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I'm writing this letter because I want you all to know I'm not involved.

What's happening now is vicious. I'm not a vicious person. I wouldn't ever

hurt anybody. Its just that I was angry. I felt she had gotten off

lightly in the whole process. So I wanted her to know what it was like.

To be hunted. What it was like for Val.


And she could take it. More: she was exploring. Hungry and penitent. I

gave her the punishment she wanted. Wanted and perhaps deserved. "Judge

not, lest ye be judged" -- but if it weren't for her things might be

different today. Val was a friend.


But now is something different. Something more primeval. Violence isn't

what I had in mind -- this community has had enough violence. I don't

know anything about it -- the details But I can sense it. I don't have to

tell you, officers, that she is in *real danger*.


You will doubtless have questions. In the meantime:


Matt Owens

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