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Thu Jun 26 09:53:42 1997

Maybe you've figured this already, but Owens isn't the same one who sent the Polaroids of PK. When stalking her , he used amatuer film in a point-and-shoot camera which was under exposed. The Polaroid film is professional and the equipment and knowledge to use it is above him.

Thu Jun 26 09:38:03 1997

Ben Archer kknew something about her, and that is why he had put her in a coffin. When he found out that a kid had been around the area and found the coffin, he panicked. She WAS alive at the time when Ben was there, but he had to kill her before the little boy called the police. He made up a story about finding a coffin with the boy around. He never meant to hurt her, but he didn't want to go to jail, so he killed her.

Thu Jun 26 08:35:01 1997

When she went overseas. I believe she got hooked up with a
Cult of some kind. she was kidnapped by her parents religous
family and was de-program. Someone from the Cult did it to
her when they tried to get her to come back. The purple pot
was to show her the way back to the people of the Cult.

Thu Jun 26 08:17:30 1997

Durning all of this, where are her parents and what is there
remarks about what happened?

Thu Jun 26 05:45:39 1997

I think her parents have a sick few on life and that they along with thier church followers might have had something to do with the murder or helped escalate the circumstances with thier believes and Purity's given history with her new found sister. I would also like to know why Vala.rie was given up for adoption.


7:55 P.M.

Wed Jun 25 22:36:25 1997

in the pictures sent to you the view is from the side of the "box".in the evidense photos the grid is at the top of the box.isn't that odd?

Wed Jun 25 21:19:25 1997

has distant star's "clue" about "what natasha knows" been completely thrown out as a hoax?? and is "a friend" suspected as the murderer, a murderer, or an accomplice (not actually participating in the murder but having knowledge of it) ? obvioulsy "a friend" likes to have control and power and taunting through use of these postings is one way to tease without being found out, in truth s/he is probably very afraid of being found out

Wed Jun 25 20:50:36 1997

did they catch the guy who killed valerie Vilson ?

Wed Jun 25 19:51:57 1997

NO RESPONSES IN 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed Jun 25 19:49:17 1997

I DON'T CARE WHAT IT IS.....I LOVE IT!!!!! - Kitiara THE

Wed Jun 25 18:33:36 1997

Did you get an interview with any of the victim's classmates, friends, etc?

A gumshoe

Wed Jun 25 17:03:47 1997

What were the photos of?????????? From LadyBugPJ

Wed Jun 25 16:29:25 1997


Wed Jun 25 16:25:38 1997


Wed Jun 25 13:54:57 1997


Wed Jun 25 12:45:22 1997

I figured out all of the case, but I need one more piece of info before I can say who, or else it'll sound wrong. So, if there is one question you answer tis week, PLEASE let it be this one. I NEED MORE BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON THE MAN WHO "FOUND" THE COFFIN! I need to know where he lived/any relatives/where he went to school/what he majored in/the whole 9 yards.

Wed Jun 25 11:28:10 1997

Did Joey Shenton have any connections with Purity Knight???

Wed Jun 25 11:21:04 1997

What did the victim do for a living?

Wed Jun 25 10:08:36 1997

Detective Armstrong,
Was the stock of film used for the photograph of Purity tracked to see what store that film would have been sold at? Considering Mathew liked taking pictures of her and writing notes to the police he may well have taken the photos of her in the box. At first I suspected Jake's family, but their religious ideals would never have allowed them to write "bitch". I think Mathew is the killer. He has deliberately put himself into the investigation. That seems to be common among killers. He wants to be interviewed. He thinks he is smarter than the police and this is his way of taunting them. I think in his note left on the police car saying "...she is in real danger..." he was alluding to her being in the box. It would also explain the drama in the note on the back of the photo.

Wed Jun 25 09:24:08 1997

is this real or a fake case, it has me a little worried?

Wed Jun 25 07:22:05 1997

Where was Jake when Purity disappeared?
I didn't see an alibi for Jake. Did Jake have an alibi?

Wed Jun 25 07:20:12 1997

Where was Jake when Purity disappeared?

Tue Jun 24 23:39:29 1997

I don't understand how the neighbor thought the "stalker" was around average height , when matt owens police record shows he is 6'5? just curious if there is a connection there

Tue Jun 24 22:49:55 1997

the writing looks like "by bitch"

Tue Jun 24 21:08:45 1997

Any leads to the rumor that PK was in rehab or dealing in drugs?

Tue Jun 24 21:06:42 1997

Did Purity ever take an Art History Class or classes on religion. A couple of years ago I took an Art History Class and we learned that the Pyramid is a symbol of the Trinity or the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Or it could be that there are clues in each direction of the points on the pyramid. The pryamid might have been placed by a student of Egyptology. You might want to check the Library and see who has checked out books by Edgar Allen Poe because several of the clues seem to come from his works. I think one of them comes from the story "The Premature Burial."

Tue Jun 24 21:06:01 1997

Was PK's body positioned as if it was in a casket. Arms crossed? At sides?

Tue Jun 24 20:04:42 1997

have the knights been questioned in thiscase or just the Vilson case? if not it seems possible that jake and the knights were involved in purity's death.

Tue Jun 24 20:03:29 1997


Tue Jun 24 19:56:32 1997

I have noted several unexplained "absences" by Purity...I have a professional background in Psychology, and I believe that Purity's self-image changed at the time of her abortion...
I think you need to consider STRONGLY that she may have been a prostitute (my apologies to her family), with unexplained cash on hand...
You need to find out what she did during her absences, and also if the name Terry is significant....

Please check out anyone in her life named Terry or Terrence or a variation therof.

Tue Jun 24 19:43:02 1997

i just listened to the answering machine message and it seems to be a young boy's voice. i'm wondering maybe if jake ,mathew and archer were all involved. someone who wanted to torture her not kill her. i think that all of the above men should be given a voice test,we need to see if any of these voices match any of the suspects someone was very angry about being ignored and possibly about purity's secret.(abortion)

Tue Jun 24 19:23:24 1997

Here's what I think, Ben Archer knew Purity Knight's sister Val, and thought Purity was in on her murder. Ben wanted to hurt her, so he made a coffin and put her inside. When Ben saw the boy around the coffin, he scared the boy off, and figuring the boy would call the police, so he rushed to a telephone and called the police himself. Ben wanted it to look like he had simply found the coffin and was searching it to see what was inside. One thing he forgot in his police story was that he said he could easily move the cover off. Well, in the police report, the cover was nailed down. He didn't want to kill Purity, but she had died from either a lack of oxygen, or hypothermia.

Tue Jun 24 18:17:48 1997

It would be interesting to know to what extent Jeremiah (Jake) Rohleen's family was questioned. His parents would have motive...death of would also account for the absence of rape. They may have seen this as punishment for a grave sin and may have believed that they needed to torture her to get her to repent and then once she repented or refused for what they considered the last time, she was left to GOD.
It would aslo be interesting to know if the younger Rohleen boy fit a composit photo of the boy seen at site. Maybe his age was misjudged...he was only seen for a moment.

Tue Jun 24 17:53:50 1997

I think the Knights are responsible for Purity's murder. They may not be the murderers but they are involved. It would seem to be revenge for what happened with Val. The notes and photos were sent from a Memphis postmark and Val had been getting some of her harassing calls and letters from Memphis area. Seems like a connection. Look here closely. Archer could be your actual murderer.

Tue Jun 24 13:44:21 1997

Did ms. Knight know this was going to happen? Was she warned, and that the reason she was going to the library?

Tue Jun 24 13:21:39 1997

What is the connection between Purity Nught, Greg Giblini, Will Giblini, Ben Archer, and Matthew Owens?????

Tue Jun 24 12:57:26 1997

I think you need to check out Brianna and the stalker Matt Owens. Maybe they were trying to teach her a lesson that went to far.

Tue Jun 24 12:35:20 1997

Why did matt owens tell the police that she was in real danger, was he trying to protect her? Matt also said that if it wasn't for her, Val would still be alive.

Tue Jun 24 12:21:36 1997

The rupunzel on the note, I tink it reffered to the class that her roommate was taking. In the investigation with her room-mate, she said she was taking a acting/drama class. Was the killer after her room-mate and killed the wrong person????
-Rob, the same person with the Archer theory.

Tue Jun 24 12:19:26 1997

Ben Archer lied about the coffin. The police report said that the coffin was NAILED down, yet Ben claimed he could easily move the cover off.

Tue Jun 24 11:54:12 1997

The boy was either a lie on the part of ben Archer, or he knew something about the event, being that Archer had to clear more away in order to see the box for himself.

Tue Jun 24 11:52:24 1997

He obvously did it more as a form of torture as opposed to just wanting her dead, or he wouldn't have continued to give her food after he buried her.

Tue Jun 24 11:50:38 1997

Was there an investigation into people in her English classes? maybe Rupunzel was some kind of personal connection that he felt the two of them had. The abductor is definitely an English major, and seems to even want to show off the fact that he is intelligent.

The fact that she wasn't sexually abused is strange because if he was so obsessed with her then you would think he would want her sexually. Maybe he is impotent
or extremely insecure, afraid that if he were to attempt to rape her then she would laugh at him.
Maybe he didn't rape her because he knew about the previous rape and felt bad. He wanted her to like him and since she didn't he began to torture her more and more (the cigarette burns).
He might have initially thought of it as a prank simply to get revenge for something that he felt she owed him Maybe she ignored him in class and flirted with the other boys, maybe she had rejected him.

Tue Jun 24 11:19:21 1997

i beleive that ben archer and mathew owens may have been working together. there had to be more than 1 person to carry the coffin. i beleive that the boy was a fabrication.
did anyone ever find a connection with mr.archer and purity?

Tue Jun 24 10:56:27 1997

Was the boy that was seen ever questioned, in any way?

Mon Jun 23 22:55:37 1997

Who was she seeing around the time that the letters were carved
in the sand stone?

Mon Jun 23 21:29:57 1997

I believe her ex-boyfrien should be reinterviewed. I's
sounds like someone wanted to punish her. Was she seen with
anyone before she left school?
I would really like to talk with ---A friend--?

Mon Jun 23 20:24:15 1997

Where did Purity Work? If she didn't, where did she get money?

Mon Jun 23 20:20:29 1997

Is the box that PK was found in the same as the box from earlier Poloroids?
It looks like the grate is in a different spot. (At head of box in CS Photos & on side in Poloroids.

Mon Jun 23 17:17:19 1997

Have you considered Mathew Owens and ex-boyfriend were in on
it together? I think it was them.

Mon Jun 23 16:33:34 1997

It seems slighly unusual in my experience with these types of killings to see that Ms. Knight was not sexually abused and yet she was beaten and burned repeatedly with cigarettes. Has it been determined if the beatings and the burns were post mortem? How old were the bruises found? Were there any foreign materials found in any body cavity or within the coffin (i.e. that weren't supossed to be there)?

For someone to go through the trouble of what this killer has and not to have sexually molested the body tend to make me think that the murderer is not a serial offender. If in fact he is, there would have been at least a scintilla of evidence to suggest the murder was of a sexual nature. Few serial killers that I have studied do not have some sort of sexual fantasy regarding the victim, at least in the abstract. And considering the location of the crime itself, and the realitive lack of similarly related crimes in the general area, I would tend to rule out, at least temporarily, the idea that this is a serial offense.

I assume the crime has been run through VICAP?

Mon Jun 23 15:48:48 1997

Any finger prints on the tape? (from the notes).

Check to see what angle, (if any), the tape was torn, from the tape holder, (this might tell you if the person was Left or Right Handed..

Mon Jun 23 14:23:23 1997

In response to the "SIN WASH" comment, nice job, I would never of thought of that. Who is the most religious of the suspects?

Mon Jun 23 14:18:34 1997

In the Silence of the Night
How We Shiver with Afright
Fish Hatchery and holding container somehow related.
I think this is all somehow related to her past and
the person responsible wanted her to repent.
Has anyone looked in to who was responsible for the
harrassing calls and letters to Valerie?
Just my humble opinion.

Mon Jun 23 14:11:35 1997


Mon Jun 23 13:32:14 1997

Bravo!!! Getting hooked on this little (or should I say HUGE) production is even better than a soap opera! Only, this is so much more believable! You had me believing for awhile there! Please...let us be a part of yet another "case". I love it!!!

Mon Jun 23 12:08:58 1997

this is just a game and some of us really get into it, so if
people dont want to play please dont write stupid profane things in the comment area.

Mon Jun 23 11:58:34 1997

Who cares if this is real it is fun and you should just go with it

Mon Jun 23 10:27:36 1997

I believe it was Owens.

Mon Jun 23 09:59:39 1997


Mon Jun 23 09:41:57 1997

if anyone else beleives the killer to be matthew owens e-mail me at

Mon Jun 23 09:38:10 1997

seems to me that a size 10 shoeprint from a converse tennis shoe points to a young person. that also goes along w/ what Dr.McManus said in her report. i beleive the killer to be none other than matthew owens. he fits the description almost perfectly.

Mon Jun 23 08:34:27 1997

This is a message to "A FRIEND"

I know who you are, you are in danger. It is time to seek protection.

Mon Jun 23 08:32:29 1997

About the pyramid:
Pyramids in Egypt are tombs. Was this Purity's cry for help if she was let out for a few moments? Or was this the child trying to send a message to whoever walked past the site?

Maybe this is a message from the killer, in connection with the writing "PK" and "NO MORE".

Mon Jun 23 08:21:48 1997

I think you should ask the person who first found her some more questions.Try to find out if he or she knows more than you'd like.Ask him/her about something you don't know.


Sun Jun 22 23:58:03 1997

What was Purity's cause of death? Was it suffication from the mud, malnutrition...? How long was it determined that she was in this box?

Sun Jun 22 22:34:26 1997

The writing on the sandstone appears to be done two different ways - one is smoother and the other deeper and more 'cut'. is there any rocks, branches or something which may have done this smoother (less deep) scratching?

Is the dating for the scratching accurate - or is it possible that the knife was used for the 'no more' scratching later, and cut against the tree to remove the sanstone - though if he was this careful - i doubt that that he'd leave it behind afterwards.

Sun Jun 22 22:33:02 1997

When you pull the sticks of the pyramid out of the ground try digging underneath the area!!!

Also the pyramid may also be a marker!! One survival technique when moving in a group that is spread out is to leave markers using rocks, sticks, or other Items. The markers cant really be too subtle because they have to be able to be seen

Sun Jun 22 22:29:17 1997

Okay, so the photographs you show are a 360 view - does this mena that the knife and pyramid are near the tree with the scrapes??

Sun Jun 22 22:28:43 1997

In regards to the pyramid sticks found at the crime scene...
look at the location of P.K.'s residence and look at where
the body was found...they are parallel to each other. and
going down from each point they would seem to meet each
other at the trailer park towards the bottom of the map.
This would form a pyramid similar to the pyramid sticks
found at the crime scene. And also could the small boy that
was alledgely at the crime scene when Archer arrive have
been trying to talk to Purity Knight? If the box had been
buried there when she was still alive he could have possibly
communicated with her...and he could have been crying
because he couldn't get a response out of her and he was
scared because of that.

Sun Jun 22 22:15:54 1997

Hypothetical :

Adriane is abducted. At about the same time a person scratches PK etc in rock face (not the word Adriane - ao not likely to be herself??) Photos are later taken of Adriane in box - not necessarily at the forest site - placement of box is different. Adriane may have been held in this box for some time as a form of cell (first photographs where left arm appears to be unbroken). Abductor wants her to live - but does not want to be identified, sends notes etc.. Abductor moves alone to own plan - or realises that he can't have Adriane (if he is such obsessed). The box is heavy - is Adriane herself forced to help carry it to the place of burying? Is the knife there from the time of scratching - or unrelated, or used as a threatening weapon? If Adriane is helping to carry the box - does she attempt to run?? Is she then assualted or restrained?? Is this the cause of her injuries?? The cigarette burns may have been used as a form of 'punishment' for an unwillingness to co-operate?? Did she steal the pens from her abductor - in the hope that they would have fingerprints?? (Do they??)

What was her toxicology report like? Her blood sugar levels at death - had she been fed recently, had she been drugged?

Sun Jun 22 21:58:44 1997

Who was purity knight dating?
The Poe poem sounds to me like someone was broken hearted and wanted revenge

My guess on the PK in the sandstone is for Purity Knight

Sun Jun 22 21:43:27 1997

Was the knife finger printed?

Sun Jun 22 20:08:27 1997

Why hadn't Archer's dog already smelled the rotting corpse unless it was just recently placed there.....say ...the previous night or is Archer the culprit? Please determine the weight of the coffin because a box that size would be too bulky, if not too heavy, for one person to handle..even empty. What was "You Bitch" written with inside the coffin? All Purity had was ball point pens. Was the excerpt from Poe on the lid written on the cover or on the underside of the lid, because if it was indeed on the cover of the lid, shouldn't the "heavy rain and mud" have washed away the text or at least distorted the paper and text? Perhaps Archer placed the script there himself. His story has several contradictions, he would be a prime suspect. Also the little boy could be a fabrication to mislead the investigators away from him. Thanks

Sun Jun 22 19:18:29 1997

Did Purity have any past lovers?

Sun Jun 22 18:50:25 1997

click here to see that Oxford MS. is a real city.
If you zoom in on this yahoo map, it centers on the location of the body.

This "a friend" guy that has a couple of posts here who is also afraid of identifying himself via email, not only doesn't know about annonymous remailers, but also is unaware of the fact that internet servers can log every IP that hits the server and his posts are timestamped and therefore traceable.

The quotes from Poe are not unusual since most of Poes writings centered around death, and even being buried alive as in The Cask of Amontilado (sp?). Being buried alive was one of Poes gratest fears. Legend has it that Poes own coffin had scratch marks on the inside.

The coffin was probably opened after death, the body groomed and replaced. The injuries probably sustained during the initial entombment while she was still alive and brought to the site. Power for the light could have come from a vehicle and the bulb removed after her death.


Sun Jun 22 18:27:10 1997

On Sat Jun 21 00:47:20 someone said something I found interesting. They said that in the pictures sent by the killer Purity's left thumb can be seen through the grate and that that would lead you to believe that Purity's arm wasn't broken at the time the pictures were taken and that the pictures were probably taken at the same time. The person went on to theorize that Purity could have been let of the box between the time the pictures were taken and her death. Could it be possible that she was let out of the box between the time of the pictures and the time of her death
(like that person said) and that during that time she made the pyramid of twigs at the scene? In her bio I read that she was becoming very interested in the origin of religions. Perhaps she learned that during her study of religions or while she was in Israel. Maybe she made the pyramid as a clue in case she did not survive. Maybe after she made the pyramid she attempted to escape and the injuries to her feet and/or torso were sustained then. Maybe the killer caught her during her attempt to flea and that was when her arm was broken and the welts and/or injuries to her torso were infflicted. Where is the twig pyramid in relation to where the body was found? Could the the killer have seen the pyramid from where the body was buried? Perhaps the killer didn't see it and therefore left it untouched. Try looking into different religions and seeing if that particular arrangement signifies anything. Sorry this was so long. I hope it's helpful.

Sun Jun 22 17:40:17 1997


Sun Jun 22 17:28:49 1997


Sun Jun 22 16:23:25 1997

have the parents been questioned?

Sun Jun 22 16:18:27 1997

I disagree with Dr. McManus' theory that the suspect was a
smoker before the murder and will increase his habit ex post
facto. I know that she has more knowledge in that area than
I, however, myself being a smoker might be able to understand
the habit a little better(unless the Dr. smokes too.) My own
theory is this. The suspect was not a smoker previous the
incident. His seeming personality just doesn't add up to a
smoker in my mind's eye. Now that he realizes what he has
done, he may just now pick up the habit, to "ease" his nerves.
Or perhaps he drinks a lot of coffee, pop, or other caffinated
beverage, more so now than previously before. This is just a
gut feeling that I can't really explain, I only think that I
have good reason to believe in this theory. If I have repeated
someone else's theory, I apoligize. There are just too many
messages that I didn't bother to read them all yet. Questions
or comments about this theory? E-mail--

Sun Jun 22 14:44:55 1997

I think that the markings on the sapling were made by the killer so he/she could identify the exact location of the victim.

Sun Jun 22 14:36:24 1997

Has anyone talked to Lee Perez's Brother? Not sure if That type of map used by Environmental Consultants..But thought might be worth checking. It stands to reason she may have had some contact with him...????

Sun Jun 22 14:30:37 1997

Has Valerie's friend Will been talked to? In Valerie's diary she wrote about him asking about Purity.

Sun Jun 22 13:50:38 1997

her mother killed her

Sun Jun 22 12:48:26 1997

Were there any fingerprints retrieved from the camera or film entered as evidence?

Sun Jun 22 12:44:44 1997


Sun Jun 22 12:35:15 1997

what happend

Sun Jun 22 11:13:51 1997

what does the pirimid mean

Sun Jun 22 11:01:34 1997

Is this for real? I looked up yoknapatawpha county, and it comes up as bieng a fictional place created by the writer William Faulkner (1897-1962). Another thing that makes me thinks this is a sham is the id and password for the solution of the first murder is "oxford" where faulkner lived and the password is none other than "faulkner" is this a game or a real murder investigation??????

Sun Jun 22 09:48:58 1997

1. Did you determine if anything (keepsake) was missing from known property?

2. did examination of box indicate attempt to escape from inside, i.e. scratching or broken fingernails?

3, Who has returned to the crime scene since body was found?

Sun Jun 22 09:09:58 1997

I was just wondering if you found out who the killer was

Sun Jun 22 07:34:18 1997

Were there any identifying marks on the body?

Sun Jun 22 02:17:55 1997

Can I see a photo of her?

Sun Jun 22 00:26:04 1997

I have just read thruogh the murder case files and I'm wondering about the interview with Ben Archer. What was his composure during the interview (did he seem nervous, agitated, avoiding answers to questions, etc). I would talk to him again. He may know more than he's letting on. Something doesn't seem right about him. If he's not the murderer, he may have some idea who to look at more closely as a suspect.

Sat Jun 21 23:58:06 1997

did she know a photogapher?

Sat Jun 21 23:20:46 1997

could the knike have been used to cut the twigs for the pyrimid.

Sat Jun 21 23:14:49 1997

where there any foot prints around the tree where the stalker was seen by the neighbor.

Sat Jun 21 23:11:02 1997

what type of light did the neighbor think he saw used by the stalker,while in the tree and didn't he think it unusual that the victim didn't see this light?

Sat Jun 21 22:31:52 1997

Has the questioning of Mr. Archer complete? Surely you all see many inconsistencies
with Mr. Archer's anwsers to your questions? Is he suspect? Any info on the boy? He may
be responsible for the stick pyramid?

Sat Jun 21 19:15:46 1997

The only question I have for now is, is there any conection
between Ben Archer and Purity Knight in the past in his roll
in Student loans?

Sat Jun 21 17:35:46 1997

i was reading some of the comments made about the case, and i when i read this certain comment is bothered me. it was the comment made about the murderer having " artificial intelligence" because he quoted a poet. There are lots of reasons why he would do this. He may have picked that poem because it is a famous one and lots of people know the meaning of it. If he wrote one himself who knows what kind of inturpitation it would get. Also maybe it would give some clues of how his mind works and he doest want to "give that much information about himself " yet because he wants the game to continue. He may also be a really big Edar Allen Poe fan. Just because someone quotes some one doesnt mean that have artificial intelligence. Lots of people use quotes. In my opinion that was a thoughtless comment. People have to remember that they arent dealing with a "normal" person. This killer seems to be very intelligent. If he wasnt he would have been caught by now. He is playing a game that he is good at.(infortunatly) He doesnt want it to stop. ---thanks raindrop

Sat Jun 21 15:48:19 1997

think about this for a moment A Friend seems to know more then he/she is telling
don't you think there are possible ways to trace this
if you really wanted to solve the puzzle you would put forth more
effort figuring on a friend and where the origin of the letters
and pictures are..... good luck but i agree with a friend
one of you in the comments is getting so close but yet so far away
its right in front of you...


Sat Jun 21 15:06:36 1997

How was Purity's body positioned when she was found? What direction was she facing (was she lying North to South, etc.), were her arms crossed or outstretched, etc. Were her nails groomed? I also find it interesting that she was wearing all black when she was found.
I am studying to become a psychologist and if this " a friend" is as methodical as he appears throughout the murder, he surely will have prepared her post-mortem body in such a manner that, in "reading" her body, will have all the answers. Good luck, Det. Armstrong, and I will keep searching for clues. Please e-mail me if you have any questions.
P.S. What about Purity's social life? Did she go to any clubs? Was she ever seen talking uninterestedly to some weird guy? Food for thought.

Sat Jun 21 14:44:14 1997

did tha stalker rap Purity Knight?

Sat Jun 21 12:32:17 1997, well please disregard my bad use of grammer and spelling below...I was in a rush. I only hope my bad typing skills didn't make my point any less relevant

Sat Jun 21 12:29:30 1997

I need to make a comment about the person who said that no real poet would quote someone elses stuff (therefor it is artificial intellegence) this is not true. I am a published poet and I have, on many occasions, been inspired by other author's works and wrote a poem myself based off it (thomas's dylans Do not go gentle into that good night for example) and to tie the poem off qouted the poem from thomas directly...Im' not here to give a peorty lesson but rather to tell the detectives that I seriously doubt artificicial intellegence was not used.....I know I'm not a computer, or atleast I was last time I checked.

Sat Jun 21 11:11:43 1997

18 sticks, 2 murders, 2x18=36, 36 roses given to Val, coincidence?

Sat Jun 21 10:48:41 1997

He had TWO boxes! One with the grate on the side and one with the grate on the top. So why the grate on the side? It could not have been designed to be in the ground. So what would it be designed for? If on the floor or ground level it would have been fine to leave it the same as the other one, with the grate on top. Easier to build. So was it on a shelf of somekind? Or in a basement that had a half basement?
The term "geek" got me for for awile. To me a geek is a computor nerd, Thick glasses, pocket protector, etc. This guy does not fit that picture. He goes through a lot of trouble to build the box(s). well designed 3/4" plywood. Why not 1/2" or even 1/4" lighter to haul, and cheaper to build. Light socket, drainage holes, the grate, the interior. I bet the top fit exact. the corners were tight. If so I bet this guy uses his hands to make a living. He used a topographical map. Why not just a common easy to locate area map? He must have some kind of outdoor hiking, camping, even hunting experience. A geek that does this? Hmmmm no neighborhood is safe anymore.

Sat Jun 21 08:22:32 1997

Are there any estimates as to how long the knife was in the ground? I ask because it could be this knife that made the markings in the sandstone. If so, it seems reasonable that the knife would have been in the ground as long as the markings were in existence (at least a month). If the knife was not in the ground this long, then we don't know what relevance the knife has (if any).


Sat Jun 21 00:47:20 1997

Both pictures may have been taken at the same time. Her thumb seems to be in the same hole of the grate in both shots. It is her left thumb that can be seen. That was the arm that was thought to be broken. So the time the pictures were taken her left arm could not have been broken. This could indicate that she was let out of the box at sometime between the pictures and her death. This thought is substantiated by the impression that the box lid had been removed at least once. I think that she was in that box at some other location prior to being placed in the ground. That would suggest that he had to let her out to move the box to the crime scene. He then placed the box in his truck, or van. Put her in the truck/van. Drove to the site, buried the box, placed her in the box, then covered it. What was she doing while he did all of this? Either she was dead already, or he had help or both. I don't think that she was dead yet. The broken arm, welts and cuts on her feet, cuts on her torso indicate to me that she tried to flee. Most likely in the woods. So he may have had help. I can't get it out of my head that that help was the victim herself. No one else is in the picture.

Sat Jun 21 00:30:10 1997

The torso cuts are curious. Wher did she get them? Were they from a sharp object like a knife? Did she get them from running through the briar like shrubs that were indicated to be in the area? Could they have come from an animal like a cat? The killer may have taken a pet to the vet that she worked for to become acquainted with the victim.

Sat Jun 21 00:18:04 1997

He does seem to fancy himself a poet, a creative writer. The way that this was put together, the box, the language used on the box, the clues to her location, all of this seems like a movie script. This indicates to me that he may have approached the victim with this great plan of his. To fake an abduction, to pull a great hoax. She may have bought in on it due to his ability to manipulate words. It would have been easy for him to make this whole event to sound safe and exciting. She may have even helped put the plan together. But when he tried to put her in the box once it was in the ground she freaked. Maybe tried to run away. Hence the cuts on her feet and torso. The briar like shrubs in the area. He caught up with her and had to kill her to keep her from screaming and ruining this great plan of his. This may explain why no one heard her cry's for help. Mr. Archer walked by every day, a kid found her body, this indicates to me that there were alot of people in the general area. I know I would have been yelling for help constantly.

Sat Jun 21 00:11:45 1997

Canvass the Victim's classmates, and check rosters..aslo check with aquaintences for someone who fits the profile of the actor as given by VICAP...also subponae and check class records for failing grades of male students corresponding with the dissapearance dates...ohh...and you also failed to mention what, if any (not likely) Forensic evidence was obtained from the scene..also, an ME's report would be helpful at to the mechanism of the crime.

Fri Jun 20 22:16:49 1997

The phone analysis is interesting. It is thought that htere was little stress indicated by the whimpers and moans by the female. It was also idicated that the stess level of the males voice sugested a level of an actor. This does indicate that there were at least two people involved. A male and a female. Was this another female on this tape? Or was it really the victim? Could this mean that at the time the tape was made that both the killer and the victim were playing some kind of hoax?

Fri Jun 20 22:11:08 1997

How did he get the box to the site were it was buried? A 7'x 4'x 3' 3/4" plywood box would be rather bulky and heavy. Too hard to handle by one person, especially if the victim was inside. If my earlier assumption is correct, that there was light insde the box, that could mean that the box was placed after the so called abduction. So where was she ? Was she locked up somewhere else? Or was she the help?
Also a box this side would need a pick-up or a full size van to haul it. This is a longshot, if he did not own one did he rent it?

Fri Jun 20 21:58:52 1997

Why were there three pens in the box? This seems odd. There was no paper mentioned, nor was there an indication that she tried to write on the box any clues to the identity of the killer(s). She was portrayed as an intellegent woman. It seems logical to me that if I were in that box I would be writing anything I could to describe this nut. If he is so intellegent (which I doubt), then why did he give her the pens to do just that? This may indicate that neither the victim nor the killer thought that this would end up with her murder. That she felt little fear while in the box. She must have know this person somehow.Yet she passed up an oportunity to indicate who he was. She had to feel safe.
Oh and on the intellegence comment, He uses quotes, this is an artificial intelligence. No real poet would use another poets line unless he was unable to come up with his own.

Fri Jun 20 21:46:33 1997

The pictures indicate to me that there was a light inside the box. There was a light socket inside the box that would substantiate this. This brings up a few questions: a) where was the power source? Either he had one very long extension cord, used a generator risking detection, or these pictures were taken before the box was placed in the ground.

Fri Jun 20 21:17:29 1997

One more comment, The 18 sticks ---As I mentioned before I believe it looks like the ouija board piece....In the diary
3 doz. roses was brought to Val very soon after the game was played. Isn't 3 dozen a little much? Figure 36 roses divided by 2 = 18. Was there a message here?

Fri Jun 20 20:51:18 1997

Detective Armstrong,
The 18 sticks arranged suggested a child may have been present. If you will look at the arrangement it looks just like the piece from a ouija board .... The ouija board was mentioned in the diary. Has this been considered?

Fri Jun 20 20:24:53 1997

During Valerie's investigation a young man was questioned that said that he was a friend of hers. (I cannot recall his name.) He sounded very angry and upset about her death. He was also an acting student and appeared to have some knowledge of literature. Was I mistaken or were some of his comments similar to the the notes sent while Purity was missing? I think he should be reinterviewed to see if he Purity or might have further information for you.

Fri Jun 20 16:19:17 1997

Sir, I imagine you have checked with local photographers to see if the film used could be traced to a camera. It seems that most camera backs that accept the film are expensive, and may leave exit marks that are tracable. Since I am not sure on the camera that uses the film this is may be a possiblity.

Fri Jun 20 14:28:28 1997

I noticed that one of the crimescene photos taken showed sticks arranged into a pyramid, possible evidence of a small child. The man who discovered Purity Knight's body also talked of a little boy crying. Is there any connection I wonder. Also the crime scene photos showed pictures of the words "No more" and PK. The murder may have known Purity knight well enough to have brought her to such a place, since such carvings were done a month before the abduction.......

Fri Jun 20 14:09:40 1997

Why is the grating from the picture supplied by the abducter apparently on the side of the box while in the crime scene foto the grating is on top?
A fax reply sent by the sister to Purity mentions her Many "secrets" etc. The phone message on the answering machine also mentions knowing "all her secrets...etc." Is there any connection between the two?

Fri Jun 20 13:35:31 1997

Please indicate somehow that this is a hoax. At least some of the comments posted seem to indicate that there are still people out there who seem to think this is real!

BTW, who are you? why would you spend so much time and effort putting this together? From how elaborate all things are, this must be taking a full time+ effort to put this together!


Response: Any questions as to the veracity of this site should be addressed to Please use the Subject: heading Faulkner.

Fri Jun 20 13:33:50 1997

Purity was a friend of mine and also my cousin. Why do you have to show these pictures? Her mom and dad have enough pain now without her face in the web. Cant you let her rest in peace. -Amanda

Response: We apologize if we cause further pain to you and the victim's family.

However, we receive many valuable tips from the viewing public. Continuing the Web investigation will hopefully bring the case to a close more swiftly.

Fri Jun 20 13:21:40 1997

I think the young boy might be an accomplice. Why else would he be scolding himself? What kind of sicko brings children into their twisted world of torture and murder?

Response: We are on the lookout for the boy.

Fri Jun 20 13:18:58 1997

Please explain why the grate appears to be beside her head and not above and yet in the crime scene photos it is at the top.

Fri Jun 20 13:18:45 1997

Was there any toxicology in the victim? Were there any traces of drugs in her system?


Response: We expect to post a full autopsy report soon.

Fri Jun 20 13:17:10 1997

I live in the Oxford area, and would like to express concern on behalf of the citizens in my area that this investigation be conducted efficiently, and that the killer be apprehended quickly. How many more children must die?

-Judith Albright

Fri Jun 20 11:30:42 1997

Why would you spend so much time on this? Who are you?

Fri Jun 20 11:13:14 1997

God bless the internet for being the perfect medium for sophomoric hoaxes.


Response: For information regarding the veracity of this site, please email and include the Subject: heading Faulkner.

Fri Jun 20 09:45:58 1997

Have you found the killer yet? I still think it is the man who found the body. The boy is a key factor if you can find him!

Fri Jun 20 09:39:53 1997

One other thing (sorry):

You'd have to figure that Purity was held somewhere else in that box before being buried. The light in that box (May 7 photo) doesn't seem to be sunlight, as you can see by the "hot spot" on her hand in the photo mentioned above, it's as if the light was coming from near her feet, or at least somewhere below (to the right, in the photo) the grate. this means that you'd need electricity from somewhere, and that the box was either in or near somebody's house, I would think.
Does the position of that light correlate with the location of the empty socket found in the box?
Could it have been buried in a different location at some point? This could also be stretching it, but movement of the box may explain the missing light bulb and the change of clothes.

The second photo seems to have natural lighting, and even look to me like the top of the box was open, due to the shadow behind her head among other things.
Last question: does the box show any evidence of someone being trapped in it? Any stains, scratches? What condition were her hands in? someone who was locked in a box for a long time would panic at some point, one would think, and try and scratch or pound their way out.


Fri Jun 20 09:29:20 1997

Did Purity had a current boyfriend or a jealous enemy?

Response: No current boyfriend we know of. No known enemies.

Fri Jun 20 09:13:18 1997

Was the first photo (
cropped in an enlarger? It's hard to tell whether or not it was in the photo because of the jpeg compression; the details around Ms. Knight get lost, even though it's just a solid patch of black.
If so, and even if not, it's hard to imagine that someone in possession of this much photographic knowledge and equipment would go unnoticed, even on a campus of some 12,000.
You've likely already done so, but checking the rolls of any photo classes at Ole Miss might be in order.
Also, as there is no photo emphasis in the Ole Miss art major, checking out the journalism school might be a good thing to do (not to be too accusatory, but I'm sure most of the photographers on the staff of the school newspaper have access to enlargers and various photo equipment).

Just a few thoughts. Good luck.


Fri Jun 20 08:48:24 1997

I just realised something.....okay, I was reading through the old comments and a lot of people are talking about "A Friend" so....(see Jun 19 message from @gstone person) if "A Friend" doesn't know how to send e-mail to people and hide this trail then that obviously shows that he is not that great of a computer person...I know a fair ammount about computers, not much but enough to get by atleast, and even I know how to send e-mail annonymously. Since he isn't adept in computers....why not try to trace him? We have the government to thank for making that possible....for once, I think I'm greatful.

Fri Jun 20 08:45:29 1997

The characteristics of the type-face on the letter written by the abductor are the same as those on the college application letter written by Valerie Vilson. Could it be possible that the same type-writer was used? Maybe by someone who knew both Valerie and Purity??

Response: The typescripts in the two documents are similar. However, the typescripts are commonly found on both manual and electric typewriters.

Fri Jun 20 08:37:51 1997

This case, Val's murder as well as Purity's, is deeply sadening and I would like to issue my condolences to the family. Here's my question. Why is there a lot of poetry in the box, the letters and so forth? It seems to me that the killer is trying to live a real life movie by leaving little clues everywhere. Have you determined what hidden meanings the poetry might contain? If A. Friend really is the murderer (which I doubt) why leave hints on this? Why try to incriminate will be eventually caught due to carelessness if nothing else. and if you're just a sick jokester (oh, but an intellectual jokester at that, let us not forget) there are ways to track down every person that gets on this regardless of how good a hacker you are. Good luck prayers are with you guys. - B

Fri Jun 20 08:25:52 1997


Fri Jun 20 07:57:28 1997

When Valerie was murdered,it was by a detective hired by Giblini.Did Giblini have any contact with this detective?Could the detective have murdered Purity?

Fri Jun 20 07:45:58 1997

Interesting, finally someone has caught on to my clues,
i.e. Jun 19 15:23:28 1997
His flagrant use of profanity suggests he is of low intelligence and feels the need to find fault with others to overcompensate for his own shortcomings. I would be crazy to email him/her for that would give up my location. As I stated before I shouldn't be even giving information. I read recent statements and one of you is close.

A friend.

Response: Please contact us immediately. We're interested in your theory.

Fri Jun 20 07:44:04 1997

I fell that Will Giblini was murdered by his brother Greg Giblini. Greg felt that Will was taking something that was "his" (Valerie) as he had always done, being the older brother. Greg was tired of it and decided that he wasn't going to let him do that this time. Valerie could have also been murdered by Greg in "the heat of passion". However, I feel that Valerie, Greg and Purity were murdered by one or both of the Knight parents or someone affiliated with them who had the same deep religious convictions and was determined that they would save the "souls" of these poor lost individuals. Greg was probably murdered because of his "bad" influence on Valerie, Valerie for her "bad" influence on Purity and Purity because she let herself be influenced by Valerie and violated her body. The only way to save Purity's soul was for her to die. There is some suspicion toward's Purity's boyfriend, Jake. Maybe he found out about the abortion and although he loved her, he couldn't let her get away with the murder of his child. From what I've read he was of the same staunch religious beliefs as her parents. I find it hard to believe that so many people were involved in so many differant murders. I feel that all were related to each other and that you are looking for no more that two people at the most.

Thu Jun 19 22:46:42 1997

listening to the way the murderer "took care " of Purity as in keeping her clean and so on leads me to beleive that this person in his own mind loves or loved her. Most serial killers who do this ( keeping the body well groomed) have some sort of a love interest with their pray. in their minds they think they are doing the right thing for them, like taking care of them by brushing their hair and so on. In my oppion the person who murdered her knew her. or that he saw a picture of her from a article about the murder of her sister and fell in love. She more than likely she rejected him and in his mind " if i cant have her alive he'll have her dead." This is probably his first kill and he isnt to sure of him self now that the deed is done. maybe he wants to get caught, but in the mean time he will " take care of Purity" in his own sick way. here are some facts on serial killers: most are white males between the ages of 20-30 years of age. most of them have had some type of damage to the brain. most arent good with relationships, most abuse drugs and or alcohol. have been rejected by family or others. emotional and or physical abuse is almost always present ( as they were growing up as a child).. have you stop to concider that this is a serial killer? was the body raped? dead or alive. also the bruises or the wounds to the feet could have been made by the murderer dragging the body from one place to the next. thanks for the time. i would like to know your comments about what i've said Detective Armstrong.

Response: This is valuable information. We'll consider adding it to our psychological profile of the killer.

There is no evidence of rape, either pre- or post-mortem. We have yet to determine whether the crime is the work of a serial killer.

Thu Jun 19 22:11:38 1997

knight was seen in the picture wearing a green shirt.
which means she must have been let out because it was
also said before that you wouldnt be able to fit clothes
through the vent. Was there any way in or out ?
#2 was the typewriter the same kind that was used on knights
collage application as the one the killer had used to type
the message on the back of the picture ?
and where did she type her application ?

Response: There was no way in or out of the box. The lid appears to have been removed and replaced at least once.

Knight typed her college application in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The typescript is one commonly found on both manual and electric typewriters.

Thu Jun 19 21:44:10 1997

Who was Purity Knight? I just now saw it in the hub.

Response: Knight's body was found buried in a wooded area near her home in Oxford, MS, June 9. This site chronicles the investigation of her murder.

Thu Jun 19 21:19:39 1997

Det. Armstrong,
Quickly reading this incident, I think you have already
solved the case. The note you received before the victim's
death, and then Mr. Archer finding the body. The interview
of Mr. Archer, well, you already know the answer.
I wish you the best of luck in devloping the evidence to
nail him down. I also hope that your state has a death penalty.

Response: We do plan to interview Archer again. What evidence proves his guilt to you?

Thu Jun 19 19:35:18 1997

What was written in the note that was attached to the picture
in item #2 ?

Response: The note contained several lines of poetry.

Thu Jun 19 19:25:57 1997


Thu Jun 19 18:20:48 1997

I think that Mr Archer needs to be contacted again. It's hard to believe
that it be so coincidental that he finds the body of a student who attends
the school that he works at. Maybe a few more interviews with Purity's
relatives and friends to see if they ever saw him or if she ever mentioned

Thu Jun 19 18:15:00 1997

Just get in touch with Ben and see if he ever met with Purity. It seems odd that a man who could easily come
in contact with her daily would find her corpse in amongst the forest. Maybe a more intense investigation
of his relationship at the university and if any of Purity's friends or relatives remember seeing him.

Thu Jun 19 18:11:23 1997

Just get in touch with Ben and see if he ever met with Purity.

Thu Jun 19 18:10:36 1997

i feel you need to interview archer again, his story about
the boy and his walk just dont seem right. he said in his
interview that he walks some days and goes to the gym
others, then he says he walks every morning. he also
stated his dog never runs off, then in a later interview he
says his dog has been running off lately.

Response: We plan to talk to Archer again.

Thu Jun 19 18:05:59 1997

I really think that archer made up the story about the boy, i really believe archer did it. i dont really believe valaries murder has anything to do with purity's murder, but the killer of purity which is archer would like us to belive that!!

Thu Jun 19 17:20:03 1997

In San Francisco who where the three other people she shared an apartment with in the Mission?

Thu Jun 19 17:19:44 1997

What work did she do in Paris to make enough money to return to the States?

Response: Unknown.

Thu Jun 19 17:18:36 1997

Have the "interesting people" she traveled Europe with ever been identified?

Response: The victim took a month-long trip to Europe in the summer of 1995 with a youth group from her church in Mountain Home, Arkansas. She was in Europe a second time in 1996. Her exact movements during that voyage are currently unknown.

Thu Jun 19 17:02:44 1997

When will the autospy results be in? I want to know how long her arm had been broken and in what manner her injuries where inflicted.

Response: We plan to post the autopsy report soon.

Thu Jun 19 15:52:47 1997

The victims roomate did it. The roomate lured the victim out for a walk in the woods. A physical altercation started, the victim tried to run (injuries on feet). During the altercation the victim recieved minor injuries, The suspect roomate dragged the victim, then placed her in the coofin while she was un-concious. The trama found on her body was from the altercation. (minor trama on victims body) The roomate did it beacuae the victim was fooling around with her boyfriend. The roomate was upset and wrote bitch on the coffin.....The roomate planed this out ahead of time after learning that the victim was seeing her boyfriend

Thu Jun 19 15:23:28 1997

the person who refers to himself as "a friend" is a fucking loser, he wants us to believe that he is involved in some way, but if he really was he would know more. because he probably needs attention for some reason he will make you believe that he knows more then you, the truth is he doesnt know shit. he is a person that has no life and because of his need for attention this dumb ass would probably confess to a crime he is not involved in. so "a friend" what do you really know you chicken shit??? why don't you get a job and get lost. i dare you to respond to this!!!!! ill even give you my e-mail address. if you dare grow some balls.

Response: This page is for posting comments relevant to the investigation at hand. Posters are encouraged to be courteous and refrain from foul language.

We are eager to speak with "A Friend" to determine whether the claims s/he makes are valid.

Thu Jun 19 14:57:53 1997

I think it's related to the other crime

Response: What evidence leads you to draw this conclusion?

Thu Jun 19 14:37:34 1997



Thu Jun 19 13:55:52 1997


Thu Jun 19 13:49:42 1997

I just came in this so i'm several months behind.
Has the camera serial number been traced through the camera
company to the store where it was purchased and did the store
keep a record of buyers and was there a match on the camera
found at the stalking scene?


Response: We haven't traced it. Matthew Owens claims the camera is his.

Thu Jun 19 12:25:11 1997

Has the church or its cemetary been examined for any clues?

Find out if Brianna has any ties to Owens from their acting history.

Thu Jun 19 11:58:24 1997

There is the possibility that Owens could have put
someone else up to doing the job for him. He was
probably very enraged when his fingerprints were
discovered and wanted revenge.

I would suspect that the killer has an avid literary
interest, possibly obsessed with the likes of Edgar
Allan Poe. The way the victim was buried alive leads
me to this end. He is probably involved with the "occult."
Also, the contrast between the name "Purity" and the
darkness of the occult movement would seem to fit.
The killer, most likely, has connections with Owens.

Wed Jun 18 22:56:53 1997

Um, i do't kow what I am doing. Is this a real case?

Response: To obtain information regarding the veracity of this case, please send email to with the Subject: heading Faulkner.

Wed Jun 18 22:17:39 1997

Profile sounds like a Gothic sort, even the burial is Gothic in some respects. White, purity and so on. I don't sense her death is related to sister's. May have been a catalyst. Is her sis buried in the cemetary close to where Purity was found? Bitch is such a common word today that I tend to dismiss its use. But the coffin, the neatness of hair, drainage holes, the young child trying to dig up,seem very significant

Response: Vilson's body was transported to St. Louis, Missouri, where her adoptive parents live, for the funeral and subsequent burial.

Wed Jun 18 20:19:55 1997

What kind of classes was Purity taking at the university? Was she taking any courses that might have required her to use survey maps?

Response: No.

Wed Jun 18 20:17:46 1997

body location?

Response: Please refer to the map.

Wed Jun 18 18:27:24 1997

did she have clothes on when the body was found.

Response: The victim was wearing a black T-shirt and panties when found.

Wed Jun 18 17:53:12 1997

I feel that Johnny McPhail is a prime suspect. Not only
do people not know of his whereabouts but, it is kind of
wierd that he saw lights while brushing his teeth. It is
also strange that he didn't even bother reprting the strange
man. If someone is peeking into someones house that is
illegal. Then it isn't just up to the victims.

Wed Jun 18 15:08:57 1997

we'll he might have

Wed Jun 18 14:01:25 1997

It would seem to me that Matthew Owens should be the prime

Not only had he known Valerie, but he felt that Purity was
somehow to blame for Valerie's death.

In addition, he obviously has some knowledge of photography
and would know how to keep his fingerprints off of the film.

Exaclty what type of damage did he do to the former girlfriends


Wed Jun 18 13:00:22 1997

These hours of me giving away the murderer and no one being able to put it together have tired me out. The position of her body tells it all.

A friend

Response: We're interested in your theory. Please contact us immediately at

Wed Jun 18 12:53:39 1997


Wed Jun 18 12:33:51 1997

the dog did it

Wed Jun 18 11:50:17 1997

The suspect did not know the girl really well. If he did he
would have refferred to her as Purity and not Purity Knight.
The suspect wants recognition. He wants to be a known person.
HE is tired of being invisible. HE will do this again.

Response: Thanks. We'll consider adding this analysis to our psychological profile of the killer.

Wed Jun 18 09:44:44 1997

I want to know if this is a true murder case? The summary says "fictional crime".

Wed Jun 18 01:24:37 1997

why did owens say look sharp? it seems as though he is trying to tell you something or waiting for you to guess what he means by that

Tue Jun 17 23:31:53 1997

Dear Sir,
Had Purity Knight's ear been pierced pre- or peri-mortem?
Was there any evidence of physical or sexual abuse? What
was the offical cause of death? What leads have been taken
on the person that was noticed at the scene?

I realize most of these are questions that may only be
answered by a medical examiner's report. But, as I am sure
it seems to you and everyone taking part in the investigation,
the coincidence between the two sister's murders is too
much to overlook to any degree.

Response: Purity Knight's ears were pierced pre-mortem.

No evidence of sexual abuse. The body had been severely beaten and burned with cigarettes. We expect to post the full coroner's report soon.

We have no further leads on the child Archer spotted near the scene.

Tue Jun 17 22:37:25 1997

Was the mother interviewed? How does she feel about the murder? There should have been a child's prints nearby. Were there? I don't think there was a child. Children talk to other about these things. Someone's parent, sibling, etc. would have come forward. The language of the message seems highly literary. I believe Archer is the likely suspect. If it had rained, would the body have been so clean? Surely debris would have washed into the coffin. Perhaps the body was place in the coffin after the girl's death. Did forensics turn up stomach contents to determine when she had last eaten?

Response: Whose mother?
Some small footprints were identified near the crime scene site, but were incomplete due to recent rains.

We plan to interview Archer again.

We expect to post the full coroner's report soon.

Tue Jun 17 22:06:14 1997

Was the mother interviewed?

Response: Whose mother?

Tue Jun 17 20:41:25 1997


After another look-in at this there are several things I believe could be looked at -

There are some suspicious entries on this page - and not just recently - but some earlier comments (prior to Adriane's abduction) made me raise my eyebrows - can these comments be traced??

The abductor appears to have two motives/agendas here - one an obsession with Adriane, and the second with yourself/ your web page. Is the first a result of the second??

A comment on the confusion with the shoe prints - the complete shoe print is from the night of abduction - but primarily the stalking incident, and not necessarily from the abduction itself.

You state that the coffin has been opened and resealed - this was probably for Adriane to be placed in her final position??

The boy - find the boy, a relative of the abductor, somebody who knew that something bad was happening, did Adriane have access to shout when in the box - she may have been isolated , but have managed to catch the boys attention. Power issues?? with the boy's reluctance - check the local primary school's class photos with the witness - does he recognise anyone? A boy of ten or twelve would surely have a reasonable understanding of what was going on - and may be aware of the local publicity surrounding the case??

Sorry it's not so brief...

Tue Jun 17 20:38:52 1997

Personally, I think it is rather stupid to find out a murder and only get a tee-shirt for a prize. What do you think I am? I don't work for peanuts you know!!! Hey, I'll tell you what I'll do. If someone is stupid enough to spend countless hours to pin-point evidence, for a retarded tee-shirt, then I'll make up a similar game (like find the missing link) and the prize will be a beany. How dare you publisize her death and her kidnapping for pointless fun. You truely are sick human beings and I hope you all burn in Hell. You deserve it!!!

Angry Reader.

Tue Jun 17 20:28:19 1997

What was it like while she was kidnapped. What did the murder weapon look like when her sister was killed, and where was Jake during all of this?

Tue Jun 17 19:57:40 1997

`were both girls (Valerie & Purity Knight) prescriptions issued by the same doctor?

Tue Jun 17 18:39:19 1997

On the map, there was a Retardation Center in the upper right hand corner. Could it be possible that anyone could have escaped from there at the time around the murder?

Tue Jun 17 16:51:15 1997

couldn't the handwriting of the notes be compared with the towns

Tue Jun 17 13:26:22 1997

sorry about no e-mail address on the last response doc

Tue Jun 17 13:21:01 1997


Response: To which sister are you referring?

Tue Jun 17 12:11:34 1997

Hi...I know you seem very confident from your information
that the box holding Purity was in place underground for
several weeks, but that brings a question to mind. How,
in the small area of that box, would the abductor be able to
wrap her in a blanket and plastic? Since it doesn't seem
likely the plastic was wrapped around her to suffocate her,
and since the pictures you received did not give any
indication that they were already in there with her, I'm
assuming it was not done until after her death. I think it
would be very difficult, probably impossible, to lift her
body and wrap anything around her through that vent. Also -
and this is a long-shot, I know - has the area surrounding
the site been checked for evidence of another small burial
site where her original clothing might be? If Purity's
outfit was described in the media coverage about her dis-
appearance, it would not make sense for him/her to keep the
clothing where it could easily be found, but this person
seems to have a level of arrogance about his/her ability to
outsmart the detectives, so I would think s/he's not likely
to destroy them. And I'm sure it would be humorous to him/
her to have a crucial piece of evidence right under your
nose all along. One last question: has her roomate ever
really been considered a possibility? Maybe she didn't know
Purity very well, but if my roommate were kidnapped, I
would be hysterical, at least with the thought that it could
have been me!

Tue Jun 17 06:27:02 1997

okay, here's a long shot. Are there any other members of the Vilson family (or business partner to Tom). Maybe during the "missing" time between Reed College and Ole Miss, she was doing something involving the software program. Valerie mentioned the name of the program in her diary, she knew about it and may have had it and given to Purity for safe keeping.

Tue Jun 17 06:04:41 1997

Please ask Brianna where she was at the time of the abduction, and when
was the last time she say Purity. Also, check out what her
shoe size is!
BA, Michigan

P.S. Keep those clues coming!

Tue Jun 17 05:56:16 1997

I just reread the article on Tom Gilbin and noticed it didn't specifically say that Tom or his investigator had ever really "obtained" the files that both Valerie and Will had been killed for. It just said that Greg had made amends with Tom and was helping to develop programs.

Is it possible after reading about this on the web, that some unscrupulous advertisers or computer development group
possibly thought Purity had the files and went after her? To paraphrase the article on Tom Gilbin, "advertisers would love to get their hands on this stuff."

Three people were murdered for these files, is it beyond reason to think maybe Purity was the fourth?

Tue Jun 17 01:42:20 1997

What time did the murder occur

Response: We expect to post the coroner's report, which will include an estimation of exact time of death, shortly.

Tue Jun 17 00:24:09 1997

ok, my theory on the taunting could lead to another murder if the killer is truly out
to make the detectives look bad.
Also, what if the child was the killer's kid and the reason Archer saw the child crying
was because he had grown to like purity in the time the killer had her alive.
find the kid and we may solve this case.MF212

Response: We are on the lookout for the child. Archer only glimpsed the child for a moment, and was thus unable to provide an exact description.

Mon Jun 16 22:43:46 1997

I'm sure you thought of this,but do you know the where
abouts of Matthew Owens when the murder took place
and if so, does he have anyone to backup his story.
There is no such thing as a perfect crime,I'm sure there is somehting at the crime scene that will lead you to the killer
oh and if possible can you tell me what type of degree do you need to have to be in that type of law enforcement
John Barton
Mabank Tx

Mon Jun 16 22:42:49 1997

ok I was looking thru the comments and saw a couple of Q's about the shoeprint, now one comment or reply I saw said there was only 1/2 a footprint because of recent rains. But there is a full pic of the footprint and it is said to be a size 10 and the brand name of the shoe. So what has happened that now all of a sudden there is a full print? Also I do not know many females that wears such a large size of shoe. So with the sizing I would suggest that there is a male somewhere involoved or have you disclose that it was a print made from the guy walking the dog? Seems to be some inconsistencies here. ANDREA

Response: We found a number of small footprints in the vicinity of the crime scene on June 9. These were impartial due to recent rains.

The complete shoe print, size 10, shown at was found near Knight's apartment immediately after the stalking incident on March 6. Matthew Owens, who subsequently confessed to stalking Knight, confirmed that he wears a size 10 shoe.

Mon Jun 16 22:26:49 1997

Were her classes and classmates checked out?

Response: Classes checked out. No connection. We will post an interview with a teacher, the last person to see her alive. Look for it this Friday.

Mon Jun 16 22:26:12 1997

Notes were sent from Memphis.
Film used was not available in Oxford.

Please find out if film is available in Memphis.

Response: The film is available is 8 outlets in memphis. The lot number on the film was traced to the Tennessesee, Arkansas region.

Mon Jun 16 13:43:18 1997

A) Who took the picture for people magazine? There might be a direct connection between the media and the killer.

B) How do Vilson's friends (Joey, Annie, Briana, David) play a role in Purity's life?

C) Has anyone looked into Purity's life at Reed College? Maybe it is someone from her past that forced her to disappear, and came back for more.

Response: A-The photograph was taken by an area photographer, Tom Sharpe. He is an alderly man, not likely connected. The killer may have watched Purity through this site.

B-Brianna is the only one still in Oxford. She knew Purity from the local party scene. I'm sure she'd talk with us, do you have any questions in mind?

C-She was very withdrawn at reed and, according to her roommate, never went out or socialized. "It was as if she were serving a prison sentence."

Mon Jun 16 11:57:18 1997

Did any cemetary workers see anything at all that was suspicious?

Response: No, but the area is secluded.

Mon Jun 16 11:33:38 1997

Were there prints around were she was found?

Response: No, recent rains washed away most physical evidence

Mon Jun 16 11:28:43 1997

Were there no fingerprints on the tape on the back of the
picture. And were there no fingerprints on the box she was
kept in. Can you figure out where the box came from by knowing
what it was made out of. Also, were there no prints on her
or her clothes?

Response: The killer did a good job hiding his prints, unlike Owens, the windwo peeper/stalker. Owen's prints were found on the camera.

Mon Jun 16 11:16:55 1997

Were there any prints on the inside of the envelope. Maybe
they touched the inside of the envelope to put the letter in

Response: It was completely examined. No prints.

Mon Jun 16 10:13:21 1997

Hello! Just a few notes about this (I'll try to be brief).

1) The police report mentions a light bulb socket, minus
bulb, in the box. Unless there is a battery power
source connected to the socket, this suggests that
the box must have been hooked up to some power source
prior to its burial (which would explain the lighting
in the earlier Polaroids). So, it seems unlikely that
the box was buried underground for the entire time that
it was occupied -- where would the bulb power have come
from? Or was the socket for another purpose?

2) At the time of the box's discovery, it was estimated
that Purity had been dead for about seven days. Since
the box was discovered on July 9, this puts her death
around July 2-- the same day that Matt Owens warned that
Purity was in "real danger". Coincidence? At any rate,
he may be able to give you more info about what she
was up to before her death -- he said she was "hungry
and penitent", so he should be able to fill in some
gaps here.

3) The box seems to have been buried for some time -- but
we shouldn't assume that it was always buried where it
was found. It might have been buried elsewhere for
most of the time, and then transported to its final
location (the cleaning and dressing of the body hay have
also occurred at that time). Is it possible to analyze
the box wood to get information about the type of soil
it was buried in, to see if it was buried elsewhere
(and maybe even get info about what type of soil it
was buried in to help in locating the culprit?)? It
may also contain clues to how long Purity was in the

4) Going back to the map segment which the abductor sent
in -- we now know that the map region contains both
Purity's home and the spot where the body was found.
Perhaps the abductor sent it to let you know that s/he
lives in the area -- to "frame" the crime area.

Sorry to be so long-winded. Looking forward to the next update!

Response: 1-The bulb may have been fueled by battery or generator. The generator would have attracted attention. No other purpose for the bulb other than lighting.

2-The time of death was an estimate. The heat from the scene caused cooking, of the tissue. The coroner report on, to be released on Friday, will clarify time of death.

3-The box is soggy and the soil seems to have settled around it, indicating that its been in place for some time (weeks). We expect to disassemble the box, to look for clues to its maker.

4-The map may tell more than at first glance. Its a large area.

Mon Jun 16 08:46:01 1997

I feel for ALL the people involved, this case has had so many "twists & turns". I hope it can be solved soon !!!

Mon Jun 16 08:27:21 1997

Did Purity and Vilson have any of the same friends or enemy's?

Response: Brianna, Valerie Vilson's sister, is the only mutual friend still in Oxford. No enemies.

Mon Jun 16 08:20:40 1997

Could you get kids from the trailer park and have them line
up and see if B.Archer can identify one of them. Maybe if the
kid lives there, he could point out which one it was.(if there
really was a kid at all)
Have you gotten a description of the kid?

Response: Can't subject kids to a line up. Worse, the description is poor. White child, male, age 10-12. No specifics, or identifiers. That fits a lot of kids.

Mon Jun 16 00:27:35 1997

i have a few suggestions (they border on the obvious) and a couple intuitions...
I think the perp is a male between 24 and 35 yrs, obviously articulate, and intelligent, well read,
(doesnt seem that owens couldve pulled this off), i also think (at least in their own mind) this person
was affected by the Vilson murder..i think that this person would have been a curiosity to someone like purity
(from the limited knowledge provided by this forum)..and obviously the child is the key and probably is in danger
as well, person probably lives in trailer park (one of them)or visits them and has access to children..i think he will continue to leave clues
and taunt investigators until he is caught...and definately has visited this site in the past(probably still does)

have you been to hardware stores in the area where objects utilized to construct chamber are sold?

person probably has access to truck, and may work at cemetary(kind of a longshot, {the cemetary})

theres more...i need to arrange my thoughts..hope this is helpful.....recid3

Response: 1-I agree that Owens isn't in on it.

2-The child may be in danger.

3-The construction materials are the most basic: cheap plywood, screws, nails. Most purchases at the hardware stores include one of these items.

Sun Jun 15 22:14:50 1997

i have a new thoery, what if the killer was someone who wanted to get back at the detectives,hint the taunting and the clues,and decided to kill purity because she was in the public spotlight

Response: Taunting has been mentioned here before. Are you suggesting he may do this again?

Sun Jun 15 21:45:56 1997

Could it have been the boy that was giving Purity the food
and water? Was it her clothes that she was found in?

Response: He may have fed her. We can't know. The grating was too narrow to pass clothing. She was wearing a black t-shirt when found.

Sun Jun 15 21:39:28 1997

the writing seems to say "you bitch" without information on what the writing was in it is hard to make a conclusion . The writing could have been wrote by the victim if so it could explain that maybe the stalker may have had a girlfriend, and this girlfriend found out that he was stalking Knight and she confronted him . when he explained that he had an unconditional love for knight and not her anymore she got extremely jelous so she killed her ..but it's just a huntch M.S

Sun Jun 15 19:41:25 1997

Since the body was found in such close proximity to the trailer court. Could it be possible that Purity was employed as a baby sitter for someone in the trailer court?

Possibly this could explain the small boy's actions at the crime scene. He might have had knowledge of her abduction and murder. Possibly by his parent or guardian.

Response: Knight didn't babysit.

If the boy knew the abductor, perhaps the boy is now being kept out of view.

Sun Jun 15 19:11:55 1997

Did Purity Knight have an unlisted phone number?

Did Purity Knight apply for student funding through Mr Archer's Office? Providing him with a telephone number and local address to stalk her? Does he have any past voyeristic examples in his background?

If he lives at 107 Fairlane Drive and the Body was found in the woods behind 1333. Is this a normal walk pattern for Archer? It sounds to me like the hoax was over and he was anxious to get the affair over and done with. Thereby providing you with the body.

Response: 1-No--her number was listed.

2-Yes, Knight's schoool finances went through Archer's office. No history of any crime.

3-A follow-up interview with Archer will clear things up.

Sun Jun 15 17:48:04 1997

has there been any leads since the day of the murder?

did they have a fight the night of the murder?

what did the notes say on the back of the two items?

was it a boy or girl, and were they close?

who was Catherine Thorpe?

why were the three items found in Memphis, because it is so far away
from the victim's home?

Sun Jun 15 17:37:55 1997


Sun Jun 15 17:35:34 1997

was there a weapon?

way the church?

how was she killed?

can we help sovle the case, because we have a lead to it?

Sun Jun 15 16:44:23 1997

Could you please give more details regarding the body. The bruising and contusions on the face - where they due to the fall or to a blow from a hand? What about the bruising to the upper and lower arms, from being grabbed or from blows? When was her right arm broken, inside or outside the box, and was it fresh or partially healed - she has been missing at least 2 months? The cuts and welts on her feet - were they self inflicted, that is by trying to kick the box, or were the injuries caused by someone else? Also the cuts or scratches to the torso, again, self-inflicted (running through the woods) or inflicted by someone else? Was any or all of the injuries caused by trying to escape the box or was Purity abused before she was put into the box? We know she disappeared March 3rd or thereabouts, she must have been held somewhere before she was put in the box or I would imagine there would be signs of muscle atrophy from being held in such a small area. Can your medical examiner give you an estimate of how long she was in the box - for if it was underground for 2 months, someone must have been visiting with food and water for her to suvive for so long.

Sun Jun 15 16:40:20 1997

I hope that B. Archer is telling the truth, he seems to be. I hope that you will keep in contact with him, at this point EVERYONE should be a suspect.

Sun Jun 15 16:38:55 1997

Did the shoe print found match that of the confesse stalker mathew? And did any of the partials found at the crime scene match the one at the apartment?

Sun Jun 15 16:35:51 1997

It appears that the killer wanted her to see everything around her...hence the lightbulb socket. Was ther any broken glass in the box. You said that the box had been resealed at least once. Is it possible that the killer removed the bulb right befor she past way?

Sun Jun 15 14:46:49 1997

can you please tell me how many marks there were on the trees? if they looked like cuts it could be in relation to how long she was buried.

Sun Jun 15 14:41:22 1997

have any boyfriends

Sun Jun 15 13:39:42 1997

Was there any conections at all to knight with Ben Archer
because to me it seems odd that he just stumbled upon a body.
He said that his dog ran to the boy. For all i know, he could
of said that his dog ran but his dog might not have. He might
have just said that so he had a reason to be over there.

Response: Archer will be interviewed again.

Sun Jun 15 13:15:43 1997

Were any fingerprints found on any of the letters and photographs written by the killer? Did they match the confirmed stalkers?

Response: No prints on the photos or letters. It is likely the stalker and abductor are two different people. At this point we are accepting Owens assertion that he was not the abductor/killer.

Sun Jun 15 12:01:26 1997

Any fingerprints at the scene? Footprints? car tracks? cigarettes?

Response: There was evidence found at the scene. We will release specifics before Friday, June, 20th.

Sun Jun 15 10:17:25 1997

Did you process the tape from the back of the Polaroid photo for LP's? Specifically, the sticky side of the tape.

Response: Yes we did process the tape for latent prints. As you may know, the fumes from household superglue bring these out of the tape. No prints were found, the abductor wore gloves--the lightweight cotton type, used by photographer's when handling negatives. Numerous cotton fibers were found.

We are obviously dealing with someone very familiar with photographic equipment.

Sun Jun 15 06:59:03 1997

Can I have more information on this case?

Response: Check in every Friday for the latest information. Get e-mail notice of new information here.

Sun Jun 15 09:31:09 1997

Ben Archer seemed nervous and does he walk everyday or a few times a week?
Why was he so concerened about the phone beimg answered?

Response: Archer was actually fairly relaxed. He seemed to enjoy the vist to the station for the interview. He walks several times a week. Not sure why he was concerned about the phone.

Sat Jun 14 23:26:15 1997

ok so Valerie's murder is solved and it seems that her case and purity's case have no who could have wanted purity dead.

Everyone seems to be leading towards someone with an infatuation for her , but what if it was someone she had wronged in the past. Maybe her Matthew Owens wrote the letter to curb the investigation in his direction,or maybe Mr.Archer is the killer and found his way into the investigation.

for some reason i feel as though there was no little boy, it just doesn't make since. what do you think?

Response: There are plenty of children in the nearby trailer park. So it is not entirely unlikely that a child might have been present. We have canvassed the neighborhood, without luck.

Sat Jun 14 22:26:03 1997

I only saw 10 photographs not 12 as was stated..where are the last two?
Also, the scene where Purity's body was found, were their footprints that would match a child?

Response: Two of the images were totally black--unexposed.

Smaller shoe prints were found. No full prints, omly partial prints due to the rains.

Sat Jun 14 20:57:02 1997

I just saw this .in rereading the questions.
Thu Jun 12 15:47:48 1997

A woman has been buried alive.

This was really on there.. I copied it.. did it have anything to do with a suspect or how she was found? .

Response: We traced the comment to a local Oxford Internet Service Provider. We suspect it was from an Oxford citizen, who knew that the body had been found on Monday, but had not been reported on this site.

Sat Jun 14 20:18:54 1997

Did her parents know all of her friends.

Response: No. Her parents knew little of their daughter's collge activities. Purity Knight had few close friends.

Sat Jun 14 18:54:13 1997

Do you have to be an AOL user to access the chats?

Response: Chats with investigators and witnesses are available only on AOL. There is a JAVA chat system available via regular Internet connections. Investigators make occasional appearances there.

You can get a free a AOL account and software at the AOL web site.

Sat Jun 14 17:28:16 1997

Since this may be a student living off campus I would perhaps check the local trailer
parks since they were close to the scene of the murder, cross check this against her
class rosters and it may turn up a name.

Response: Cross checking the class rolls with the trailer residents is an excellent idea. Will do.

Sat Jun 14 16:31:37 1997

Why does the incident report say the boy was 10 or 11, while the witness interview says he was 11 or 12?


Response: The incident report is from the witness satements at the crime scene. The interview was conducted hours later at the station. We are looking for a child age 10-12.

Sat Jun 14 16:17:13 1997

Since her burial sight was so close to Purity's house it seems that the killer is right in front of you and you don't even know it. I will not divulge the name but the killer is the least likely suspect.
A friend.

Response: Please share your theory. The killer may have also been referring to our search parties. The area where she was found had been searched several times.

Sat Jun 14 14:41:25 1997

Daughter, runaway in San Clemete,ca., area
can't seem to get help from local police, don't know what to do

Response: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children can give you advice and refer you to resources in your area.

Sat Jun 14 13:55:40 1997

Have you been able to determine how long ago the bark was peeled away from the tree? Once bark has been peeled back, the surface underneath doesnt stay fresh for very long.
It is my opinion that the scratches on the tree were probably a marking for the killer to identify the burial place, in case he wanted to find it again. What were the scratches? Anything decernible? Perhaps the number of days?
It is also my opinion that Purity was removed from the box, bathed and cleaned, then returned, obviously the box had been opened and resealed at least once.
The cleaning and grooming, and also the strewing of dried blossoms is an age old burial custom, so the killer must have felt some direct connection to Purity, as these customs are almost always carried out by loved ones.
As to the boy, he either knew of the entire incident or at least the burial, it would be well worth anyones time to discover who he is and what he knows.
I wouldnt consider Archer a suspect. He stated that his dog ran away frequently, but not while they were out walking. Maybe the dog runs away from home a lot. Nothing in his statement struck me as suspicious.
For poor Purity it no longer matters where she was held captive befor her murder, but for you guys trying to catch the perpetrator, it could be the answer to who did it.

Response: The bark was freshly cut. No pattern to the cutting. It had been apparently done with a knife, not found at the scene.

The box had been opened at least once--and yes, finding the child is a top priority.

Sat Jun 14 13:55:09 1997


Response: A typographical error. Archer waited at the phone.

Sat Jun 14 09:31:06 1997

Is it possible to see transcripts from the "chats" this week? Tuned in to this late. Or am I just SOL?

Response: For now, you're out of luck. However, we hope some interested chat participants will set this up. We just don't have the staff to do that right now.

The chats are on AOL Monday thru Friday at 8 PM, EST. So far several waitness have dropped in: Johnny McPhail and Lee Perez. Go to keyword: Crime Scene

Free AOL accounts and software here.

Sat Jun 14 08:49:24 1997

I think that Puritys mother and ex-boyfriend Jake were involved in both murders!

Response: What do you base this theory upon?

Fri Jun 13 23:11:05 1997

Please tell me that Mr. Archer is suspect. The fact that he found the body should at least make him a suspect.
His interview did in fact only make me more curious. He said that his dog never ran away but then goes on to say
that he gets out a couple times a week. What about the scratchs on the tree he say's they may have been caused by
deer yet he has never seen one there and believe's that they don't even go there? Did Purity have a student loan or
any reason to visit that office? I think that there may have been a young boy there to, why I don't know.

Response: We'll speak with Archer again. Everyone is a person of interest now, including Ben Archer. At this time we'll ask about the dog running away--or not.

The marks on the treee are more like cuts than scrapes. I suspect they were made by a knife.

Fri Jun 13 22:26:15 1997

Too many questions to be brief..Sorry...

First of all: Is the Interview of Archer complete?

If so, there are a lot of discrepancies between that interview and the actual report filed.

Archer doesn't mention digging himself, but the report says he did
The report says that Archer works out at a gym..where is this in the report?
The report says that "dog never runs into the woods" then later
says "dog has run off a few times in the past week, it happens pretty often."????

How old is Archer?

Is he now a suspect or has he checked out?

One thing that bothers me is that Archer said he "knew it was her, the one in the paper"
from her hair..How could he see her hair if she was found covered in plastic and a sheet?
Has the boy been found? Is so what did he say?

Ok I'm done for right now

One more question...where do I go to see your responses to my questions?
Posted some the other day and haven't recieved a my knowledge.

Back in a bit

Response: A-Archer's interview is complete.

B-As for the topic dicrepancies between the interview and the police report. The report was written when we returned from the crime scene. The interview took place later. Different topics were discussed.

C-We'll ask Archer about the dog.

D-Archer is 45 years old. He, as with anyone connected to the case, is a person of interest.

E-The victim's head was not covered in plastic. Her hair and face were clean. Her head was visible through the grating. There has been considerable publicity in the area papers here. Archer likely assumed that the victim was Purity Knight.

Fri Jun 13 21:43:42 1997

why weren't the questions and comments ever answered or addressed? Even the ones from April and May? i like this site, but i need the questions answered. I saw that there would be an update every Friday and the case was updated but no the questions, why not? thanks.........ill be waiting for your reply.

Response: One reason--AOL. The crime scene recently became available there and the influx of traffic caused problems a backlog with the comments. Most April and May comments were answered. All were read, and the investigation responded appropriately to them.

Drop into the AOL location at keyword: Crime Scene

Fri Jun 13 20:25:27 1997

Did Purity ever frequent the University Gym or apply for a student loan?--providing a contact with Archer. Does Archer live alone? He said "It smelled like when OUR cat got stuck in the AC duct." Could the boy be an imaginary psycological projection of Archer himself when he was abused by a female figure in his past--when he was a child. Does he have a pickup? Check it for damage from scraping on trees when he unloarded the coffin.

Response: Purity Knight used student loans, we expect she had contact with Archer's office. He does not remember her. Knight did not use the gym to anyone's recollection.

Archer is married. We have no ideas regarding Archers psychological profile. He is a member in good standing with the community. Fri Jun 13 20:02:12 1997

in her may 15 pict. it looks as though she has lip stick on.very subtle.her finger show blue like a bruse or lackof oxygen,and when i press my finger down hard it turns white hers is a red also lipstick?her hand is interlaced with what ever is around her neck, is this what she had on when you fjound her? and the writing looks like a bicycle perhaps related to the boy who was crying.

Response: The victim was wearing panties and a black t-Shirt when found. She was wrapped in a sheet. Wriiten on the wall are the words, "You Bitch"

Fri Jun 13 19:45:00 1997

Where and who comes up with these stories?

Response: We are based In Oxford, Mississippi. The Valerie Vilson murder was first reported in the Oxford Eagle newspaper. The public's interest led to this web site. Interest in the case followed Purity Knight until her death. For more information contact Detective Armstrong at:

Fri Jun 13 18:37:52 1997

OKAY i think that the OXFORD COP that was on thursday night was suspicious. He gave us misleading information. he told us that purity was starved to death in her bed which we found out friday that she was buried alive. The Oxcop thursaday also never answered our questions. We told him we thought he knew the killer and then he left without a word. I think he was scared. Scared we knew more than we were supposed to. That is my theory. Thankyou.

Response: We spoke with the investigator using the address. He said that he never mentioned Knight starving in bed, and that what he did speak about, was supposed to be confidential. From what I gather, he gave advance information out during the chat. This will be addressed.

Fri Jun 13 12:19:54 1997

I feel that Matthew Owens is definitely a susp in your invest.
McPhail and Archer should be looked into more extensively
also. Partially because the one note stated "do I have to
show you". Archer may have created the boy to disillusion
investigators. Owen's note left on the patrol car denies
violence but his manner suggests that he is a violent person.
Profile suggests to me that it was a person whom she
attended a class with that may have asked her out at one time
but was spurned by Purity. The susp may have abducted her
because she would have nothing to do with him and he wanted
her for himself.
Posted by thanx for the opportunity, good

Fri Jun 13 11:50:59 1997

The news of the death of Purity Knight is very disturbing to me, since reading about the investigation it seems to me that the information lies with Mr.Archer and the boy. If you were to find the boy and discover the reason for crying there may be a lead in solving this case, granted there was even a little boy to begin with. I say please look deeper into the chance that Mr.Archer could be involved. I mean how could he just automatically know that the body he had found was Purity's?
Being that he worked at the university, gives the chance that he knew who Purity was and maybe had an infatuation of her , through her exposure in the media.women who look beautiful to a man tend to peak the man's interest, some men will just go a bit further than others to follow up on that infatuation. I believe that the connection starts with Mr.Archer, but a long shot may be her father. He seems to have had a grudge with valerie and despised purity for being corrupted by her long lost sister.
these murders have to be in some way connected...find the killer of valerie and chances are we will find the reason that purity was killed.
Anyone who wants to compare theories e-mail me at

Response: We're looking into Archer with renewed interest. However, it is difficult to connect Valerie Vilson's murder with this case.

Fri Jun 13 11:46:19 1997

When was she abducted?

Response: Some time after March 3rd.

Fri Jun 13 10:08:37 1997

Did the police find any finger prints or hairs on the body?

Response: Still looking.

Fri Jun 13 09:10:59 1997

Were there any indications that Purity had been drugged? Any visible signs of track marks from a hypodermic? Also, this can't have been the box that she had been kept in...the positionin of the grating in the photos and the positioning of the words above her head don't seem concurrent with the description of the box the body was found in. This would have to indicate that she had been held previously in something or somewhere else. If you can find this place, there may still be evidence that could link you to the killer.

Response: A-No needle marks, but toxology tests are underway. B-It is the same box from the photographs.

Fri Jun 13 09:01:12 1997

It seems to me that a box of that type, the one the deceased was found in is very odd. A box made like that would be very rare. You should see if it is something that is manufactured, for whatever reason, and try to see if there was a purchase for it in the time since Ms. Knight had been abducted. If it was by some chance it was homemade, you need to look for a person(s) skilled in constructing and intricate box such as this.

Response: The box was constructed with low grade plywood, nails and screws. The grate was older and may have come from a scrap metal supplier. Little skill went into the box's construction.

Fri Jun 13 08:01:35 1997

Several theories/suspects come to mind:

1. Ben Archer--If the body was wrapped in a white sheet, how could he tell the color of her hair, and that it was definately her? Many times, the person who finds the body is the actual killer. Profiler mentioned that the killer would want to be involved with the investigation. Which of course leads to:

2. Matthew Owen. The note that came with the map had a poetic air to it. Something a person in the theater might come up with. If he knew anything about the terror that Valerie went through before her death, he might want Purity to go through the same. He also mentioned (per se) that he was not involved with her abduction. The note with the map stated that the killer was not responsible for her death, it would be on the investigator, if she was not found.

3. Parents. Were they so consumed with their religion that they felt she needed to be punished. (picture of P in box, almost looks like a confessional) Plus she was clean. Hair neatly combed. (proverbial "clean underware" syndrom)

Find the child. He may have spoken with her before she died. Might be crying because she wasn't speaking anymore.

She seemed to have been made comfortable until her death. (Items left in her "box", possible light bulb--while she was alive, etc...) Cleaned up after her death. Either a "mothering" quality or someone that was infatuated with her.

Sorry this wasn't brief, but...

Response: 1-The head was not wrapped in the sheet.
2-Interesting similarities. Thank you.
3-The parents are very religious, they seem unlikely killers. Had the victim been found in Arkansas, we'd feel differently. The Knight's would have been missed in their community if they'd been caring for an abducted daughter in Mississippi. We are looking for the child.

Fri Jun 13 06:41:16 1997

This is a disturbing turn of events. My one comment regarding Ariadne's death is that the earlier pictures she doesn't appear (to my inexpert eyes) to be underground. At least, not buried underground. In a basement, a drain, or some underground structure, perhaps. Is there anyway for a forensics team to determine how long the casket she was found in had been buried in the ground, perhaps by the amount of moisture found in the wood or some such? How maneuverable was the casket she was in?

I have a suggestion. You seem to be getting messages posted to this very comment page by people who know more about this than we do. In particular, the posts marked with the following timestamps, from newest to oldest:

Thu Jun 12 15:47:48 1997
Fri Jun 13 02:02:44 1997
Wed Jun 11 21:51:54 1997
Thu Jun 5 15:12:13 1997

The first one on this list simply said "A woman has been buried alive." and the last was from "Distant Star". These two are the most provacative (and the spookiest).

My advice is this. The mechanism used to record view comments is a CGI script called crime.cgi. I'm sure that the web server software used to run is keeping logs of every HTTP transaction. By correlating the timestamps above with the timestamps of postings from the access logs (assuming you still have them), you could determine from what machine the postings were made.

It is not always possible to make a direct correlation between an IP address and a user (because of firewalls, multi-user systems, the possbility that the user has cracked his/her way into another computer, IP address spoofing, etc.) but it would give you further leads

In general, I'm all for Internet privacy, and wouldn't be comfortable monitoring the doings of other people on the web, but since 1) there is no law against it and 2) the circumstances are much graver than minor privacy issues (I say minor because if you want privacy, don't post to this site), I think its easily justifiable.

Of course, having posted this, I may have prevented any more postings from people concerned about getting caught....

If you (Det. Armstrong) want any help with the scheme I've sketched here, respond to this message. I'll monitor this page for a week. If I see a response, I'll email you.


Response: The pictures sent seem to match the box and victim's position in it. It is large enough to roll over in, but not to sit up. It appeared that the box had been underground for several weeks. Rains during the past month waterlogged the unpainted wood.

We expect most of the comments you mentioned are guesses from the audience. The note from Distant Star is disturbing. Security messures are in place to help identify such posting. We don't expect this security is a surprise to the killer --- If he ever dropped in, he'd use an untraceable account, unlike Distant Star's account.

Fri Jun 13 02:08:15 1997

It was mentioned that inside the box that Purity was found in there were ball point pens and a empty cracker box. Has the cracker box been examined to see if Purity left any type of message or clue as to who did this or inside the box she was buried in?

Response: There were no writings found in the cracker box or elsewhere. The killer likely took whatever she wrote.

Fri Jun 13 02:02:44 1997

ah, purity joins her sister - maybe she will finally be able to meet greg.

what about the parents? one child who was given up is now gone for all time - one child who was brought up is now gone for all time.

who did this? is there a connection? purity, sweet purity, did she anger someone - did she have the disks that contained the secrets? what was she really doing when living in europe? purity once said that val had many secrets - well, looks like little sis did too.

Response: Purity's web of secrets will unravel. One of our first interests is to recreate the lost months when she left the kibbutz in August, 1996--until she attended the University of Mississippi in January, 1997.

Thu Jun 12 21:55:33 1997

Can someone tell me what the deal is with the 11th photo found in the stalkers camara? It seems to be not only double, but triple exposed, if that is possible. Maybe its my imagination, but I see 3 faces in it.
And does anyone know what she is doing with the hand? Ive looked at it several times, and cant figure it out.

Response: We appreciate comments from others on the photo in question.

Thu Jun 12 20:47:32 1997



Response: Knight's sexual history is coming to light. She seemed to be overtly heterosexual.

Thu Jun 12 19:05:36 1997

what was found when the writing on the wall (in the picture)
was analyzed?

IF this guy is an ametuer ( stated in profile) what prints were found on the camera
that he dropped, or on the photo's or the tape attaching the note to the back.

was the professional style film traced? by lot #?

areas surrounding the victims workplace and home searched?

Comment: have been going into the interrogation room, not much interrogating going on...How come?

Thu Jun 12 17:55:58 1997

I just learned that Ariadne is a character in a legend. Her father was Minos, the king who had a labyrinth created to house the beast (Minotaur) that his wife bore after having intercourse with a bull. Minos required a tribute from Athens (young men and women) to be sacrificed to the Minotaur. Theseus volunteered to go, to hopefully deliver his country from the tribute to Minos. Ariadne fell in love with him, and gave him a thread to unwind in the labyrinth allowing him to kill the Minotaur and then find his way out again.
Has anyone checked into Purity's reasoning for choosing such a name? Could she have chosen because it relates to her life, or am I reading too far into it?
*By the way, I got my information on the legend at this address:

Thu Jun 12 17:17:10 1997

we are all in the chat room at 8:15pm EDT, and no host is there. Everyone is wondering where they are at, they have to be in there for this to work.

Thu Jun 12 16:52:17 1997

All I see is --u bitch. Probably You Bitch. There is also so writing below it. Maybe just lines or a drawing. Could it be magnified more?

Thu Jun 12 15:47:48 1997

A woman has been buried alive.

Thu Jun 12 15:33:41 1997

i disagree that she is wearing hospital scrubs but the part in the note about delivering her to your doorstep has me wondering? could it possibly be related to a hospital delivering?

Thu Jun 12 15:09:00 1997

if the father has a conclusive alibie how does it all ck out and why does it check is it a confermed alibe and by who and what and where and when and why was is ti confermed for motive perposes only i ned input

Thu Jun 12 14:30:11 1997

More about the map. What has been learned about the origin of the map? Is it a recent printing, or an older version? What types of studies or work would involve the use of such a map, and are these types of maps easily obtainable?
Also, as to what Purity is wearing in the pictures, I disagree that she is wearing green scrubs. For one thing the collar isnt right, it is banded. And for another, Lee Perez said she was wearing a purple sweater, but she also said she was wearing a jacket, the color of which she didnt specify.

Thu Jun 12 14:21:35 1997

The second paragraph of the note on the back of the map, "In this most humble, yet most homely narrative which I am about to pen, I neither expect, nor solicit belief", is the beginning paragraph of one of the classices. I cannot, at this time remember which one. One of the horror genre.
In any event, we must assume that the abductor is not only a man of intellegence, but also prone to melodrama, i.e. a Shakespearean actor. They seem to be abundant in this case.


Thu Jun 12 13:07:16 1997

A couple of questions about the map. Is there a church near the graveyard to the east of the courthouse? Or the school nearby, is it still in use? It seems to me that the statement "In the silence of the night , Now we shiver with affright", is a pretty obvious reference to a graveyard. Combined with the question "Do I have to deliver her to your doorstep?" makes me think that the graveyard near the courthouse would be a pretty good place to start looking.

Thu Jun 12 12:27:28 1997

Matthew Owens concerns me. For someone who was so angered over Val's death, I don't recall seeing his name mentioned in her diary. Mr. and Mrs. Knight seem quite fanatical. Could it be possible that they are "punishing" daughter? (But then why the notes? maybe to pull attention away from them?) One other thought, could Purity have created the scenerio herself, in the attempt to completely get away from parents? Profiler almost suggests this towards the end of report.

Thu Jun 12 11:53:32 1997

What is the case about? Please breif me.

Thu Jun 12 11:41:30 1997

may i please have the e-mail address,address, and phone number for psicore consulting group.

thank you,
beth feinman

Thu Jun 12 08:47:17 1997

What is the connection with the letters coming from Memphis? Also, all post offices have cameras, have you checked with the post office in the zip code where they were mailed from to view tapes?

Wed Jun 11 23:34:17 1997

No one seems to have addressed the issue of tracing the phone call. Has it been traced? It's very easy to do and would quickly give you the place where the person on the answering machine called from, as well as the person who apparently harrassed her on the phone.

Wed Jun 11 22:20:25 1997

is this for real? why hasnt it been on the news? and if you have the map.. why havent you got a lead?

Wed Jun 11 21:51:54 1997

Her boyfriend didn't do it. Her girlfriend did it. Her name is Vilson.

Wed Jun 11 21:44:53 1997

The guy who was charged with the murder...Greg and Wills brother (can't think of his name right now)... Maybe he didn't do it. Maybe he is covering for someone and that someone may be Briana? Too many things connect to beleive that Purity's disappearence is not connected to Valarie's death. Briana knew a lot of Valarie's doings, she sort of disapeared afterwards.. The diary, all the threats Val lived on a daily basis, the stabbing to the stomach, a bath first, it doesn't jive with - doing it for computer rights. It was too personal, too much directed towards Val. Maybe her computer was destroyed because of her diary and maybe all of it wasn't recovered.


Wed Jun 11 21:39:44 1997

is this EGG HED 97 apart of the investigative team? is there any time frame for this murder to be solved before it is tossed for a new fresh case? just wondering, if EGG HED 97 is apart of the investigative team can i just send all my questions to him or her? or do i still need to ask them all here? just wondering.... MOLL

Wed Jun 11 21:17:07 1997

I've come in to investigate Purity recently. I just read Valarie's diarys the other night. something that I keep asking myself is why was she stabbed so many times in the stomach? she had bad cramps every month, remember? Also, Purity had an abortion with Valaries guidance. Why after killing her was it for computer technology? did she get stabbed repeately in the stomach???????

Wed Jun 11 20:48:43 1997

where were the parents during the time of the crime

Wed Jun 11 17:14:37 1997

Maybe Valarie's killer wasn't really the man whom confessed. Maybe he's protecting the real killer and that person if the one who has Purity now. Maybe it's someone he loves.

Wed Jun 11 12:08:48 1997

Hello, my name is Erin, and i am from Ohio. I just finished reading the Purity Knight Case and i wanted to say that i think Purity maybe in the Animal shelter. She is probably in a dark place, like an animal cage, cramped together so her condition is probably not improving.

Have you considered taking a closer look in the picture (Item3)? What i mean by that is that there is a chance that from the light of the camera had reflected off of Purity's eyes maybe showing some of the abductor. I hope that every thing is ok and you find out who did this hideous crime.


Wed Jun 11 11:39:24 1997

I was reading the story and just wanted to tell you go luck at catching who is responsible .

Wed Jun 11 09:03:59 1997


Wed Jun 11 06:20:29 1997

Any leads or witnesses? Suspects?

Wed Jun 11 00:48:38 1997

that is one sick photo! ths case will give me nightmares for the rest of my life
what is that she is in , and where did you find her at
this is really sick!!!

Tue Jun 10 23:39:45 1997

I have just read about the words __u Bitch on her forehead I think I can make it out. What kind of horrible human beings would write such a thing?
Those horrible beast, Please someone help her soon! I give all my heart and Im still on here trying to solve the case! If any of you have any new leads or anything to share with me please contact me at EggHed,Thanks, MK

Tue Jun 10 23:35:44 1997

Bless all of you for helping the authorities help solve this case. I have devoted most of my time to help out with this, and to try and help all of you solve this. I have told all of my friends and family and they have never herd of this on the news or anywhere? Then I realized neither have I why has'nt this crime ben on the news or on CNN?? I'm so glad that all of you are ther to help poor Purity and solve her kidnapping. Bless you all, MK

Tue Jun 10 19:52:20 1997

It appears there are two words, maybe three...This is what I see:

__u BITCH!!

A comment toward the girl, no less, perhaps she was taken to the place her sister was killed.

Tue Jun 10 19:35:09 1997

I think the boyfriend got mad because his girlfriend was cheating on him with another man and he just snapped and killed her.

Tue Jun 10 19:19:06 1997

Who saw her last?
Where was she seen?
What time was it?

Tue Jun 10 16:59:19 1997

I think that a jealous ex-boyfriend, or anyone else jealous
of her could have abducted her. Or, possibly a great enemy
o her's.

Tue Jun 10 13:29:20 1997

How long has she been stalked?

Tue Jun 10 12:55:16 1997

It seems my suggestion has gotten some responses. Detective you should definitely look at Purity as a suspect in her OWN kidnapping. Check out any insurance plans she may have for "accidental" death or any other plans.

Tue Jun 10 01:20:23 1997

With the notes being kind of cryptic, & knowing Purity's upbringing, has anyone checked the Oxford Ch. listed on the map that seems to be just across the highway from the trailer park where she lived? I don't know if that's where she is, but after reading the notes a few times, that's what they seem to be saying to me. I have read that in some churches, they have lower levels or basements.

Mon Jun 9 21:48:47 1997

did you check the serial # on camera to see where it was bought, to whom it was sold?
finger print the camera?
check the retarded home?
did you check the neighbors story out. was he the stalker?
check out the path that the stalker was running? did yuo check the woods?

Mon Jun 9 21:47:57 1997

did you check the serial # on camera to see where it was bought, to whom it was sold?
finger print the camera?
check the retarded home?
did you check the neighbors story out. was he the stalker?

Mon Jun 9 21:19:08 1997

it was Purity Knight, because if you look at her profile it say's she went
to Portland for College, yet, on the student says University of Misissippi
also her name is different then Purity, and her middle name is different also, there for I think she is in the USA, and just under a different name
and she killed her sister

Mon Jun 9 20:35:12 1997

I think you shoull keep your eye on Joey.

Mon Jun 9 20:04:17 1997

One question, why did Val have prozac in her purse? Was she
emotionaly unstable? Cris

Mon Jun 9 18:49:41 1997

burried alive? isn't it a bit tough to take pictures in the dark? Held captive I can buy - but buried alive - I'm not sure. Have you checked out Purity's mental health - it seems that her past may be catching up to her - or else she has become use to the spotlight after her sister's murder. I think she has something to do with this abduction - either to stay in the spotlight or her alternate personality is punishing her for past transgressions. Have we learned who Natasha is?

Mon Jun 9 18:23:03 1997

McPhil; What did you do after you found out that Ms. Knight was missing?

Mon Jun 9 16:33:23 1997



Mon Jun 9 14:08:05 1997

I think the sisters murderer killed her cuz the murderer
had something against the family.

Mon Jun 9 13:52:49 1997

He has a problem. Hope he can solve it.

Mon Jun 9 08:56:07 1997

Considering her religious upbringing, how would having an abortion affect her psychologically? Could doing something that runs counter to the very foundation on which she was raised, cause a psychotic episode?

Mon Jun 9 08:52:41 1997

While we know that Purity said Jake raped her and the pregnancy was a result of that rape, do we know if this is the absolute truth?

Mon Jun 9 08:50:20 1997

Assuming Matt Owens is telling the truth, i.e., that he stalked her, but did not abduct her, I propose that Purity staged her own kidnapping. This hypothesis is based on Dr. McManus' post offense victim behavior which states, "My contention is that Knight has absconded of her own free will and is in great danger to herself. . . . She may currently be suicidal and/or delusional, perhaps even psychotic.

This coupled with her "dualistic tendency to remain private while communicating with the public and media" and the fact that the tape which recorded her moaning and groaning were "far below that of an actual recording of a victim being terrorized" indicate to me that she actually craves the attention a victim receives from the public. Perhaps she suffers from a factitious disorder or is simply a pathological liar.

In fact, persons who are pathological liars repeatedly use deceit as an ego-defense mechanism in an attempt to bolster low self-esteem or to compensate for a lack of more mature ways to cope with everyday problems This developmental deficit is frequently caused by one of the more of the following factors:

A dysfunctional family of origin
Childhood physical or sexual trauma
Neuropsychological abnormalities
Suggestible or accomodating personality features
Disorders particularly of the sociopathic, borderline, histrionic, and narcisstic types.
Frequent association with substance abuse, either personal or in the family of origin.

Many of the above factors fit Purity.

Sun Jun 8 17:31:45 1997


Sun Jun 8 16:51:59 1997

When the e-mail clue says, "it's not for you," about "WHAT NATASHA KNOWS" do you think to ask Purity's family, friends, roomate, etc. what they think it means? I think its obvious the police aren't supposed to understand it alone.

Also, in the first photograph (/purity/item2.html) did you notice that more of the writing above Purity's head is visible? Maybe that's what the abductor meant when they said, "silly creatures, you can't see what's right in front of your face."

One more thought-the abductor knows some French, but doesn't know how to correctly pronounce it. "Au revoir" is pronounced "Oh, revwaah," which does not rhyme with "Distant Star"

Sun Jun 8 00:44:49 1997


Response: The Knight family is not a suspect in the abduction. They are caring for four foster children, and would hardly have been able to leave Arkansas, much less abduct Purity Knight.

Owens will not be charged at this time. When we talk with Ms. Knight, charges are likely to be brought against Owens at that time.

It's a long process to get these questions answered.

Sat Jun 7 17:59:47 1997

i saw that you are getting a contract with AOL and thats great ! But what about the people who dont have AOL, will the weekly updated be visible for someone who has MSN? i understand tha you guys are busy. i just really like this site! thanks for keeping me entertained! you guys deserve a metal! :)

Response: Don't Worry The Crime Scene will be 100% available on the web--right here. The only thing that will change is that we'll finally have some income to offset the 2 1/2 years of expenses. We're also promising on-time, weekly updates. Everyone wins.

Sat Jun 7 17:27:52 1997

Did you search her work for her?

Response: Yes. We searched her workplace, the Animal Refuge, with human trackers. Our dogs were unable to behave properly with the scene of so many exotic animals. (Lions, Tigers, Ligers, and Bears)

Sat Jun 7 16:15:41 1997

Has Purity's neighbor been cleared? (no indication other than brushing teeth, and observed body in tree? unless additonal info, re-question observations. Perhaps polygraph or PSI may give insight.

Other "Basic" questions perhaps re-asked with PSI or polygraph for indications of falsehoods. Ex-cop in Ak.

Response: McPhail has been cleared. A polygraph is not an option unless he becomes a suspect again. Even then, we rarely use it.

Sat Jun 7 12:24:07 1997

Could this all be a publicity stunt..??

Response: That is something we have been looking into. Ms Knight hired an agaent when she entered the University of Mississippi. She has not been in contact with that agency since her disappearance.

Fri Jun 6 22:43:23 1997

i was reading the clue left by whoever. it said WHAT NATASHA KNOWS. Could NATASHA be Valerie Vilson's cat's name? it also said ceatures. meaning that Natasha is not of the same species as Dectective Armstrong. just a thought. also the statement that Mathew Ownes made was kinda weird. (to me) he made reference that he didnt want it to go this far or something like that. to me that indicates that hes knows more than hes saying. will he be questioned again? will the ex-girlfriend of his (the chick in New York) be questioned about his personality etc..... ? thanks a million! ME!!!!!!!!! P.S. how often do you guys update this thing? and the questions too? i am finding it to be frustrating. thanks Me

Response: At this moment we are making an effort to speak with Owen's ex-girlfriend from the NY incident.

We are signing a contract with AOL that will ensure weekly updates until this case is solved. That contract begins on Monday.

Fri Jun 6 22:03:42 1997


Response: Ms. Knight was a regular in the library. She made near daily trips. There is no indication she met the abductor there.

Fri Jun 6 20:59:09 1997

Keep an eye on Matthew Owens. If he is not the abductor then he knows who it is even if he doesn't realize it yet. I noticed that he made mention of Valerie's death and in a way blamed Purity for it. You might also want to keep an eye on any friends of Valerie's boyfriend. This next clue "What Natasha Knows" might be a ruse of some kind. Remember NATASHA backwards is AH SATAN and might be pointing towards gangs or satanists as Purity's abductors instead of the real abductors.

Response: AH SATAN. Interesting. There is some cult activity in this area, but it is not Satanic.

Fri Jun 6 19:56:24 1997

Interesting... before I realized you had the blow up of the first picture, I tried to blow it up myself. The conclusion I came to was that the word to the right was 'shirt'... looked pretty apparent.... until I see your blow-up..... where I can say I'm 99% sure it now says "Bitch!"

Fri Jun 6 15:38:41 1997

"The psychological stuff is all bull..." I think what he means is that the profile was based upon the stalking incident (Matt Owens) but the stalker is somebody else entirely. I've always thought they were two different people, now I am sure of it. Now, who is the other guy...?

Response: The profile was based upon the stalking incident. Dr. Mcmanus, our profiler, agrees that abduction is not within the paramters of her original profile.

Thu Jun 5 15:12:13 1997

Ha Ha Ha...
here is your clue,
watch it closely,
it's not for you,


have you figured it out yet,
that the psychological bull is completely wrong,
silly creatures, you can't see what's right in front of your face,

au revoir,

Distant Star

Response: We could use some input on this one.

Thu Jun 5 09:33:39 1997

Just one little comment to Karen-GET A GRIP AND COME DOWN TO EARTH!!!! I have been following both cases for over a month and it was made perfectly clear that these stories were not real and that it was just for fun. THERE WAS NO CONSPIRACY TO MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOL!!! Or was there?

Wed Jun 4 23:05:54 1997

Just exactly what did Purity do at work? Could the person who abducted Purity be a animal supporter or something?{it's a stretch} It appears to me she's in some type of cage or something. Have you checked out all the abandoned buildings around her job and home? Could it be someone getting back at dad? Purity's room-mate seemed more interested in getting exposure from her picture on the web than her lost room-mate. Why do you need a password to view what happened in the last case? If the case is solved, shouldn't it be open to the public? PLEASE EXPLAIN! And is this thing for real because this case and the last case are similar...i.e. a very long diary saved on a computer. Just really wondering........

Response: Purity Knight worked at the Yoknapatawpha Exotic Animal Refuge. They care for mistreated circus animals. Among the animals in their care is a bear used in wrestling exhibits. He is missing his claws and teeth. Animal supporters are in favor of this place.

The password area on the Vilson case is an experiment. Its just been improved to be foolproof. You now get the password in a simpler fashion.

Why is this area protected. 1-To slow down people that want to skip to the end. 2-to gather e-mail addresses.

There are similarities to both cases--to get the inside scoop on the reality of these situations, write, use the subject heading: faulkner.

Wed Jun 4 22:15:15 1997


Response: She is just a very interested viewer. Her comments were redundant, so later comments were deleted. No hard feelings Karen.

We are making a pledge to update evry Friday.

Wed Jun 4 16:18:29 1997

Is there a list of all of Purity's classmates in school?

Response: As you can imagine, that list is not available. Trust that all persons that had contact with Knight were checked out. We also looked for persons with a background in computers, cameras, and literature.

Wed Jun 4 16:06:55 1997

Does Lee Perez have any male friends that she met during acting that also know Purity?

Response: Knight attended several parties with Perez. She met most of the males in the program. She made no attachments with anyone.

Wed Jun 4 16:04:35 1997

RE Answering Machine

I just listened to the incoming message. It does not sound like an abductor, it sounds like a broadway play. The man and the woman in the background sound like they're acting out a pre-rehearsed script. The heavy breathing seems deliberate. This all further supports the theory that the abduction was faked to get attention. The question is who is Purtiy working with?

Response: Since we are certain Matthew Owens recorded the message, it might be inferred he is in this with Purity Knight.

Wed Jun 4 14:44:04 1997

Considering the upbringing of Ms. Knight - what are the views on abortion of her parents or their Church. Is this abduction a "punishment" for her abortion? What size sneakers does her father wear? (How deep were the impressions - can you estimate weight?) Has Purity shown any signs of mental illness - or another personality? Can she be punishing herself for her past deeds? Her Mother volunteers at the local Humane Society - could she be caged there? Considering the over-emotional response to her investigation - could Karen be a suspect? What was she doing the night (Knight?)of the abduction. Love to visit your County - it's always interesting...DG

Response: Note: Some of Karen's comments have been deleted. The more recent items are available here.

Wed Jun 4 12:43:25 1997

Has Lee been questiened as to his whereabouts on the night of the stalking? If so where was he?Who was with him?

Wed Jun 4 09:17:58 1997

waiting for the update??????

and Karen...please one should KNOW that anything on the web should be investigated before taken as "truth"...and besides I found the truth of the site within my first hour online and I still come is entertainment and game for the mind.....

my only complaint....when's the update its June already *smile*

Tue Jun 3 21:15:09 1997

I dont have a question , only a comment. I was reading some of the comments and question made about this site. I am going to have to disagree with you Karen about your comment made about this site. There was a place you could find out if this site was real or not. In fact i found that out the first day i found this site. i dont think the owners were trying to fool anyone. If they were why would they make the info. available to even see if this site was real or not? This stie if for entertainment for all you columbos out there--- get real!!! if this were real we wouldnt be seeing it. think about it. just have fun with it and go along with the game. you seemed to have enjoyed it before or else you wouldnt keep coming back. peace--- Lt. Gerard

Tue Jun 3 12:58:24 1997

check all camera shops(Raido Shack,Fugi Film,etc) and photo studios in the area and refrence.

Tue Jun 3 12:57:25 1997

It seems that the abductor and Purity are similar. Both seem to be distant from society. Could it be that Purity may have staged the entire thing just to get attention?

Tue Jun 3 12:51:33 1997

Was the sticky side of the tape dusted for prints.

Tue Jun 3 11:26:33 1997

Did you know that there is a way to find out if this site is real? Send an e-mail to the investigators with the subject heading Faulkner.

You can also go to:

Tue Jun 3 10:54:34 1997

Det. Armstrong,
Quick note re: photo's. In photo #1 there appears along the left side of the grating a greenish colored substance that appears to me to be quite a bit of residue that may be mineral deposits caused by lengthy contact with very hard water possibly....? The deposits are missing in photo #2 (except for a small amount left on the bottom edge of some of the grating holes themselves adjacent to the rusty screw hole along the left hand edge....) Why were the deposits removed between photo's? A clue possibly...?
The fact that both photo's are so simular suggests to me that photo #1 contains information that the "abductor" doesn't want noticed, so a second "better" photo is sent to shift the focus from photo #1. Also, in both photo's there appears to be a bluish glow or tint to her undershirt, the residue on the grating, and her skin that is typical of a ultra violet or flourescent light. This is quite a challenge! Karen

Sun Jun 1 23:49:56 1997

I will agree with the people who say that it looks like Purity is wearing scrubs. Have you checked the Hospital and the Vocational school to see what color of scrubs they use. Or have you thought of talking to different catalog companies to see if any has bought green scrubs. If some of the scrubs at the hospital or Vocational school are green then you should talk to whoever is wearing them.

Sun Jun 1 18:31:03 1997


Her clothes seem dry.

The color of her lips and nails indicate a clement ambiant temperature

Her lips do not seem dehydrated hence, the aggressor makes a daily visit for food and/or liquids.

The light source emanates from 3:00 o'clock so there's no way this young lady's underground.

The rivet/nail, at 9:00 o'clock, on the grid, shows rust running down so, picture IS in its rightful position and the victim is thus in a horizontal position in what I assume to be a "cubicle" of some form.

Also, the top part of the grid (only!) shows extensive corrosion/rust. What could cause such a thing? What use could such a grid have?(Please see; "Map Analysis" with reference to this question)

When picture is rotated 90 degrees (So as to show the victim in a vertical position) we immediately notice intense fright in the young lady's eyes and her finger through the grid could easily be perceived as a less than subtle plea for help.

There is also some kind of graffiti on the wall/ceiling behind her head. Though I doubt this to be an actual graffiti as graffiti artists' goal is to show their "art" and such a seemingly dark place would not well serve that purpose. Perhaps the symbols are nothing less than "construction markings"?

What, in your city has such grids? Could such grids be used to keep rodents in/out of something? Or could these serve as some kinds of filters for yet bigger things namely, fish?


There's a perfect circle drawn on Section C of the map at, approximately 10:00 o'clock from the "Fish Hatchery" - What is this "Fish Hatchery"? Could the apparent "cubicle" on the picture be used to contain/drain/receive fish? - This could explain why only the top part of the grid was so extremely affected by rust. - Besides,..."10:00 o'clock"...Isn't that what was printed on the aggressor's letter of May 1st, 1997? Why (since when?) would someone "time" their correspondence?


Very good English is being used. Someone who's either an English/Arts Major/Teacher or an avid reader/
Who, among the suspects, possesses a typewriter? Have their ribbons been confiscated for analysis? Have typematches been made? The "s" seems full of ink...As do the "e"'s and "a"'s on the letter of May 1st, 1997.

What caused the apparent smudge on the later?

IMPORTANT: In the poem used/composed (?) the author prints it as follows:

In the Silence of the Night

How we Shiver With Affright.

Omitting the initial letters of each sentence, we obtain the following capital-ized letters: S.N.S.W.A.

Do these letters mean anything to you? Could these serve as an abbreviation for some institution/company/farm in your immediate vicinity? I say "immediate" because, in the note of May 1st, 1997, the author seems to taunt you with the fact she, the hostage, is obviously close to your "door". The "Are you blind?" expression reinforces this intuition/clue(?)

Consider the following for anagrams, abbreviations, et al...



Could the "Night" used in the poem refer to Ms. Knight directly? Why use "Affright" instead of just "Fright"? There must be something there and this should seriously be considered.

Have prints been lifted from the cellophane? If so, any match with any suspect(s)?

Lastly, "Kenneth Stokes" from this very page.. Verifying the signature of his email could well trace back to your city - Just an intuition.

I hope you'll find this young girl in time...Don't like the look I perceived in her eyes. Will keep her in my prayers along with you, as well, so that you may be inspired with new leads. Would have left my email but didn't want it in full view of everyone. Besides, you will most certainly have it when this message reaches you. God bless.

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