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Witness Interview: Nancy Marlow
Marlow, Judith Knight's cousin, was interviewed over the telephone.
A = Armstrong
M = Marlow
A: For the record, please state your full name, date of birth, and address.
M: Nancy Amelia Marlow, born January 10, 1953. I live at 22 Whipporwhill Circle.
A: Thank you. Please describe your relation to Judith Knight.
M: I'm her cousin. My father and her mother are brother and sister. Purity is ... was my niece.
A: When was the last time you saw Ms. Knight?
M: I went up for her high school graduation. She was so lovely. I just can't believe it. I can't believe this is happening.
A: Ms. Marlow, I know this must be difficult for you. I'll try to be brief. When was the last time you saw your cousin?
M: Thanksgiving. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at her house.
A: And Ms. Knight wasn't there?
M: Purity? No.
A: Do you usually go to Mountain Home to visit? Do the Knights ever come here?
M: No - they've only been here a couple of times. They're so kind, always inviting me up. It's just me here alone, so it's nice to feel included.
A: You're not married?
M: No.
A: Any children?
M: No. None.
A: Do you feel close to Mrs. Knight?
M: We talk on the phone every couple of weeks, but that's about it, and like I said, I get invited over a lot.
A: How often do you visit?
M: Usually I have to work, so it's not that often. Sometimes for holidays I like to travel.
A: Where do you work?
M: I'm a receptionist at the paper here in town. I answer phones and take classifieds.
A: Where have you traveled?
M: Just about all over. Mexico, Hawaii, Grand Canyon, you name it.
A: Have you ever been to Europe?
M: Once. Judy and I went together.
A: When was that?
M: In college. We went for summer vacation, you know, the whole tour. Spain, Italy, France, England. Back then we were like friends.
A: Not any more?
M: Not so much, no. I'm not, you know, religious, so it's hard. Now we're mostly just polite. In a caring way, of course, but we don't have heart-to-hearts or anything.
A: Mrs. Knight wasn't religious in college?
M: Not really. She didn't go to church.
A: Where did you go to college?
M: Tulane.
A: Did you grow up in New Orleans?
M: No. Here.
A: You came back?
M: Yes. After college. I like Jackson. It's just the way things turned out with jobs and all.
A: Did Ms. Knight ever visit you here?
M: Yes. Just a couple of times.
A: When was it?
M: The first time was when she was eight. She came with her folks. The next time was when she was 14. She was singing with her school choir in a contest and she stayed with me for a couple of days.
A: She never visited you after that?
M: No.
A: Not even for a day?
M: No.
A: Were you in touch with Ms. Knight much?
M: When she was smaller she was always writing me letters. She was a great correspondent.
A: What about recently?
M: No. Nothing. When I heard she was at Ole Miss I wrote her a couple of times, you know, inviting her down. She never wrote back.
A: What about before then? Between graduation and coming here?
M: Well, she'd kind of stopped writing in high school. Not altogether, but you know how it is. She was a busy young lady. She wrote me maybe four or five times a year until she graduated. After that I got one letter from Oregon, that was in October just after she started, and that was the last I heard.
A: All right. Well, thank you, Ms. Marlow. I hope I haven't disturbed your day too much.
M: Not at all. Anything I can do to help.

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