stated that he found the boy digging in the soil, digging something up, completely ignoring the dog. He also stated that he heard crying. I assume he means the boy was crying as he has not yet mentioned seeing anyone else that morning. If his dog ran into the woods, possibly in response to this crying, I believe the dog would have gone directly to the boy and it would have been impossible for the boy to simply "ignore" him. I believe that Ben Archer is lying about what actually transpired. We have only his account and it is fishy.

Matthew Owens - The note he taped to the windshiled of patrol car read, in part: "I felt she (Purity) had gotten off lightly in the whole process."
During his interview, he stated: "It seemed so unfair ...that she should be taking Val's place even though she was the criminal."

Why did he state that Purity was the criminal? What did he know or suspect that caused him to believe in Purity's criminality? Why was he not asked to name these crimes? Will he be asked?

At Purity's crime scene, there were 18 sticks arranged in a neat pyramid shapt. The notation was that these sticks were the only indication that a child was present. How does these sticks or their arrangement indicate the presence of a child? If anything, their number - 18 - and their arrangement is the work of an adult. Ben Archer stated that the boy he supposedly found at the crime scene was sobbing and digging, not neatly arranging 18 sticks into a pyramid.

Response: Owens and Archer present many questions. Follow-up interviews will provide answers.

The sticks were attributed to the boy as a means of supporting Archer's sighting of the child. There are many other possible reasons for the sticks and their arrangement.

Sat Jun 28 15:52:28 1997

After reading the comments by the Woolworth guy, and viewing his"pic', there are several new threads of theory about the life, abduction, and murder of Purity:
1)He is the cultic leader
2)Purity was a cult member
3)The unexplained rape that resulted in her pregnancy and abortion were probably due to the efects of the illegal drug Rohyphnol, which is commonly known as the 'rape pill', for its rapid sedative and amenstic effects..this could also have been how Purity was abducted, and kept quiet in the 'cage-coffin'.
4)The triangle has a cultic symbolic meaning.
5) Her torture was conducted in a systematic, sadistic way, not by a parent seeking repentence, but by more than one individual, with the motive of infliction of pain, perhaps in ritualistic ceremonies over a period of time, with Purity being removed from the coffin, and tied to the tree.
6)Woolworth is a KEY PLAYER here...

In summary, discover more about the extra-curricular activities of Woolworth, why a school would employ someone of his general physical appearance as a teacher, and why he left academic circles to teach high school.
The KEYS to the murder are the CULT, the rape drug and abortion, and the 'secret life' that Purity led...Still think she was involved in prostitution or group sex...Maybe the term is now CULT GROUP SEX.... Find the cult members!!!
Also, consider the CHURCH of purity's parents as a breeding ground for cultic activity..Radical groups often cover up subversive activity with pseudo-religious piety!!


Response: Both religious groups are questionable. The Knight's belong to the Ultra-conservative Church of the Avenger. The Oxford Cult, Ego Shovel is ultra-liberal. Extremism is a step a way from psychosis.

Woolworth is presently a respected member of the teaching community. His "hippie" appearance is not looked down upon.

Sat Jun 28 15:50:59 1997


Did you check the photo depart. at the university to see if they have the same type of filme and photo equipment that somebody use to take P.K.s pictures?
Send a answer to Abeze63932@aol.com

Response: They don't use old-style polaroids at all.

Sat Jun 28 15:31:17 1997

did anyone interview Thaddeus?
Where was he at the time the body of P.K. was found?
Were there any prints on the camera?

Response: Jake Rohleen's brother is familiar to investigators. His family has declined to participate. The Rohleens and the Knights were in Arkansas at the time the body was found.

Sat Jun 28 12:47:48 1997

Dear Detectives,
Is there any way that the victim was visited while she was buried?
Wouldn't a child or anyone hear her inside the box if she was making any noise? I do think that the two murders are connected. Where is the P.I. hired by Greg now?


Response: The victim may have been visited while buried--by the killer or the child. The lid to the box was insulated to prevent noise--but certainly she could have been heard by anyone near.
The PI from the Vilson case is out of the country.

Sat Jun 28 11:44:41 1997

Keep up the good work on this sight! Please check up on the cult since i am sure they have something to do with Puritys abduction and murder. and by the way *grin* when are you going to start responding to the comments?

Response: The cult has a web site.

Sat Jun 28 10:24:48 1997

A friend? Come on, I think we know what that's about.

Sat Jun 28 10:22:19 1997

Madre de dios! Am I the only one who knows what's going on?

Response: It seems.

Sat Jun 28 10:16:50 1997

I think that Purity's sisters boyfriend, Greg Giblini, was stalking Purity and after he killed her sister he tried to be with Purity and she didn't want him so he killed her.

Response: Greg Giblini was found dead March 13, 1996.

Sat Jun 28 09:02:56 1997

i've read this and the Vilson case and think it would be a good movie. someone spent a lot of time setting this up. needless to say i feel this whole thing is a story and not real. Maybe whoever came up with this will sell the script and become famous.

Sat Jun 28 08:23:36 1997

Please don't think I am a moron, I can't figure out if this is real or not. It seems to be very real.

Response: For information regarding the reality of this site see: http://www.crimescene.com/purity/faulkner.html

Sat Jun 28 06:11:54 1997

Ben Archer should be brought in again for extensive questioning. What is that crap about the little boy? I think he was frustrated and insulted that the investigators had not yet found Purity's body, so he created the "discovery" to attention. (Isn't he an exceptionally smart individual?) There are many similarities between he and the victim: (1) both were university related; (2) he works in the financial aid office at the university (even Dr. Woolworth stated Purity complained of financial problems); (3) he attends the Community Episcopal Church (what affiliation was Purity and which church did she attend?)and; (4) Is Archer left handed? He appears to be in the witness photograph (left hand on top of the table). This may be just a clerical error, but Archer's bio indicates he was born in 1965 and his parents separted when he was 4 years old (i.e., 1969), yet it says that Dr. Archer remarried in 1967 (Archer would have only been 2 years old at that time, not 4).

Sat Jun 28 02:01:39 1997

Do you have any bio info on Ed Pierce?. He works with computers, but "just wants out " of school. What previous classes had he taken?

Fri Jun 27 23:07:15 1997

was fingerprints other than the victims found at the crime scene?

Fri Jun 27 23:06:56 1997

was fingerprints other than the victims found at the crime scene?

Fri Jun 27 21:58:37 1997

do u think her death has somethin to do with her sister

Fri Jun 27 20:25:49 1997

Could it be possible that the child was older than 10-12?
Say maybe 14. Then the child could have been Jake's brother.
I also think Purity's father is more involved then we realize

Fri Jun 27 20:23:51 1997

Could it be possible that the child was older than 10-12?
Say maybe 14. Then the child could have been Jake's brother.

Fri Jun 27 20:14:21 1997

ok mathew owens... the admitted stalker. a smoker remember all the cigarette burns on purity's body?the psycholinguistic analysis said that the stalker seemed like a psychotic torturer. (kind of like the torture purity went through.) mathew owens admitted he was stalking purity. i need a list of names of people in the ego shovel cult. could mathew and ben archer be in this cult and could they both have commited this crime together? they both need to be questioned seriously. lie detector tests for both

Fri Jun 27 20:02:36 1997

ok here goes...ben archer's interview was weird.what if there was no boy. i say this because he said he"found the boy playing in the soil and he ran into a sapling" remember
the cut sapling? and the pyramid sticks in the soil? hmmm.... he also got flustered when he was asked the boy's age he asked "is somebody going to answer the phone?" and didnt they say the lid was nailed shut? well archer said "when he took the lid off" there was a tunnel. then the scrape marks on the tree he says i dont know how they got there maybe a deer. then he said there weren't any deer around there. he offered to go back out and help look for more clues. or cover some up maybe? he also said the smell was that of rot but yet he could not smell it until he knew it was a person. hmmm.... seems enough to question him again to me how about you? oh yeah one more thing in his photo his LEFT HAND is on the table on top of a notepad. please bring him in for further questioning
ace13@oz-online.net i have more info on owens too he was also involved i believe

Fri Jun 27 20:01:56 1997

After several hours of working on this, and taking notes. I feel you should bring Pierce in for intense questioning.

Fri Jun 27 15:16:40 1997

Have you eaver lost someone you loved in your line of work.

Fri Jun 27 15:12:21 1997

The writing in the coffin looks like By Bitch. After the writing, look at the symbol after it. It looks like a cicle with a hanging tail. IS THIS A CULT SYMBOL? COULD YOU PLEASE TRY AND FIGURE THIS OUT?

Fri Jun 27 15:09:37 1997

It seemed that she was pressured to join some kind of Alein Cult. The only person that would know about that is David Woolworth. The book that she had was one that Woolworth had wrote. If it was Woolworth, what was his motive for doing it? Was he mad that she had an abortion? Who were the members in the cult? Plus, it looked like the killer had put two crosses in her arms, and she had multiple cigarette burns.

Fri Jun 27 15:01:18 1997

Was there any finger prints on the knife in purity knights case?

Fri Jun 27 15:00:59 1997

Was there any finger prints on the knife in purity knights case?

Fri Jun 27 13:37:03 1997

I believe that the Det. assigned to this case would be wise to contact the mental home, concerning the boy.Also the suspect might have some connection with the home.
Check for any stuents at the school who might be doing work for credit,at the home. there might be a connection between the 3 of them.

Fri Jun 27 13:03:30 1997

It says You Bitch. It's obvious.

Fri Jun 27 10:03:15 1997

I've took notes on this. At the crime scene on the sand stone it said P,K and no more. Did purity have any enemy's?
Also Knight seemed depressed from Mr.McPhails interview. He said "she kept to herslf." I find it strange that he didn't call the cops immediately. Instead he went to Lee's.

Fri Jun 27 08:40:54 1997

Were there any fingerprints left at the scene of the crime?

Fri Jun 27 07:53:58 1997

Could you please tell me if this is a "real" murder,
or is it an elaborately made-up "Cyber murder"? I must admit
that it is very detailed and I have been very interested
reading the details of the "murder". Please let me know
if it is "real" or not. Thank you.

Fri Jun 27 07:24:21 1997

I think That this styff should be blocked afer 12:00 am in the moring

Fri Jun 27 05:18:05 1997

HAs anyone questioned Prof Woolworth , esp with history of being considered a person tied to "alien cults"?

Fri Jun 27 05:03:50 1997

You mentioned that there were "dried scattered blossoms, and leaves " found in the box with Purity. Were they from the area, or somewhere else in the country?.
Also what signifigance do the 3 pens/markers found in the box mean.? Had Purity been forced to write any messages, were there any markings she may have written inside the box, or on herself?.

Fri Jun 27 04:57:40 1997

Mr Archer stated that he never noticed the smell until he realized the it was a person in the box. Wouldn't you think the smell would be noticable, even before he "moved the lid"?
Also , is it possible that Jerry Murphy might know some of the children in the vincinity of the cemetary, and might be able to identify the little boy?.
When will we know about the next interview with Mr Ar
cher, and what it details?. Carol

Thu Jun 26 22:29:42 1997

Just wanted to know if this is a true case?

Thu Jun 26 21:34:03 1997


Thu Jun 26 21:02:32 1997

Who found the body

Thu Jun 26 20:43:31 1997

Since when has the coroner been able to determine the length of death, or how long the body has been dead. Isn't that something that the Medical Examiner should determine during the post.

Thu Jun 26 19:39:30 1997

check fraud.......... askk me

Thu Jun 26 18:08:19 1997

i know who did it it was matthew owens just arrest him now and bring him in for interogation

Thu Jun 26 17:06:21 1997


Thu Jun 26 16:27:53 1997

I have just received an e-mail saying that this whole site is fiction and made up by some theater director. I can't believe I've wasted hours pouring over some tosspot's fantasy.

Thu Jun 26 16:19:49 1997

I think your killer has sent several messages and comments by e-mail to this site because he thinks he can outwit everybody
But its not me.

Thu Jun 26 16:13:44 1997

After reading the book 'Mindhunter', it appears that proactive techniques are often used to lure the offender into an investigation. Is this your intention with this website i.e are you hoping that the offender may view this site and offer advice?

Thu Jun 26 15:23:12 1997

Where is purity's ex-boyfriend? Does anyone know what she did while she was missing?

Thu Jun 26 15:20:27 1997

I thought there was supposed to be some new info uploaded
last night according to "Freshfax"(during Wed. chat with Matt
Owens). Where is it??

Thu Jun 26 10:51:42 1997

It seems like the killer went through a lot to kill Purity. If I wanted to kill her, I'd be quick about it. My point is that the killer has an obsession, it's someone close to the family.

Thu Jun 26 10:24:43 1997

In describing the sticks found at the crime scene, the
word "pyramid" is used. I don't feel that this is
entirely accurate. Maybe they form the head of an
"arrow" that could point to something significant. Just
a thought.


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