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Witness Statement: Kevin Stark
Kevin Stark was witness to an interaction between Dylan Tull and an unknown subject on June 2, 1997 in the fourth block Fairlawn Drive.
I saw the notice in the Oxford Eagle on Sunday, August 3rd asking for witnesses. I have a summer job working for Coleman's Pharmacy delivering prescriptions. I knew I was making regular deliveries out on Fairlawn Drive in June and I did see something one time. I had to check the pharmacy records to be sure of the date. I did that on Monday. I was there on June 2 and I knew this might be what you were looking for so I called right away.
It was in the morning, I'm not sure exactly what time, but 11:00 am sounds about right. I had one other delivery after that before I checked back in at noon. I was going toward highway 7 on Fairlawn. I saw this kid running out of the woods towards the road. He was running pretty fast and I thought maybe something was wrong.
I wasn't the only one who noticed him. There was a guy walking on the side of the road who apparently noticed him before I did and he was jogging up to the kid. When I saw him jogging, I thought something definitely was wrong. I slowed down just to check what was going on.
Both the kid and the guy stopped when they got to each other and I could see they were talking. The guy had some kind of , I don't know, rope or something coiled on his shoulder and he was carrying a jug of something. I don't know what it was, it looked like a milk jug or something similar. He put that down in the grass and kneeled down in front of the kid. With the arm that didn't have the coiled up thing on it, that was his left arm I think, he put his arm around the boy.
Whatever was wrong he seemed to be comforting the kid. Since they seemed to know each other and the boy calmed down I figured everything was fine. I guess I thought it might be his older brother. Anyway, it seemed okay to me. As I drove past and was about to drive away I saw the boy hand the man something. The man straightened up and opened up what was clearly a piece of paper. By this time I was past them and things seemed to be fine. I got on highway 7 heading back toward the hospital. I didn't think anything else of it until I saw the notice in the paper.
The kid was a boy, white, about eight to ten years old I'd say. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, black high tops I think. He had a light colored baseball cap on, backwards. Because of the hat I couldn't really see his hair but I think it was either light brown or blonde. I remember he was skinny.
The guy was a younger guy, in his 20's or early 30's maybe. It's hard to judge how tall he was, but I'd be surprised if he was over about 5 feet 8. Brown hair, lighter not dark. I didn't get a good look at his face, but I could tell he didn't have a beard. He was dressed in dark clothes, black pants, looked like jeans, black t-shirt and dingo boots or something heavy like that. One thing I noticed about him, his arms were really white. I remember thinking to myself this guy doesn't get out much.
That's all I saw. I watched in the side mirror until I was too far away and nothing else seemed to happen so I went on about my business.
Kevin Stark

August 5, 1997

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