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Witness Interview: Kevin Stark
Kevin Stark is the witness to an interaction between Dylan Tull and an unidentified subject on June 2, 1997 at about 11:00 am on Fairlawn Drive. He met with Detective Armstrong to review his witness statement.
A = Armstrong
K = Kevin
A: Thanks for coming in. For the record, please state your name and birthdate.
K: Kevin Thomas Stark, January 16, 1976.
A: Kevin, we had a phone conversation in July after we found your name in Ms. Knight's date book.
K: Yes, you called me.
A: I'd like to review some of that information for the record while you are here.
K: Okay.
A: You were in some classes with Ms. Knight?
K: We were both in organic chemistry, in the same class and lab. We were lab partners. That was the only class.
A: What exactly does lab partner mean?
K: We had chem lab every Friday. We would set up the experiments and work through them together, then we split up the lab write ups, I'd do part and she would do part.
A: You must have gotten to know Ms. Knight fairly well.
K: I didn't know her well. She was kind of quiet but had a good sense of humor. She was really smart, she could do the equations off the top of her head, rarely had to look up structures. From a few things she said I didn't get the impression she studied much though. In class quizzes she usually pulled a B or C. She was good in the lab, did the work, it wasn't like she didn't care, but she didn't get the grades you'd expect.
A: What did you talk about?
K: Sometimes we'd talk about things happening on campus but she didn't seem very interested in campus life. We talked about her wanting to be a vet. I made the decision to go pre-med this winter and I've got some catching up to do to meet all the requirements in the next two years. We talked about that a bit. We didn't really talk about anything else. We were there to work and that's what we did. I do remember one thing she said a few times, she said she loved the lab because it's one of the only places in the world where you don't have to take anything on faith.
A: Did Ms. Knight ever discuss being afraid or seem fearful to you?
K: No. She never mentioned anything like that. She didn't talk about her personal life. I did think she looked tired most of the time, seemed a bit stressed, but I figured that was just late nights.
A: We discussed Ms. Knight's phone call to you on February 13. Tell me again about that call.
K: She called to go over the chem lab write up. It was due the next day. She wanted to be sure I had all the observations for my part of the write up. We talked about format for the report a bit. It was a short call. That was all.
A: That was the last report you did together?
K: Yeah. The next one was due on March 7th. She didn't show for class on the 5th and I was worried about it. I called to see if she was sick and her roommate told me she seemed to have taken off. I left a message for her and did the full write up myself. Later I found out she was missing. She never came back to class.
A: Did you ever see Ms. Knight outside of class?
K: I saw her around campus, but no, we never got together or anything. We had different classes, different friends. I only saw her in chem.
A: Let's talk about the events you witnessed on June 2. What made you come forward?
K: Of course I saw the news story asking for witnesses in the Sunday Oxford Eagle. I've been following the case, I read everything I see on it. When it mentioned that block on that day I thought about it and remembered that I'd made some deliveries there and remembered that boy and that man but I had to go back to the pharmacy records to make sure that was the day that you were talking about. When it was, I called you right away.
A: What records did you check?
K: When I leave to make deliveries I sign a delivery log book with the time and again when I get back in. It shows the deliveries for the day, the address and the prescription information. On June 2, I left at 10:00 am with three deliveries, the second one was to Fairlawn Drive, I signed back in at noon.
A: Tell me about your job at the pharmacy.
K: I have a summer job working for Coleman's Pharmacy near the hospital. I deliver prescriptions for shut ins. Most of them are recent discharges from the hospital. Like I said, I want to be a doctor and Coleman's has a good pharmacist that also works with homeopathy. In between deliveries I try to pick up as much as I can.
A: You looked at several photographs of children and adults. For the record can you state if you positively identified the child you saw that day?
K: Yes. It was Dylan Tull.
A: For the record can you state if you positively identified the man you saw that day?
K: No. I just can't be sure. There were a few that might be him. I didn't get a clear enough look at his face to identify him from those photos. Maybe if I saw him in person again I might recognize him. I'm just not sure.
A: What can you tell us about the man?
K: Like I said in my statement he was wearing dark clothes. I think it was all black, but could have been dark blue. White guy, young. No older than 31 maybe. He wasn't tall, couldn't really get a good bead on it but I'd be surprised if he was over 5' 8". He had light brown hair, he had that coiled rope, except I don't think it was rope because it was too white, some kind of plastic material I think, and he was carrying a jug.
A: Can you be any more specific about the jug?
K: It just looked like a typical plastic gallon of milk or something, white. He put it down in the grass when he got to the kid.
A: Is there anything else you noticed that might help to identify this man?
K: The one other thing that caught my eye, the skin on his arms was as white as the coil he was carrying. I remember thinking to myself this guy doesn't see the sun very often. I'm sorry I don't know more.
A: Thank you. We appreciate your stepping forward with this information. If you think of anything else, give us a call.
K: I liked Purity, I really feel terrible about this I want to do anything I can to help.

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